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Chapter 170 - The Beautiful Assailant, Ye Jiuge

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 170: The Beautiful Assailant, Ye Jiuge

    “The Sorceress is here,” Jun Yichen whispered.

    Ye Jiuge peeked out of the ruined temple. There was a light breeze, and the falling leaves drifted down silently. Then, there came a sudden rush of killing intent.

    “We will act according to plan.” Ye Jiuge stuffed the purple scorpion into her sack. Then, she raised a palm and started gathering purple lightning energy.

    Jun Yichen disappeared with a flicker.

    The moment he disappeared, swift as lightning, Liu Yunfei barged into the ruined temple. As soon as she entered, she was welcomed by Ye Jiuge’s purple lightning energy.

    She’d already prepared to face a trap. She raised a hand and sent out a ball of blood fog to deflect Ye Jiuge’s lightning energy. Then, she followed up with an attack on Ye Jiuge’s chest.

    Ye Jiuge channeled Spiritual Force throughout her body and raised a palm to clash with Liu Yunfei. The purple and red energies clashed violently, emitting red and purple rays. Liu Yunfei backflipped and landed beside the door of the ruined temple.

    Ye Jiuge stood in her spot, unmoving. On the surface, it seemed like Ye Jiuge had the advantage. But she’d actually suffered the attack’s backlash.

    Liu Yunfei’s palm strike was very sinister. If it weren’t for Ye Jiuge’s Spiritual Lightning’s ability to ward off sorcery, she would have taken a hit.

    “You are Ye Jiuge?” Liu Yunfei stood by the door. Her big and bright eyes surveyed Ye Jiuge from top to bottom, sighing in appreciation. “You look passable, barely good enough to be a blood slave for my Patriarch.”

    “You are Liu Yunfei?” Ye Jiuge’s eyes narrowed as she condescendingly scrutinized her from head to toe. Then, she added with disdain, “You look so mundane. No wonder you use underhanded means to get a man.”

    “Watch your mouth, wench, lest you die a mysterious death.” Liu Yunfei’s expression turned stormy. She had received her fair share of insults. But she had to admit that Ye Jiuge had a poisonous tongue.

    “Can’t be helped. My mouth can’t help but cry out at the sight of ugly women,” Ye Jiuge pretended to be troubled.

    Ye Jiuge was beautiful to begin with. Since obtaining the White Bone Flame, there was an otherworldly feel to her. The way she looked, so ethereally beautiful even while assaulting someone, could drive a woman crazy.

    Although Liu Yunfei wanted to flay and dissect Ye Jiuge, she wasn’t some fledging who did not have self-control. Suppressing her rage, Liu Yunfei asked after the two most important things: “Where are my Ye Yu and Treasure-hunting Scorpion?”

    “Already mine,” Ye Jiuge laughed smugly, her arrogance off the charts.

    “You are seeking death,” Liu Yunfei’s eyes flashed savagely.

    Having dominated the Bloodthirsty Sect for so many years, she had never been so humiliated.

    “That should be my line,” Ye Jiuge clasped a Five Lightning Scripture in her right hand and sent another purple lightning energy toward Liu Yunfei.

    Liu Yunfei retrieved a tiny blood-colored bell from her Magical Bottomless Bag and waved it gently. Then, a strange sound chimed. The moment Ye Jiuge heard the chime, the blood in her body churned violently. It was as if it wanted to break through her skin and rush at Liu Yunfei.

    Alarmed, Ye Jiuge quickly took out a Mind-clearing Pill and swallowed it. The resulting chilly feeling made her shudder.

    “Oh? You can withstand my Blood Bell’s Chime. As expected, you aren’t easy to take down.” Liu Feiyun raised her hand and rang the bell twice more.

    The chime was clearer this time. It was as if a heavy hammer had slammed onto Ye Jiuge’s head.

    The churning of her blood became even more violent, like a horse gone wild. Her blood was threatening to burst out through her pores. Ye Jiuge did not suppress the blood energy, but rather, went along with the flow to send out thumb-sized purple lightning energy.

