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Chapter 169 - One-eyed Treasure-hunting Scorpion

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 169: One-eyed Treasure-hunting Scorpion

    Ye Yu was about to hold his breath and force open his meridian point when he heard numerous footsteps coming from outside the ruined temple.

    He thought that Liu Yunfei had returned. In his shock, the blood force he was channeling went the wrong direction, and he spit out a mouthful of blood. Ye Yu hadn’t expected that the person who’d walked in would be someone familiar.

    The person’s green robes swayed with the wind. She had a graceful figure, delicate and pretty features, and a subtle, pleasant fragrance followed her. It was Ye Jiuge.

    “Are you alright, Ye Yu?” Ye Jiuge was shocked, looking at Ye Yu. His clothes were messy and revealed his chest. Even his waist belt had been removed.

    It couldn’t be that she was too late. Had Liu Yunfei taken advantage of Ye Yu?

    “I’m fine,” he said. Ye Yu was embarrassed that Ye Jiuge had seen his sorry state. He wanted to sink into a hole.

    Ye Jiuge, meanwhile, wanted to help Ye Yu undo his meridian point.

    But when she saw his expression, she could tell that he wanted no contact with the opposite sex, so she felt a little awkward. She turned to the door and hollered, “Luo Tian, come in for a minute.”

    Luo Tian came in quickly. Looking at the disheveled and ravaged Ye Yu, he also assumed that the young man had been taken advantage of by Liu Yunfei. His heart filled with pity for Ye Yu as he stretched his hand to undo his meridian point.

    Once Ye Yu was able to move again, he quickly adjusted his clothing. But he was heavily injured, so his movements were a little slow. Luo Tian had to help him again.

    “Useless!” a haughty and disdainful voice rang out from the beams above.

    “Little Mute?” Ye Yu raised his head in question. He was a little uncertain whether that insult was for him.

    “Humph! You had my Poisonous Earthworm King and stealth ability, yet you were still outdone by that woman. You’re really useless!” Jun Yichen continued to ridicule Ye Yu with his usual expressionless face.

    Ye Yu did not have any rebuttal for Jun Yichen’s accusations and said guiltily, “I was too careless. I never thought that Liu Yunfei would have helpers.”

    “Eat these Medicinal Pills first. Then, tell me what kind of helpers did she have?” There was a strong Aphrodisiac scent coming off Ye Yu, so Ye Jiuge gave him two pills—the Mind-clearing Pill and the Desire Snuffing Pill.

    Ye Yu swallowed the pills, and the heated arousal faded instantly. Then, he recounted his encounter with Liu Feiyun.

    The day before, after detecting Liu Yunfei’s presence, he’d followed her using his stealth abilities. Then, he discovered that Liu Yunfei had kidnapped a Level-two Alchemist, who had participated in the tournament.

    He wanted to rescue the Alchemist so that she could testify against Liu Yunfei and Su Junqing. That way, Ye Jiuge could be cleared of all accusations.

    But he’d never expected that the Level-two Alchemist was fake and was even messing with him in retaliation.

    While he was escaping, Liu Yunfei had struck him from behind. Then, he fled to this dilapidated temple.

    “Which Level-two Alchemist did the Sorceress pretend to be?” Ye Jiuge frowned.

    Before the tournament began, she had observed and scrutinized the participating Level-two Alchemists. There weren’t any signs of the Black Magic Practitioners.

    “It was a high-cheeked middle-aged woman with a mean face and wrinkles around her mouth. Her name was Guo Yingxi,” Ye Yu recalled the woman’s distinct features.

    “I recognize the woman.”

    Once she heard Ye Yu’s description, Ye Jiuge remembered the woman. After participating in the tournament, the woman had remained inside the Medicine Refinery Complex. No one had seen her since.

    “Me too,” Luo Tian added.

    At the time, as a Medicinal Pill Tester, he’d been on stage testing the pills. He had secretly taken note of all the Level-two Alchemists present.

    The middle-aged woman was rather eye-catching. She should not have been easy to imitate.

