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Chapter 453 - Ninth level imperial beast master’s three realm love disaster (Part 29)

Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping
     Chapter 453: Ninth level imperial beast master’s three realm love disaster (Part 29)

    Di Luo Feng looked at her for a long time before he looked aside and slowly said, “Alright.”

    In the past, they had tamed three divine beasts together.

    Now she had lost all her abilities to save him.

    No matter how strange he felt deep down, he didn’t have the qualification to reject her.

    On the fifth day of October, the Celestial Hall’s Ninth Grade Imperial Beast Master Di Luo Feng would marry the Jade Terrace’s Luo Qing Chen.

    When this news came out, it shocked the entire Imperial Beast Master world.

    An Qiao Yu immediately rushed to the Di Manor, wanting to see Luo Qing Chen after she woke up.

    Also he missed the rabbit a bit.

    Without knowing why, he had a feeling like he really liked it when he saw the rabbit.

    Even if it was fat, ugly, and useless.

    Because it was fat and ugly, it seemed soft and cute.

    In the study.

    Di Luo Feng had his pen raised as he drew a painting. The girl in the painting was standing in the air with white and gold light intertwining on her hand as she faced the fourth divine beast of the Hundred Beast Continent, the Snow Phoenix.

    An Qiao Yu came forward and said in a surprised voice, “Yi! Senior brother, you weren’t even at the Ink Card Forest, how can you draw what happened back then!”

    He said this before saying, “Moreover I was there as well, why didn’t you draw me in!”

    Di Luo Feng heard this and gave a slight nod, as he drew something in the lower right corner

    A person who was lying on the ground appeared!

    “Senior brother!” An Qiao Yu said with an angry look, “I am clearly very handsome, how could I be that scared.”

    “This is what she said.” A faint warm look appeared in Di Luo Feng’s eyes, as his memories rolled out of a corner of his heart.

    Did you ask your junior brother what he was doing when the Snow Phoenix appeared in the Ink Card Forest?

    That was their first meeting that year.

    That year, she was still the Ninth Grade Imperial Beast Master that could make white light explode with a wave of her hand.

    An Qiao Yu saw the daze in his eyes and doubtfully asked, “Senior brother, are you not happy?”

    Properly speaking, Luo Qing Chen would always be the pain and regret in his life. Now that she had returned from death to come back to his side, he should be very happy, but why couldn’t he see any trace of happiness on his face.

    “No!” He forced out a smile and said, “I’m quite happy.”

    Even he didn’t believe what he said, as he bitterly supported this shallow obsession.

    “Forget it, I don’t understand senior brother’s world.” An Qiao Yu said with a shrug, “Why don’t I see the large rabbit from last time?”

    Di Luo Feng’s pen trembled and there was an extra mark that was made on the head of the girl in the painting.

    “What are you nervous about? You just ruined a good painting like this.” An Qiao Yu said with a smile, “It can’t be that you’re unhappy because you like that rabbit more, right!”

    An Qiao Yu was certain in his heart, his words were complete nonsense and didn’t have any meaning at all!

    But his senior brother didn’t seem to hear a single word!

    Instantly, Di Luo Feng looked up at him with a faint sparkle in his eyes as he said, “What did you just say……”

    “Senior brother…..” An Qiao Yu scratched his head and said, “I didn’t say anything…..I think that you’re too nervous since you’re about to get married!”

    In an instant, Di Luo Feng seemed like he was possessed as he drew two ears on the girl in the painting.

    Large rabbit ears.

    In an instant.

    His brush stopped and he stood up, as he charged towards the ice room.

    He left behind a stunned looking An Qiao Yu frozen in place.