    Liu Yunfei didn’t think Ye Jiuge could retaliate under the influence of her Blood Bell’s Chime. She started treating Ye Jiuge seriously. Stretching out, she thrust forward her blood energy to break through Ye Jiuge’s lightning energy. She rang the Blood Bell in her hand even more mercilessly.

    Ye Jiuge cupped her ears and retreated backward. She wanted to attack with the Lightning Snake Magical Whip on her waist. But Liu Yunfei opened her mouth and spat out a thick ball of blood energy. The energy formed into a blood-colored arrow, spewing a rotten stench, and stabbed toward Ye Jiuge’s chest.

    Ye Jiuge was not too far away. Caught off-guard, she could only try her best to fend off the attack.

    Meanwhile, Xiao Hong, who was hiding with Jun Yichen, rushed out. Its body glowed red, and it transformed into a fist-sized apparition, stretched its mouth, and swallowed the blood-colored arrow.

    “Retreat!” Ye Jiuge took the opportunity to fall back. She jumped through the window and left the ruined temple.

    Hearing Ye Jiuge’s call for a retreat, Liu Yunfei thought there must be another trap in the temple. She paused to search the area. By the time she burst out of the temple, Ye Jiuge was long gone.

    “That accursed b*tch! Just you wait! When I take you back to the Bloodthirsty Sect, I will get the Patriarch to make you into a blood slave and feed you to the Spider King,” Liu Yunfei cursed and promised darkly.

    After Ye Jiuge left the ruined temple, she rushed to the meeting point where she had agreed to meet Jun Yichen.

    Jun Yichen was already waiting for her.

    “Is Xiao Hong alright?” Ye Jiuge asked.

    If Xiao Hong had not intercepted that attack, she would have been in deep trouble.

    “It’s fine.” Jun Yichen flexed open his palm.

    Xiao Hong’s abdomen was swollen like an inflated ball. Its body was so red, and it looked like it was about to drip blood soon. It was coiled up and unmoving.

    “It’s pregnant?” Ye Jiuge asked hesitantly. She felt as if Xiao Hong could give birth to a large colony of little earthworms soon.

    “Squeak!” Xiao Hong protested in a fury.

    Ye Jiuge had an inexplicable feeling that she could understand Xiao Hong’s meaning. Turning to Jun Yichen, she asked, “Is it saying, ‘Your old man is male’?”

    “No idea. But there is no mistaking that it is male,” Jun Yichen shook his head.

    He could only give orders to the earthworm parasites, not communicate with them.

    “Why is its stomach so large then?” Ye Jiuge was a little worried.

    Xiao Hong might be just an earthworm parasite, but if it died because of her, she would feel very guilty.

    “It overate. The arrow that Liu Yungei shot out just now contained a lethal poison. If you had been hit, you would have instantly melted into a puddle of blood,” Jun Yichen was very knowledgeable about the arrow because many of his clan members had been killed by them.

    “Squeak! Squeak!” Xiao Hong called out twice.

    Although it looked like it was about to explode from overeating, it was still rather energetic.

    “Xiao Hong saved your life. Aren’t you going to show your appreciation?” Jun Yichen looked at Ye Jiuge expressionlessly, formally demanding payment.

    “There are only two pills left. Take them!” Ye Jiuge offered the Spiritual Beast Pills without protesting. She knew she wouldn’t win.

    Although she had ways of dealing with the blood arrow, she couldn’t disappoint Xiao Hong. Earthworm parasites had their worm rights too.

    Jun Yichen received the Spiritual Beast Pills and stuffed them into Xiao Hong’s mouth. After swallowing the pills, Xiao Hong’s stomach swelled even bigger. But the expression on its face was one of satisfaction, and it started moaning.

    “Shut up!” Jun Yichen face turned black as he ordered.

    He did not want Ye Jiuge to know that Xiao Hong had intercepted and swallowed the blood arrow not because he’d wanted to save her, but because the blood arrow was useful for helping him advance in rank.

    By the time Xiao Hong finished absorbing the blood arrow and the Spiritual Beast Pills, it would advance another level.

    In truth, Ye Jiuge had already realized this. But because Xiao Hong was on her side, she was happy to see it advance in rank. So, she did not expose Jun Yichen’s hidden agenda.