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Chapter 98 - Was that a Pacification or Insul

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 98: Was that a Pacification or Insult

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    When the martial arts instructor saw that his favorite disciple had been so tragically beaten up, he was upset but dared not offend the guy. Yu Changmo also considered giving the instructor some face and patted his shoulder.

    “Of course, this young man is not bad in nature. He is righteous and hot-blooded. You have taught him pretty well. It’s just that IQ is something inborn. In the future, you will have to pay more attention to it when teaching him to try to correct his errors. It’s better late than never.”

    His remark was very objective.

    In the process of “talking about life” alone with Ma Jingtian, Yu Changmo discovered that the reason he made things difficult for Qianmo was not due to a personal grudge, but because he was incited by someone else.

    Someone had deliberately portrayed Qianmo as an evil tyrant. As her diehard fan, Yu Changmo was naturally willing to educate the young man, whose IQ was lacking, about what an outstanding woman his goddess, Chen Qianmo, was.

    He was fully capable of beating Ma Jingtian up until his own mother would not recognize him. However, Black, being a righteous person who was morally upright, felt that he had an obligation to correct everyone who misunderstood his goddess, throwing light on her brilliance.

    Hearing his words, the instructor nearly vomited blood.

    Seemingly fearing that the instructor did not understand, Yu Changmo explained again, “Just having loyalty and passion are not enough. Having IQ and the bare minimum ability to make judgments are also basic requirements that will determine how far he can go in the future. I have made up for the lack of your education. The rest is up to him and his luck.”

    Turn over a new leaf and become an outstanding person. Black’s eyes were filled with sincerity.

    The martial arts instructor really wanted to vomit blood.

    “Captain Yu!”

    Ma Jingtian’s face was streaked with tears as a few of his male juniors supported him out of the room.

    Yu Changmo turned around and looked at the young man whom he had re-educated.

    “I will definitely learn my lesson from this and promise not to make such rudimentary mistakes again. In the future, I will never judge a person subjectively. Captain Yu, thank you for enlightening me today.”

    “Good that you can recognize your mistake and change for the better. There’s still hope for you.”

    Yu Changmo dropped his words before walking off arrogantly. Ma Jingtian’s eyes glistened with tears. In the future, he must work hard to make up for his inadequacies and strive to be as outstanding as Captain Yu!

    Instantly, the martial arts instructor got goosebumps and rubbed his arms as he watched his beloved disciple being won over. He mumbled towards Yu Changmo’s back, “Is this guy a devil? You still have to thank him after he beat you up like that?”

    In fact, this experience with Yu Changmo had completely changed Ma Jingtian’s life.

    Perhaps it was due to the excellent choice of his major that he was destined to be ahead of his peers after graduation. However, as Yu Changmo said, if his shortcomings were not identified and corrected early on, the higher he climbed, the harder he would fall. The sooner he discovered his flaws, the earlier he could fix them. And that would be better for his future.

    Ma Jingtian was not a bad person, inherently. Instead, he was a hot-blooded man with a passionate heart to dedicate himself to his country. However, as he was still young and had had a smooth-sailing life thus far, it resulted in him being overconfident.

    Furthermore, he did not have a remarkable IQ and lacked logical thinking when dealing with matters. It was also why he was easily incited by someone else to treat an outstanding woman like Chen Qianmo unfairly. Black brainwashed him by going on a tirade, with one-third of his speech emphasizing Qianmo’s greatness.

    Therefore, later on, before solving a case each time, Ma Jingtian would be reminded of this experience of being thrashed. After this incident, every judgment he made in the future was filled with cautiousness and then more cautiousness. Eventually, he became a capable person.

    Ma Jingtian felt that Yu Changmo and Qianmo were the greatest benefactors in his life. Had these two intimidating man and woman not appeared, perhaps he would never have discovered his own shortcomings. The double Mo duo became his super idols. Of course, this was something that would happen later on.

    After clearing a mine for his goddess, Black was in a good mood. He offered the school some pointers and guidance and promised to visit again should the opportunity arise in the future. This was his goddess’s alma mater, so it was only right that he offered them some benefits within his abilities.

    His offer had the school leader as happy as a blooming flower. He had never dared to imagine that such a wonderful thing could happen.

    As a student, Qianmo naturally would not find out about these things. Still, she had become famous due to her face off with Instructor Ma.

    All the freshmen, and even the seniors in the grades above her, now knew that the new campus belle was a resolute person with a strong backbone, someone who had not only challenged Instructor Ma but also defeated him.

    The smoke of rumors spread. As a campus filled with passionate youths, this news was well-received by all. They were waiting to see how Instructor Ma would deal with the new student, and how the campus belle would retaliate. In the end, Instructor Ma turned up looking badly battered the next day, and then…

    Nothing happened.

    Disregarding the fame, Qianmo behaved as if everything was as per usual and continued her life as a rookie freshman.

    However, Instructor Ma did not exact his revenge. He only trained her according to how he should. He neither made things difficult for her nor made them easy. Just like that, they were able to live in harmony.

    Although Yu Changmo had dealt with Instructor Ma, he also knew Qianmo’s bottom line. Hence, he did not ask him to purposely lighten her load.

    His exact words, “There’s no need to give her any special treatment. Just treat her as you would the others”.

    Black was confident that his goddess’s radiance would not be buried under the cruel military training. If this was the path she chose, he would quietly support her.

    As he felt that Qianmo might consider meddling in her affairs an insult, Yu Changmo asked Instructor Ma to treat her equally.

    Had Qianmo known what he was thinking, she would probably have felt extremely gutted.

    Hey! She was willing to take the easy way out and be “insulted”!

    This military training was not easy. Although Qianmo was outstanding in quilt folding and marching formations, she was struggling with the other physical exercises.

    She had not run like this in many years and did not usually do physical sports. Now that she had to run and jump every day, she was so exhausted that every night, the moment she went back to her room and lay on her bed, she would fall asleep. She was also eating a lot more than usual.

    As it was military training for potential police officers, the amount of training and their intensity was much higher than those of ordinary military schools. Sometimes, they would still have to carry their equipment and go for a cross-country run. After the excursion, Qianmo often felt like her body was about to fall apart from exhaustion.

    The other three girls in the dormitory room were also in the same situation. Even the fittest of them, Boss Lu, would look like she was on the brink of death by the time they returned to their rooms at the end of the day. Not to mention the other two who were even more worn-out.

    Still, there was a silver lining: the intense physical training helped to disperse the smoke from the battle between the roommates that once pervaded the room.

    Even Luo Duoduo, the b*itchiest of them, had no time to stir up trouble. Now, when they saw their pillow, it was like seeing their loved ones. They would bury their heads in it and wish that they could stay like that for eternity.

    It felt like a century had passed, but in actuality, it was only three days.

    This afternoon, they had firearm training, and everyone was holding onto a Type 81 assault rifle. The few of them were all rather excited. Even the calmest amongst them, Qianmo, found the experience novel. It was good to practice shooting, as it was not too tiring.

    Therefore, after dinner at night, for the first time ever, the girls surprisingly did not fall asleep the second they hit their beds.

    Qianmo was meditating when Mayou, who had gone to the other dormitory rooms to gossip, came back. As soon as he stepped through the door, she lowered her voice and said mysteriously, “Sisters, shall we go ghost hunting tonight?”