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Chapter 168 - Facing the Venomous Woman

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 168: Facing the Venomous Woman

    “How can you be sure that the Poisonous Earthworm Kings can deal with the Bloodthirsty Sect? I don’t want guesses. I want evidence,” Ye Jiuge said bluntly.

    “Duh. Of course, I verified it,” Jun Yichen replied proudly.

    When Bloodthirsty Patriarch had stormed into the Blood-clad Miao people’s territory, one of his must-kill targets had been Jun Yichen, the chieftain’s successor. Although the old chieftain had sacrificed his life to save him, Jun Yichen had been afflicted by the poison that suppressed his witchcraft.

    At first, he had endured the torment of the toxins daily, until he inadvertently discovered that swallowing Poison Earthworms could bring relief. Then, he felt better.

    However, Poison Earthworms were rare in the wild, and it took too much time to search for them. Hence, Jun Yichen devised a plan involving the breeding bases of medicinal stores.

    When he saw the opportunity, he used his witchcraft to control an older man from a medicinal store, and he successfully infiltrated the breeding manor for the Poison Earthworms. Since the Poison Earthworm only had a lifespan of fifteen days, the people from the manor were not overly concerned about daily consumption. As such, Jun Yichen was able to settle in and cure his poison quietly.

    Then, Ye Jiuge had poured money and effort into the development of evolved Poison Earthworms and given him Spiritual Beast Pills as a reward. As a result, he had successfully developed a few batches of Legendary Venomous Insects.

    “That’s great. I’ll take all of them.” Ye Jiuge waved her hand in a wealthy and imposing manner.

    If these Legendary Venomous Insects could really cure the Bloodthirsty Sect’s poisons, she wouldn’t need to worry about their evil schemes anymore. Although she wasn’t particularly wealthy, she had an abundance of Spiritual Pills—just in case.

    “I don’t want Spiritual Beast Pills. Give me a drop of your blood essence, and I will give all these Legendary Venomous Insects to you.” As he thought about that drop of Ye Jiuge’s delicious-looking blood essence, Jun Yichen couldn’t help but salivate.

    “Hehe, my blood essence is precious. You wouldn’t be able to obtain it even if you tried to exchange your Life’s Origin Parasite for it. Just trade obediently for Spiritual Beast Pills!” Ye Jiuge wanted badly to extract the drop of blood essence from the Black Fat Rat’s stomach. She was not willing to sell another drop.

    “If you are not going to give me your blood essence, I won’t sell them,” Jun Yichen threatened angrily.

    “Suit yourself.” Ye Jiuge shrugged and threw up her hands.

    She had a hundred ways of dealing with the Bloodthirsty Sect. However, Jun Yichen could only consume the Spiritual Beast Pills that she produced. Compared to him, she had plenty of time to squander.

    “Little Master!” Luo Tian held Jun Yichen’s shoulders again.

    At the moment, they had to look to Ye Jiuge for help, and they could not afford to be fussy.

    Jun Yichen understood this as well.

    No matter how much he hated being suppressed by Ye Jiuge, he could only accept it grudgingly.

    “Fine. The same old price – a bottle of Spiritual Beast Pills for one.”

    “Sure. However, I don’t have so many Spiritual Beast Pills on me at the moment. I can only complete the deal once we return to the Lei Kingdom,” Ye Jiuge said.

    Her plan was for everyone to have a Legendary Venomous Insect by the time they returned to the Lei Kingdom.

    “Okay.” Knowing Ye Jiuge’s character, Jun Yichen was not worried that she would renege on the deal.

    “Okay, now, let’s discuss how we can break in and save Ye Yu.” After Ye Jiuge had settled Jun Yichen, they began to discuss the main issue.

    “There’s no doubt. We will simply rush in.” Jun Yichen’s eyes were filled with murderous intent as he stared at the ruined temple.

    He’d decided that his revenge against the Bloodthirsty Sect would begin with Liu Yunfei.

    “No way.” Ye Jiuge shook her head.

    Ye Yu was in Liu Yunfei’s hands, and if she were to use him as a hostage, it would be difficult for them to save him.

    Ye Jiuge thought: Since Liu Yunfei does not have information about us yet, it would be better to seize the opportunity and come up with a reliable solution. For example, luring the tiger from its domain in the mountains, or making a sound in the east then striking in the west.

