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Chapter 98 - Going All-In

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 98: Going All-In

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    After a while, the dealer put down the box and shouted, “Place your bets! Big or Small?”

    The gamblers around the table started placing down their chips. Without stopping to think, Xiao Luo wagered all of his chips worth a hundred thousand on ‘Big.’


    Sun Jian’nan sucked in a breath of cold air. As the strength went out of his legs, he almost collapsed to the floor. This was a hundred thousand bucks, and this kid just put it all down. If the dice turned up Small, he’d lose it all, just like that.

    My God, where did this young man get his confidence from?

    He looked fearfully at Xiao Luo, who was calm and collected, and he broke out into a cold sweat.

    Sun Yu was so nervous that she did not dare to watch and turned away. She held onto Xiao Luo’s clothes with a deadly grip, feeling as though she and not Xiao Luo was the one betting at the table. When she saw Xiao Luo going all-in with chips worth a hundred thousand, all the blood instantly drained from her face.

    “Three-four-five, Big!”

    The dealer’s loud voice boomed as he uncovered the dice. The three dice revealed showed the numbers three, four, and five.

    Just like that, Xiao Luo had won two hundred thousand, doubling his chips.


    Sun Jian’nan’s eyes opened wide, gawking in disbelief.

    Sun Yu also turned to look at Xiao Luo in surprise. “Brother Xiao Luo, you won?”

    “Mm.” Xiao Luo simply nodded without any further explanation.

    Manager Geng had been keeping tabs on Xiao Luo from the second floor. At this turn of events, his brow furrowed deeply, and he muttered to himself, “This kid has some luck. Who wins on the first round with an all-in bet and so easily squeezes two hundred thousand from a hundred thousand?”

    The man beside him remarked, “It’s got to be a fluke. If he tries it again in the next round, I’m sure he’s going to lose everything.”

    Manager Geng nodded ambiguously. Lady Luck would not side with anyone forever.

    The second round began. Xiao Luo closed his eyes yet again, focusing his hearing on the movement of the die. As he had won a significant amount in the first round, the dealer had taken notice of him. Seeing him with his eyes closed, acting like an expert, he could not help but softly scoff, “What are you playing at? Are you pretending to be a gambling god?”

    Xiao Luo acted he had not heard the dealer. With a small smile, he bet all of his chips once again. This time, he bet all two hundred thousand on ‘Big.’

    Behind him, Sun Jian’nan and Sun Yu’s hearts skipped a beat each as they were unable to maintain their composure. This all-or-nothing style of gambling was not for the faint of heart, and they could not help but feel nervous. If Xiao Luo was right, he would double his winnings, but if he made a mistake, he would end up worse than he’s started, and all would be lost.

    The dealer uncovered the box and reluctantly announced, “Four-five-six, Big!”

    The casino staff handed Xiao Luo four hundred thousand dollars’ worth of chips.

    “You actually guessed right again!”

    Sun Jian’nan swallowed hard. In less than five minutes, the hundred thousand Xiao Luo had come into the casino with had become four hundred thousand.

    Sun Yu was dumbfounded. She stared wide-eyed with her charming eyes at Xiao Luo, suddenly feeling like this man was a real enigma.

    Some of the color drained from Manager Geng’s face as he continued watching from the second floor. He marveled at how fortunate Xiao Luo was to have guessed correctly twice in a row.

    When Xiao Luo placed four hundred thousand dollars’ worth of chips back on ‘Big’ and won again, Manager Geng lost his cool. The gamblers and dealer at the table felt even more shook up.

    Three rounds! He won three rounds in a row! He was too damn lucky!

    “Sh*t! What the hell is that dice handler doing?” Manager Geng grumbled testily.

    Meanwhile, on the betting floor, seeing that Xiao Luo was on a roll, the other gamblers held back their wagers. They were waiting to see what Xiao Luo would bet on this time.

