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Chapter 452 - Ninth level imperial beast master’s three realm love disaster (Part 28)

Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping
     Chapter 452: Ninth level imperial beast master’s three realm love disaster (Part 28)

    After dinner, he had Bing’er prepare a room for the girl.

    The girl was a bit unhappy, but she didn’t dare show it.

    She thought that she would be able to live in the same room as him. She thought that she could become his most important person after finally doing all this.

    But she never thought that she couldn’t even compare to a rabbit!

    Even if it was a dead rabbit!

    That night, Di Luo Feng stayed up all night. He seriously washed the large rabbit and put on new clothes that he hadn’t had time to give her. There was a faint azure light that sparkled on its ears.

    This was personally made by him, as long as she wore it, she would be able to hear his voice from far away.

    It was a pity that she couldn’t wear it when she was a rabbit…..

    In the night sky, the stars were sparse and there was a waning moon hanging in the sky.

    He went to the ice room alone.

    The cages around held the spirit beasts that she tamed. His brows tightened as his eyes filled with a faint doubt.

    As an Imperial Beast Master, the most important thing was her spirit beasts.

    And she didn’t release them from their cage as the first thing after waking up…...

    He hugged the rabbit and carefully went down the stairs. He bent over slightly and placed it in the ice coffin where she had been lying.

    Since the rabbit was so big, it completely filled the coffin.

    He closed his eyes and his brows trembled. The most painful thing in life was losing the one you loved the most and he had experienced this twice.

    It was a good thing that the girl was awake.

    Although it was very strange, she was still back.

    With this bit of hope, he felt that he could still keep living…...

    The next morning, the girl was already in the dining hall early in the morning waiting for him, already having made breakfast for him.

    Her eyes were very beautiful, but they were a bit deathly, beautiful, but not clear.

    “That.” She softly called out to him, “I seemed to have slept for a long time and there are many things I don’t remember…..”

    There were some things that had to be said first, or there would be trouble when he asked her about them in the future.

    “Un.” Di Luo Feng softly replied, as he felt confused.

    A confusion that couldn’t be explained…..

    “Are you unhappy……” She saw that he didn’t have any energy and slightly knit her brows. Her eyes turned wet as she pretended to be aggrieved, “If you feel that it isn’t convenient for me to live here, I can leave…..”

    “No……” He looked up and saw that her eyes were red, so he softly said, “I might not have recovered from what happened at the Beast Mound yet.”

    Was he just too nervous? When she woke up and came out of the ice room, he was unable to reveal a look of happiness.

    There was a sparkle in the girl’s eyes as she said with a happy heart, “That is something of the past. Luo Feng…..big brother Luo Feng doesn’t need to feel sad.”

    Di Luo Feng heard this and his heart trembled. It had been a long time since heard her call him those four words. He vaguely remembered back at the Other Shore Forgotten River, that was the dream realm that the Snow Qilin had made for him.

    That was the dream realm he was willing to never wake up from.

    In that moment, his heart was suddenly filled with pain, an intense pain…..

    “Rest early……”

    “Do you know what my greatest wish is?” She looked up with pursed lips and said, “I want to marry you. I am no longer a Ninth Grade Imperial and I don’t have any Imperial Beast Master skills at all, so will you give up on me…..”

    She bit her lip as a crystal like tear came out of her eyes.

    “Pida.” It fell onto the back of a hand.

    In order to use this body, she had done too many things.