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Chapter 96 - I Don’t Want Her to Come Back in One Piece!

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 96: I Don’t Want Her to Come Back in One Piece!

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    He was quick. However, Jian Qi was even faster. She waved the stick in her hand swiftly and the man soon fell down on the ground.

    The man struggled to get up but Jian Qi beat him harshly with her stick again. The man fainted from the hit.

    The whole process lasted less than fifteen seconds.

    Then, Jian Qi bent down and opened the men’s backpacks. They were loaded with goods.

    There were guns, bullets and food that she needed

    Jian Qi smiled looking at the men who were lying on the ground now. She smiled wickedly. Then, she took out a rope and tied the two men up against the tree.

    All the goods were then put in her own backpack.

    She grabbed the tablet from the ground as she seemed to have come up with a new idea after looking at the tablet.

    Then, she picked up her wristband from the ground and put it on once more.

    Now, she must use the tablet to change her current location.

    The tablet was connected to the internet. A wicked smile appeared on her face.

    That man whose surname was Liang wanted to pursue her and kill her following her tracks. She would surely have to mess with him in return!

    Director Liang went to the CCTV room intentionally to take a look at how things were progressing.

    He had picked ten people to carry out his scheme and he placed them among the group of hunters. They were going to ambush Jian Qi at every section along the way. They only needed to focus on eliminating Jian Qi. He had even sent out Jian Qi’s location to them.

    Not only did he want to eliminate Jian Qi, he also wanted to avenge Chu Yu for being hurt by Jian Qi that time!

    He needed to give Jian Qi a tough lesson she deserved. He needed to teach her that she could not mess with some people!

    He did not kick her out of the academy but it did not mean that she could stay there safely.

    There were two blue dots surrounding Jian Qi’s location on the monitoring screen.

    He smirked and smiled smugly. He was sure that Jian Qi could never beat two experienced veteran soldiers who were loaded with good weapons when Jian Qi herself had nothing with her.

    He wanted to see whether Jian Qi would learn her lesson this time!

    “What happened?” Someone exclaimed. Then, everyone turned to look at the monitoring screen.

    Everyone’s locations on the map had disappeared from the screens all of a sudden.

    Feng Yi raised an eyebrow slightly when he saw that. Then, he spoke into his headset, “Boss, something’s wrong in the CCTV room!”

    “I know!” Tang Jinyu replied calmly. “I saw that!”

    “What?” Feng Yi was confused.

    “It’s fine. You just stay there and keep an eye on that person. Report to me from time to time!” Tang Jinyu gave a command sternly.

    “Yes.” Feng Yi then turned to look at Director Liang who was frowning now.

    “What’s wrong with the CCTV system?”

    “I don’t know. There’s something wrong with it. Our system has been hacked!” Somebody else said nervously.

    There would be all kinds of problems if their system had been hacked at that moment during the assessment. In fact, all of the students who had gone for the assessment were just a group of students who had only completed a three-month training.

    The wilderness survival assessment was usually filled with all kinds of dangers.

    “Get ready for the first level of security. Recover the system as fast as you can. Get everyone’s location now!” The head instructor gave his orders.

    Director Liang was displeased with what was happening but he soon got a new idea. Then, he walked out of the CCTV room.

    Feng Yi followed closely behind him.

    Director Liang then turned around to make sure that he was alone before making a call. “Tell them that the information about the students’ locations are gone. Kill Jian Qi as soon as possible. I don’t want to see her return in one piece!”

    Feng Yi frowned. He understood clearly what Director Liang was going to do.

    His eyes darkened. Then, he turned to leave. He soon contacted Tang Jinyu again. “Boss, Director Liang has given a new order. He wants them to kill Jian Qi!”

    “Kill her?” Tang Jinyu’s voice became colder. He was smiling sarcastically at the same time.