    “The Sorceress was very capable. There was no hint of sorcery about her, and it was impossible to tell that she was in disguise,” Ye Yu defended himself.

    “If she was able to deceive you, it means that the Sorceress is skilled at disguise. It will be troublesome if she chooses to cause any mayhem.” uneasiness crept into Ye Jiuge’s heart.

    Ye Yu was very good at disguising. To be able to trick him showed that this Sorceress was not easy to handle.

    “Eldest Miss, let’s head somewhere else first, shall we? Xiao Hong can’t hold on for much longer.” Luo Tian frowned.

    The purple scorpion was connected to Liu Yunfei and Xiao Hong. It was having a hard time shaking it off its tracks.

    “Take Ye Yu with you. I’ll deal with Liu Yunfei,” Ye Jiuge said quietly.

    After chasing the Bloodthirsty Sect’s Sorcerers for so long, she had only dealt with Su Junqing. Besides Mental Manipulation, she had no clue what other tricks the Sect had up their sleeves. Crossing swords with Liu Yunfei was an excellent opportunity to find out more about them.

    “Eldest Miss, Liu Yunfei has many sly and unexpected tricks. Please be very careful.” Ye Yu was worried about Ye Jiuge.

    “There’s me. What are you afraid of?” Jun Yichen declared in arrogance.

    “Four against one—it is possible to defeat her,” Luo Tian nodded as well.

    Although he and Little Master and had not recovered their full strength, they were strong enough to test the woman’s prowess.

    “There’s no need. Luo Tian will leave with Ye Yu. Little Mute will assist me from the shadows. It would be good to capture her. If not, we will retreat immediately.” Ye Jiuge was only testing the waters with Liu Yunfei. There was no need for so many people.

    “Alright.” Luo Tian had confidence in both Ye Jiuge and Little Master.

    Without a word, he turned and left carrying Ye Yu n his back, who was still unable to move freely.

    “Little Mute, summon Xiao Hong here,” Ye Jiuge ordered.

    Jun Yichen’s Life’s Origin Parasite could control all the parasites cultivated by the blood-clad Miao people. Luo Tian’s Xiao Hong was no exception.

    The next moment, Jun Yichen concentrated. His mouth remained unmoving, but a strange vibrating sound came from his body.

    Soon, like lightning, Xiao Hong flew in their direction, and landed in front of Jun Yichen.

    It looked battered, and the color of its body was faded. Its outstretched wings were quivering uncontrollably, a sign of over-exhaustion.

    There was a palm-sized purple scorpion attached to its underside. Although Xiao Hong had it frozen in liquid, it still appeared to be struggling to escape.

    Ye Jiuge recognized the creature as the wretched scorpion that had led her to the ruins. When the miserable scorpion saw Ye Jiuge, it struggled even harder. It was like it knew that it was in deep trouble.

    “Hand me that purple scorpion,” Ye Jiuge reached out toward Jun Yichen.

    “One Spiritual Beast Pill,” Jun Yichen raised a finger, and expressionlessly added, “To reward Xiao Hong.”

    “Stingy! Here, take it!” Ye Jiuge was speechless and couldn’t be bothered to ridicule him anymore. Jun Yichen had to wring his rewards out of her.

    After Jun Yichen fed the Spiritual Beast Pill to Xiao Hong, he took the purple scorpion and threw it in Ye Jiuge’s direction.

    After enveloping the scorpion with her Spiritual Power, Ye Jiuge started to examine it. The scorpion was only the size of a palm, and its purple outer shell seemed to be made of metal that glittered with cold, dim flashes of lights.

    The most bizarre thing was that there was a red eye on the tip of its tail, which repeatedly appeared and disappeared under the sun.

    “It’s a Treasure-hunting Scorpion,” Ye Jiuge had heard of these unusual beasts.

    It was not only very good at finding Yin Spiritual treasures. After advancing in rank, it could also dispel and protect against demons and swallow ghosts. It was a rather enthusiastic type of demonic beast. No wonder Liu Feiyun would prefer to give up Ye Yu and chase after it.