    “Eldest Miss, what do you think? We will act as you instruct.” Luo Tian took the opportunity to show his wholehearted loyalty.

    Ye Jiuge happened to think of something. She said, “Then, act according to my instructions…”

    “No problem.” Luo Tian nodded calmly.

    “Easy!” Jun Yichen made an expression as if to say, “As long as I undertake the task, nothing will go wrong.”

    “Alright, let’s move!” Ye Jiuge nodded. She led Luo Tian and Jun Yichen stealthily towards the ruined temple.

    In the ruined temple, the light and shadow interweaving made for exquisite scenery.

    Liu Yunfei had sealed Ye Yu’s major acupuncture points, and he was placed horizontally on the snow-white human hide.

    “Tsk tsk tsk. I did not expect you to be so good at running!”

    Liu Yunfei was in no hurry to enjoy her feast. She was engrossed in her caress of Ye Yu’s smooth, fair skin. Then, she said with pity, “I have not seen such a beautiful man for so long. I can’t bear to do this!”

    “What do you plan to do?” Ye Yu was fully immobilized. His eyes radiated hatred as he glared viciously at Liu Yunfei.

    “Hehe. A single man and a single woman in a secluded room. What do you think I plan on doing?” Liu Yunfei placed her small hands on Ye Yu’s muscular chest and softly kneaded his well-developed pectoral muscles, trying to arouse him sexually.

    “You shameless b*tch.” Ye Yu had always believed that men who hurled abuse at women were do*che-bags. However, now that he was faced with such a treacherous, cunning, and vicious woman, he could not help himself.

    “Is that the only insult in your vocabulary?” Liu Yunfei’s laugh was coquettish. Ye Yu’s insult did not hurt or tickle. Instead, it delighted her.

    “B*tch, sl*t…” Ye Yu gritted his teeth. He hated to be unable to pour dogs’ blood on Liu Yunfei. Unfortunately, he was not skilled at swearing, and he could only repeat these few words.

    “Hmm, I like it. Louder.”

    Liu Yunfei became even more excited as she listened to Ye Yu’s insults. Impatiently, she tore apart his shirt and reached for his belt.

    “Get lost. Don’t touch me.” Ye Yu did not wish to behave like a clueless girl who was about to be raped by a pervert.

    However, then he thought about how he was about to lose his virginity to a sl*t like Liu Yunfei. Furthermore, she was going to suck his blood and vital energy dry. Death was a better alternative.

    “Not only will I touch you, but I am also going to eat you!” As Liu Yunfei pulled off Ye Yu’s belt, her laughter was like the sound of a hen laying eggs.

    Ye Yu was about to be stripped naked by Liu Yunfei.

    Suddenly, a red shadow the size of a thumb rushed down silently from the roof and sped toward Liu Yunfei’s neck.

    Although Liu Yunfei’s hands were still on Ye Yu’s chest, something on the back of her clothes moved.

    A violet scorpion landed on her neck, and its stinger struck at the red shadow viciously. However, the red shadow turned craftily and spewed a viscous red liquid at the violet scorpion.

    It was too late for the violet scorpion to avoid it, and it became immobilized, having been covered entirely by the red liquid. The red shadow flapped its wings and hastily dragged the scorpion away.

    The entire incident happened in just a few seconds. When Liu Yunfei finally reacted, her Treasure-hunting Scorpion had already been stolen.

    She had obtained the Treasure-hunting Scorpion from a favorable encounter, and she had put in a lot of effort over the past few years to foster it to the Third Stage. It had become useful to her. She had benefited from the Treasure-hunting Scorpion, and she was unwilling to let it be stolen.

    Liu Yunfei could not attend to her meal at the moment, and she chased after the shadow. In the blink of an eye, only Ye Yu was left in the ruined temple.

    Ye Yu tried to gather the Spiritual Power in his entire body to break free of the seals on his acupuncture points. Unfortunately, Liu Yunfei’s technique was very peculiar, and he could not gather his Spiritual Power at all.

    Ye Yu was panicking as Liu Yunfei could return at any moment. A thin layer of cold sweat had broken out over Ye Yu’s skin, and he almost strayed from the right path.