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Chapter 167 - Choosing a Legendary Venomous Insect: Stolen Blood Essence

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 167: Choosing a Legendary Venomous Insect: Stolen Blood Essence

    At the moment, Ye Jiuge was leading Luo Tian and Jun Yichen toward the ruined temple.

    Luo Tian followed behind her. As they were running, he said, “Eldest Miss, why didn’t you ask Little Master when he developed these Poisonous Earthworm Kings? According to my knowledge, he developed a batch before coming to Medicine Refinery City. I used my blood essence to make one of the best ones from this batch into my Life’s Origin Parasite.”

    “Luo Tian, do you wish to die?” Jun Yichen’s haughty voice rang out from the trees above them.

    He felt that it was beneath his dignity to run on the ground with Ye Jiuge and Luo Tian. He insisted on jumping from tree to tree, probably thinking that it was more dignified this way.

    “Little Master, there are some things that you can’t hide from the Eldest Miss.” Luo Tian’s voice reached Jun Yichen’s ears through the whistling sound of the wind. “If you can’t hide it, you should explain honestly to improve Eldest Miss’s impression of us.”

    “Hmph!” Unhappily, Jun Yichen snapped off a tree branch with his feet. However, he seemed to have accepted Luo Tian’s statement.

    Ye Jiuge was already used to them plotting in her presence.

    When she passed another large tree, she continued to question, “Did the Poison Earthworm become like this after you used your blood essence or because of how he grows them?”

    “No. These Poisonous Earthworm Kings display different characteristics according to a person’s blood essence. Mine can not only cure poisons, but it can also be used for searching. Ye Yu’s one should be good at hiding, just like its master.”

    As he ran, Luo Tian gave a careful introduction to the batch of Poisonous Earthworm Kings that his Little Master had developed.

    Ye Jiuge had to admit that Jun Yichen had come up with something innovative. This new batch of Poisonous Earthworm Kings chose their masters based on the compatibility of their attributes. Hence, the abilities that they gained as they evolved became more comprehensive.

    For example, Luo Tian must have undeniable strength to be one of the only two Blood-clad Miao people who had survived. His Poisonous Earthworm King, Xiao Hong, had grown eyes and thorns. It could attack and defend and had a potent offensive ability.

    After Luo Tian quickened his pace and caught up with Ye Jiuge, he asked while looking at her with sincerity, “Eldest Miss, do you want one too? With your ability, you can develop a formidable one!”

    His expression was saying, “I am not just promoting a Legendary Venomous Insect. I am showing my wholehearted loyalty!”

    “If you wish to buy one, I can give you a discount.”

    Jun Yichen jumped down from a tree and landed beside Ye Jiuge. He looked like he was conferring a favor on her.

    Although his haughty expression was slightly annoying, Ye Jiuge was interested in these Legendary Venomous Insects.

    She considered momentarily before saying, “Show me first.”

    Jun Yichen rolled up his sleeve to reveal thirteen black spots on his pale, thin arm. He said, “These are the Legendary Venomous Insects that have yet to hatch. You just have to flash a drop of your blood essence, and one of them will choose you automatically.”

    Following his instructions, Ye Jiuge pierced the tip of her finger. A drop of her blood essence floated in front of her.

    All of the black spots on Jun Yichen’s arm rapidly expanded as they attempted to outdo one another and consume Ye Jiuge’s blood essence. Even Jun Yichen was shocked by their fanatic behavior.

    Moreover, the Life’s Origin Parasite in his body transmitted a message to him frantically: “This drop of blood essence is beneficial to me. Quick, bring it here!”

    Jun Yichen and his Life’s Origin Parasite were inseparable, and their desires were the same. He used all his strength to suppress the rioting Legendary Venomous Insects and reached out to grab the blood essence that was floating in the air.

    However, he did not expect a black, fat figure to be faster. With a whoosh, it swallowed the drop of blood essence and landed on Ye Jiuge’s shoulder.

