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Chapter 97 - Oh Lord, It’s too Brutal to Watch

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 97: Oh Lord, It’s too Brutal to Watch

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    The training hall was a place for people to work out until they were drenched in sweat. Every day, no matter the season, the area was always busy.

    Aside from the school’s normal training curriculum, the students would also come here to train in their spare time. It was well-equipped, and there were several such halls in the school.

    The trainees who were in today were extremely fortunate. They felt like they had won a big lottery.

    It was because of the brilliant match that was ongoing in the ring.

    The students who were training in the pull-up area, which was nearest to the ring, were the first to discover the anomaly. All they heard was a scream coming from the ring, followed by a figure being flung onto the specially-made platform. The figure’s blood-curdling shriek could be heard from many meters away.

    Everyone turned to look in the direction of the sound, only to see a tall, handsome man standing in the ring nonchalantly. And the anguished cry was coming from the figure lying on the floor. Immediately, someone with sharp eyes recognized him.

    Wasn’t the person who had been flung onto the ground the bronze medalist of the school’s martial arts competition for two successive years?

    Ma Jingtian, whose abilities were amongst the top three in the school, was being thrashed. As a result, the students were in an uproar, and they all gathered to watch the match. They were curious to see who was so amazing to be able to beat up the martial arts bronze medalist to this extent.

    With one hand in his pocket, Yu Changmo stood there with no expression on his face.

    “Get up.”

    Enduring the pain of his cells exploding within, Ma Jingtian got up with a lot of difficulty. Once again, he tried to attack. This man moved too quickly, like a bolt of lightning. Just now, before he could even see what was happening, he had already been thrown onto the ground.

    This time was no exception, either. Before he could even get close to Yu Changmo, the other party had sent him into orbit with a kick. However, at least, he was able to see Yu Changmo’s move clearly for once. It was just that the guy was so fast that he had no time to dodge his attack.

    Hence, everyone watched on as one of the elites of their school was kicked onto the rope surrounding the ring and rebounded, landing prostrate like a large sweet potato.

    Yu Changmo lowered his head and glanced at the “sweet potato” on the ground.

    “You failed. Get up.”

    Ma Jingtian felt like what he said about failing sounded very familiar as well. He tried his best to push himself up by pressing his fingers against the floor. Yet, his body was in such agonizing pain that he could no longer control it.

    “You can’t even withstand this much hardship. How can I trust you to protect our motherland and our citizens?” Yu Changmo displayed his amazing memory again.

    Yes, these words were what Ma Jingtian had said to Qianmo just a while ago.

    With his last shred of pride, Ma Jingtian pushed himself up and rushed forward again, only to… be sent back flying.

    It was too much for the spectators to take in. All they saw was Ma Jingtian flying back and forth in the ring, personally testing every rope and their… elasticity?

    The martial arts instructor could still bear to watch the match at first. But as it progressed, he used his hands to cover his eyes.

    When three minutes were up, Yu Changmo stopped. By then, Ma Jingtian was lying spread-eagle on the ring. His mind was completely blank at the moment.  He could not feel anything below his head.

    He felt like a whole century had passed, but in actuality, it was less than 180 seconds.

    As Yu Changmo walked past Ma Jingtian, who was severely beaten up, he calmly said, “Thank you for letting me win.”

    Finally, realization suddenly dawned on Ma Jingtian.

    He finally conceived why the things Yu Changmo said had seemed so familiar.

    That arrogant tone of a superior using their power to bully their subordinates. Wasn’t that exactly like him?

    Only Yu Changmo’s last sentence about thanking him sounded like Chen Qianmo.

    Raising his head since he could not get up, he called out feebly, “Captain Yu…”

    Yu Changmo halted in his tracks, his face as cold as the Antarctic.

    Ma Jingtian wanted to ask, ‘do you know Chen Qianmo?’ But it seemed too blunt to say that, so he voiced his words in a more tactful manner, “Are you here for business or private matters?”

    Yu Changmo turned around and squatted down, unfitting his status. Looking at the brat whom he had beaten up, he smiled coldly. “Visiting the school, it’s business. Beating you up, that’s private.”

    Was it too much of him to stand up for his goddess and to give Ma Jingtian a taste of his own medicine?

    Yep, too much.

    But he was happy to do it, and besides, who would dare to keep him in check?

    Ma Jingtian’s instructor dared not open his mouth. After all, he was… no match for Yu Changmo either.

    Ma Jingtian buried his head on the floor, finally understanding how he had landed himself in such shape.

    With the courage that he did not know he had, Ma Jingtian yelled to Yu Changmo, “She’s not a good person!”

    Yu Changmo’s eyes narrowed into a slit. “Say that one more time.”

    “I said, she’s not a good person. She does not deserve to wear the school uniform and not fit to be a police officer. Even more so, she doesn’t suit you…”

    He felt his body rising into the air.  Ma Jingtian was stunned. It took him a while to realize that someone had lifted him off the ground.

    Although Ma Jingtian’s instructor did not understand why there was a grudge between them, when he saw that the situation was about to take a turn for the worse, he hurried over to mediate. “Captain Yu, this—”

    “I want to talk to this kid alone,” Yu Changmo said before directly dragging Ma Jingtian out. He found a locker room and threw the guy on the ground before locking the door. There were only two of them now.

    The other students did not know what was happening, so they quickly went over to ask the instructor.

    “Instructor, will our senior (junior) be okay? Who’s that person? What rights does he have to be so arrogant on our territory?”

    “Should we gather a group of people to rush in and attack, to save Ma Jingtian?”

    Glancing in the direction of the locker room, the instructor shook his head and smiled wryly.

    “It’s fine, it’s a private grudge…” He only dealt with business matters. Um… For the private disputes between hot-blooded young men, let them settle it amongst themselves.

    “Why are you guys still standing there and staring blankly? Do you have any love for your companion at all?!” the martial arts instructor chided them.

    The other students looked at each other. Did he mean that we should rush in to save Ma Jingtian? What did he mean by love for their companion?

    “Bring the school doctor here! Do I have to teach you about such trivial matters?”

    No one knew how or what Black talked to Ma Jingtian about.

    All they knew was that after the door to the locker room opened, Yu Changmo sauntered out, looking impressive, while they heard weeping sounds coming from the inside.


    The school’s environment advocated shedding blood and sweat, but not tears. Yet, the boy who had won the bronze medal in the martial arts competition for two successive years was crying bitterly? Obviously, it made others curious. What exactly had transpired between the both of them?

    “Captain Yu, you—” the martial arts instructor came over while wiping his sweat. “My student is still young. If he did something wrong, please forgive him. Did something happen between you two…”

    “This young man has a short-circuit in his brain and lacks rational, logical thinking. I have verbally educated him.”

    Just now, Yu Changmo had enquired about the ins and outs of the matter and finally understood why Ma Jingtian was targeting Qianmo.

    Listening to Yu Changmo deriding his favorite student, the martial arts instructor felt like he had lost face. But hearing that Yu Changmo had only “verbally educated” Ma Jingtian, he heaved a sigh of relief.

    Fortunately, there was no more beating.

    How would the naive martial arts instructor know that Yu Changmo’s “verbal education” was more terrifying than his “physical thrashing”. Ma Jingtian cried till he was gasping for breath, regretting how he had listened to the person who called him and treated a good person unjustly as a result.

    From that moment, Captain Yu’s earnest teachings would become the bright light in his life that guided him forward without taking any detours in life.In the future, he vowed to be a rational person and contribute more to the citizens…