    The dealer refused to believe that Xiao Luo’s good fortune would continue, so he poured his all into shaking the dice and rattling them fiercely in the box.

    “Place your bets, Big or Small?” Setting the box down, he almost seemed to be yelling directly at Xiao Luo.

    Once again, without a shred of hesitation, Xiao Luo placed his chips worth a total of eight hundred thousand on ‘Big.’

    Many of the other gamblers followed his lead, but some of them felt that the result had been ‘Big’ three times in a row already, so chances were that it would be ‘Small’ this time. After some second-guessing, they placed their bets on ‘Small.’

    Xiao Luo calmly addressed the dealer, “Open it!”

    Seeing how confident he was despite the high stakes, the dealer’s palm was slick with a layer of cold sweat.

    If the dice showed ‘Big’ again, he feared that he would not be able to work in these parts again. He could even lose his livelihood. Nevertheless, gritting his teeth, he uncovered the box. Seeing the results, he felt like his soul had been plucked out of his body, and his legs buckled without warning. If he had not been using both hands to support himself on the table, he would have crumpled to the floor in a heap.

    The dice showed ‘three-five-six,’ and it was ‘Big’ again!

    From the very beginning, Sun Yu’s emotional state had gone through stages of worry, fear, shock, and now incredulity. This man whom she had known for barely three hours was most impressive. In her mind’s eye, Xiao Luo’s image had grown incomparably enormous and magnificent. She was in a daze as she stared at Xiao Luo’s profile.

    Her uncle Sun Jian’nan also felt like he was dreaming. Ten minutes ago, Xiao Luo had come in with a hundred thousand, and now he had 1.6 million. In this short time, he had performed a miracle at this casino.

    “What the hell? It turned out ‘Big’ for four consecutive rounds!” the gamblers, who had bet on ‘Small,’ protested in annoyance.

    On the other hand, the gamblers who had decided to follow Xiao Luo were overjoyed. A few of them even told him, “Bro, your luck is amazing, we’ll just copy your bets. Hehe!”

    At this point, the dealer excused himself, saying he did not feel well, and a new dealer took over for him. As he took his seat, he looked at Xiao Luo and asked with a dry smile, “Sir, are you feeling lucky tonight?”

    “Pretty average!” Xiao Luo replied impassively.

    “You’ve already won four rounds in a row. You call that average, huh?”

    As the new dealer spoke, he switched out the dice with a sleight of hand.

    Nobody else saw it, but the move did not escape Xiao Luo’s eyes. He did not react or show any sign of having seen what the dealer had done. Now, he finally understood why the house always won. Thinking that one could make a profit at a casino while gambling was delusional.

    The new dealer began to shake the dice, and Xiao Luo shut his eyes to focus his hearing. His ears picked up the faint sound of a die rolling after the dealer had stopped shaking. This meant that the die was loaded, and the dealer would be able to change the results as he saw fit.

    “Bro, are you betting on ‘Big’ or ‘Small’? Hurry up and decide!”

    The other gamblers saw that Xiao Luo had not placed his bets and were beginning to get flustered.

    “Brother Xiao Luo, if you don’t feel confident, let’s just wait and see for this round,” Sun Yu said tenderly.

    “Mm.” Xiao Luo nodded. There was no obligation to bet, and no matter what he bet on, the dealer could change the results to force him into a loss.

    Seeing Xiao Luo abstaining from betting, the new dealer felt that he was probably an experienced gambler. The kid must have heard something strange that tipped him off. The dealer tried to agitate Xiao Luo, taunting him, “Sir, you were really manly earlier, going all-in without a second thought. What’s happened now? Are you scared?”

    “I think you know what I’m afraid of, don’t you?” Xiao Luo chuckled and shot the dealer a pointed look.

    It was a loaded statement, and hearing this, the dice handler’s expression darkened. He was thinking to himself, Has this kid discovered the trap I set?

    Xiao Luo refused to elaborate further and left it at that.