    It was the Black Fat Rat.

    It had a large head and big ears, and its round stomach stuck out. Its paws held Ye Jiuge’s hair tightly as it cried out resentfully, “Pipi!”

    “Black Fatty, why have you come out?” Ye Jiuge was shocked as well.

    She then remembered Zi Shang’s warning. He had said that every drop of her blood belonged to him, and if she were to give it to anyone recklessly, he would use his big stick to punish her.

    She thought to herself: Is it too late to kill the rat and destroy the evidence?

    “How dare you steal what’s mine?” Jun Yichen’s large, dark eyes glared at the Black Fat Rat.

    The Legendary Venomous Insects in his arm were revolting. It was as though they wanted to rush forward and gobble up the Black Fat Rat.

    The Black Fat Rat looked at the small parasites with contempt. It was not afraid of Jun Yichen. The rat took out a carrot that was taller Jun Yichen from the animal-skin bag. Squatting on Ye Jiuge’s shoulder, it began to gnaw with great interest.

    “Fight later. Don’t hold me up and prevent me from saving Ye Yu.” Ye Jiuge grabbed the Black Fat Rat without looking and stuffed it back into her bag.

    With his target gone, Jun Yichen looked furiously at Ye Jiuge and shouted, “Return the blood essence to me.”

    “Return your *ss. It’s mine.” Ye Jiuge said peevishly. She would not indulge his bad temper.

    “You…” Jun Yichen was about to flip out when Luo Tian held his shoulders and said, “Little Master, it is more important to earn our Spiritual Beast Pills.”

    Jun Yichen gritted his teeth as he silently held a grudge for the blood essence’s theft.

    Ye Jiuge could not be bothered with his haughty thoughts. To Luo Tian, she said, “Pick up the pace. I want to find Ye Yu within the time it takes to burn an incense stick.”

    After he had calmed down his Little Master, Luo Tian propelled Xiao Hong forward with his power. Soon, they arrived at the ruined temple.

    “Ye Yu should be inside. I can feel that his Poisonous Earthworm King had been injured,” Luo Tian said softly.

    Ye Jiuge opened her Spiritual Eye to examine the situation.

    She saw a few red aureoles surrounding the ruined temple. They emitted a thick stench of blood, and many strange shadows hid within them.

    Clearly, the ruined temple was one of Liu Yunfei’s traps, and she was using Ye Yu to lure the others here.

    “Eldest Miss, are we going to attack?” Luo Tian rubbed his fists and wiped his palms. He was eager to perform.

    “Are you confident about dealing with someone from the Bloodthirsty Sect?” Ye Jiuge asked.

    She was not looking down on Luo Tian and Jun Yichen. However, one of them was disabled, and the other was very young. They did not seem very reliable.

    “Aren’t you ashamed to ask this kind of bullsh*t?” Jun Yichen still held a grudge against Ye Jiuge for not giving him her blood essence.

    “You mean that you have found a way to deal with the Bloodthirsty Sect?” Ye Jiuge raised her eyebrows and asked.

    “Of course.” Jun Yichen nodded arrogantly. Out of habit, he was about to ask for Spiritual Beast Pills in exchange for his answer.

    However, Luo Tian rushed to reply, “Little Master has indeed found a way to deal with the Bloodthirsty Sect. Speaking of it, we will have to thank you for it.”

    Having said so, he looked at Ye Jiuge with gratitude.

    Ye Jiuge was momentarily stunned. After pondering, she asked hesitantly, “Can it be that you are relying on the Poisonous Earthworm Kings to deal with the Bloodthirsty Sect?”

    “Eldest Miss, you are indeed intelligent.” Luo Tian nodded with a gratified expression as if to say, “I have chosen to follow the right person.”

    Ye Jiuge thought to herself: I did not expect this fellow to be so good at buttering people up.

    However, despite his flattery, Ye Jiuge still wanted to be clear about the matter.