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Chapter 753 - My Phoenix Wings

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 753: My Phoenix Wings

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    Wen Xinya slowly entered Ninth-Heaven and stopped in her tracks as soon as she stepped foot inside the hall. The large water crystals were flowing down the water feature wall, allowing light to pass through and reflect off them beautifully like diamonds. They looked stunning and it was as if they would dart out anytime soon. The intertwining of the golden streams looked resplendent beneath the dim yellow light.

    Zhong Rufeng stood beneath the beautiful water feature, clad in a white shirt and cream-colored trousers. He exuded a suave and elegant vibe, and the beautiful glow of the water stream complemented his silhouette.

    Wen Xinya watched as he chatted happily with a friend, stuck in a dilemma as to whether or not she should greet him.

    At this moment, Zhong Rufeng seemed to have lost all his senses. He looked up to see that Wen Xinya was standing silently in a faraway spot and staring at him, looking beautiful in green. He almost thought that he had hallucinated.

    The man beside him seemed to have discovered that something was amiss about him. He looked at him and asked, “Is she your girlfriend?”

    Zhong Rufeng snapped back to reality and answered smilingly, “Yes, she’s a girl friend!”

    His answer had caught the man by surprise. Zhong Rufeng had clarified their relationship and the man expressed his opinions openly. “She’s pretty and elegant!”

    Aren’t female friends meant for wooing?

    Zhong Rufeng grinned widely and exclaimed, “Sorry, I have to go!”

    The man patted him on his back and said smilingly, “Hahaha, I know, I understand. You don’t have to be sorry. Just treat me to a meal another day.”

    At this moment, Wen Xinya was no longer in a dilemma. Zhong Rufeng had already seen her, anyway. She would only come off as rude if she did not go up to him to say hello. Hence, she strode toward him.

    Wen Xinya felt a little strange after noticing the way that the man was staring at her. However, she could tell that he did not have any malicious intent and hence, smiled back politely.

    The man had already left by the time Wen Xinya walked towards Zhong Rufeng.

    Zhong Rufeng approached her and said, “What a coincidence. I didn’t expect to see you here.”

    When Wen Xinya got abducted previously, the military managed to keep the information under wraps for a few days. After finally getting to hear about the news, Zhong Rufeng rushed straight to the hospital, only to see that she was lying on the bed, appearing as pale as a sheet. Even her smile was feeble and he felt extremely agonized to see how frail she was.

    Wen Xinya smiled and asked, “I’ve arranged to meet Tianyu and the rest for lunch here today. Would you like to come along?”

    Zhong Rufeng had given her lots of help and she was extremely grateful towards him. However, he seemed to be busy recently and hence, she had yet to have the time to treat him to a meal.

    Zhong Rufeng said, “Since you’re so sincere, I shall not turn you down.”

    He had been rather busy with the activities of the clubs and societies that he was involved in recently. Although he would take some time out of his schedule to help her with tuition, it had been a few days since they met and the chances for them to meet were few and far between. Hence, he definitely wouldn’t let go of such a great opportunity.

    “How has your body been recovering?”

    “Brother, please spare me. You’ve already asked me this question several times before.”

    “You applied for a two-week break from school and you must be lagging behind in your academics. Feel free to approach me whenever you need help.”

    “I won’t stand on ceremony with you.”

    “Your father…”

    “You’ve already reminded me not to let these matters affect my feelings and to focus all my energy on revision instead.”

    Zhong Rufeng felt extremely awkward.

    Wen Xinya pushed the door of the dining room open and was greeted with the sight of Zhou Tianyu chasing Gu Junling around the room while Ling Qingxuan and Xu Tongxuan cheered them on.

    Xu Tongxuan was the first to notice Wen Xinya and Zhong Rufeng’s presence. “Xinya, you’re here…” She then stared at Zhong Rufeng in disbelief and asked, “Senior Zhang, why… why are you here?”

    Zhong Rufeng was still a legendary figure, even until he went to university. During his second year of university, he had opted to become the leader of the student union of Beihua University. He then became an influential figure of Beihua University. However, he was already in Year Four now and he would rarely be seen in school.

    Zhong Rufeng looked at Wen Xinya, who explained smilingly, “I ran into Brother Zhong in the hall, so I invited him to come along.”

    At this moment, Zhou Tianyu and Gu Junling stopped their banter and Zhou Tianyu seemed to be extremely delighted. She held onto Wen Xinya’s arm and exclaimed, “Xinya, you’ve really got what it takes! You actually managed to invite Senior Zhang to eat with us. He’s an influential figure of Beihua University and the president of the student union. He participated in a national debate last year and emerged as the champion. He’ll definitely become a shining star.”

    Wen Xinya looked at Zhong Rufeng helplessly.

    Zhong Rufeng smiled suavely and thought to himself that Zhou Tianyu was rather straightforward. He felt relieved to see that she did not treat him like an outsider.

    The few girls were extremely enthusiastic when speaking to Zhong Rufeng, especially Zhou Tianyu and Xu Tongxuan, who were from the same school as him.

    However, Gu Junling and Ling Qingxuan did not seem too pleased about Zhong Rufeng’s arrival.

    Ever since Zhong Rufeng arrived, all of the girls shifted their attention to him. It was clear that he was more charming than them!

    Besides… Zhong Rufeng was Xu Zhenyu’s rival in love. It was a well-known fact that Zhong Rufeng had always carried a torch for Wen Xinya. Of course… Wen Xinya had never felt the hots for Xu Zhenyu. However, they were Xu Zhenyu’s friends and felt indignant for him.

    Gu Junling glowered at Zhong Rufeng, wishing he could bear a hole through him.

    Hence, Gu Junling asked nonchalantly, “Xinya, your father’s name is starting to get cleared. Isn’t it time for your family to do something?”

    Apart from some comments that had been made about Wen Haowen’s scandal, the Wen Family kept silent. If the scandal proceeded smoothly, the Wen Family would definitely have to make a stand.

    Indeed, Gu Junling’s words had managed to catch their attention and Wen Xinya said calmly, “That should be something for my Grandpa and Wen Haowen to worry about. They’ll do as they deem fit.”

    She had previously decided to let Yang Ziyu take the rap, precisely because she did not want the Wen Family’s reputation to be affected as well. Now that things were kept within control, she definitely did not want to be involved again.

    Zhou Tianyu said, “It’s good that you stay out of it, lest you get implicated. After all, you’re a junior and you’re going to be at a disadvantage if the media finds out.”

    Xu Tongxuan nodded and said, “Tianyu is right. After all, it’s not something glorious. Don’t get yourself embroiled.”

    Wen Xinya said smilingly, “Don’t worry! I do treasure my phoenix wings.”

    Ling Qingxuan burst into laughter and teased. “Xinya, do you really think you’re a resplendent phoenix just because the reporters say so? You’re such a narcissist!”

    Zhong Rufeng swirled the glass of wine in his hand nonchalantly while listening to their banter without interrupting, though he would periodically glance at Wen Xinya tenderly.