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Chapter 95 - Still Too Dumb

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 95: Still Too Dumb

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    She had been good for the past few months except for beating Chu Yu up and getting on the nerves of that Director Liang.

    Who in the school had such power to find two men to come after her?

    They just landed and they were already here to get rid of her!

    Clearly the conversation between those two men was about her!

    Who was behind all this? She already knew the answer!

    She should probably feel glad that they did not do anything to the parachute.

    She would have become a meatball if they were to mess with her parachute.

    It did seem like the other party had thought about it as well. If the parachute she used had been tinkered with, there would be an investigation and it would bring problems to that person!

    However, if she were killed here, they would consider it as an accident and everything would be much simpler!

    Jian Qi slung the empty bag on her back and got up. After taking two steps, she suddenly stopped in her tracks.

    If Director Liang did find people to get rid of her, then she should come up with a plan.

    She heard footsteps and people talking again. “The GPS signal shows that she is still here, let’s look around. She’s probably hiding.”

    Jian Qi’s face fell when she heard that they were using GPS to track her down!

    Jian Qi lifted up her arm and she saw the wristband on her arm that was given to them before they left, she frowned.

    They already told them that they were not supposed to take it off, but she would be tracked down with this thing.

    Jian Qi’s frown deepened, they had planned everything so well!

    If she were to not get rid of the wristband she would be tracked down and there would be people after her all the time!

    She heard the footsteps getting nearer and Jian Qi frowned even harder!

    “The signal shows that she is here. Quick, look around!” One man said.

    They had a monitor with them, and there was Jian Qi’s tracker on it as well as their current location.

    They could find her even faster with that gadget!

    “Here!” One of the men gave his partner a look.

    They both held up their guns toward the tracked location.

    One of the men made a sign and they both surrounded the area.

    They were fast but there was not a single person there.

    One of the men frowned and looked at the monitor again.

    The signal was indeed showing that the tracker’s location and their location were at the same place!

    The other man bent down, and swept away the dirt and leaves on the ground. There was a wristband lying beneath the pile of leaves.

    “This rascal is pretty smart, she knew that she had to take off the wristband to avoid us!”

    The other man continued, “But doesn’t she know that if she were to take off her wristband and press the button on the wristband it will self-destruct, which also means that she will be eliminated?”

    “Indeed, still too dumb!”

    The man holding on to the wristband smiled and wanted to get rid of the wristband.

    Bang! The loud sound of an impact could be heard.

    The man holding the wristband stumbled and touched the back of his head. He then fainted.

    The man holding the monitor turned and looked at his partner only to find him lying unconscious on the ground.

    He quickly put away his monitor and took out his gun, ready to take down the girl that had appeared.

    However, he would not have imagined that the girl was faster than lightning. She got close to him and hit the gun to the ground with a stick.

    The man frowned. He took out a knife and went toward Jian Qi…