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Chapter 84 - A Gift of Two Atriums

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 84: A Gift of Two Atriums

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    Hearing this, Huo Beichen realized that he had been sulking all morning and had not been eating. He was indeed hungry.

    But still, just what kind of game was she playing now?

    Pulling a long face, Huo Beichen responded, “Yes. I’m hungry.”

    The girl was quite keen on pleasing him, so, this time she probably would…

    Ning Meng took a look at the food in her hands and then closed her eyes as if she was making a really difficult decision. Then, she opened her mouth…

    “I’ll… make a call to the butler. He will send you your meal, okay?”


    Oh. Ohoho! This woman had grown a pair of balls! A thunderous aura began to loom around him as his fury surged inside his mind.

    Delivery services would take, at most, 3 to 7 days to deliver the goods. Now, it was quite obvious that she had not prepared any “present” for him at all.

    Her sweet words… those were just words after all! She did not have any feelings for him. No. She had never liked him. She didn’t care for him to the point that she was not willing to share a meal with him…

    As these thoughts flowed through his mind, Huo Beichen’s rage started to grow more violent by the minute.

    Seeing this, Ning Meng could not help but to feel a chill down her spine—she was scared. Her “Lord Chen” was now quite terrifying to look at.


    “Ding Dong!”

    The doorbell sounded again.

    Ning Meng quickly rushed back to get the door.

    “Is this Ms. Ning? Your delivery is here.”

    A moment later after the delivery man had left, Ning Meng walked back to the living room. This time, she had a delivery package in her left hand while her other hand was still carrying her delivered food from earlier.

    When she looked at the sofa, she noticed that the cloudy thunderous aura was gone—Huo Beichen was sitting there quietly, reading his documents on the laptop. It felt as though he hadn’t been angry earlier.

    That was odd.

    Ning Meng cautiously asked, “Lord Chen, would you like me to get you a bowl of noodles first? You know, something to munch on while waiting for the butler?”

    “No, thank you. I’m not hungry.”

    Huo Beichen’s reply was cold and short.


    Not hungry? Ning Meng was puzzled. Nonetheless, she did not dare linger in the living room, so she quickly ran up the stairs, carrying her delivered food and package.

    Shutting the door, she patted her chest to calm herself down. Then, she sat down to take a few bites of her food. Having satiated her need for sustenance, Ning Meng took a glance at the package and smiled.

    Meanwhile, Huo Beichen felt as though time was crawling by at a speed so slow that it would make snails proud.

    Come on, now. It was just unpackaging a delivery.

    What was taking her so long?

    He was so bored that he kept looking at his own fingers to pass the time.

    A long undetermined amount of time later, Huo Beichen’s patience was running dry. Suddenly, footsteps could be heard from the stairs.


    Ning Meng walked down the stairs, holding the present behind her back. Well, this was after she had taken her own sweet time to finish eating her meal… and also after she had taken more time to browse through the internet on her phone.

    Putting up her sweetest smile, Ning Meng presented Huo Beichen with his present.

    “Hubby, here’s your present~”

    Then, she blinked her starry eyes and said, “Actually, this isn’t the real present I wanted to give you. I actually wanted to gift you two atriums.”


    Huo Beichen was visibly confused. Atriums? He had countless real-estate properties under his name, he had no need for an atrium.

    Just as he was about to open his mouth, Ning Meng put a finger on her chest and simpered.

    “The two atriums of my heart. My left atrium… and my right atrium”


    Here we go again. More of her strangely lame sweet nothings…

    As Huo Beichen looked back at his laptop in disappointment, Ning Meng quickly extended her snowy hand in front of him. When she opened her palm, he saw two crystals lying quietly in her hand.

    “Tadah~ I specifically picked out these crystals for us. They needed to pierce some holes through so that a needle and thread could go through them which is why it took some time for them to send them to me. Yours will be this one—the blue crystal. And mine will be pink. They don’t look good as a necklace so I had them made into keychains!”

    Huo Beichen’s eyes glowed with joy as he stared at the two crystals—they were heart-shaped.

    The blue and pink crystals glittered beautifully, their colors shining on Ning Meng’s snowy skin.

    So… it was a pair of “couple keychains”?

    Letting out a cough, Huo Beichen took the blue crystal keychain.

    “Hubby, you will put it to good use, right?”

    His eyes met with Ning Meng’s bright sparkly eyes, and Huo Beichen nodded without hesitation—even though he did not have a habit of carrying keys around with him.

    Seeing this, Ning Meng went upstairs with a satisfied smile.


    When Ning Meng entered her bedroom, she saw a WeChat message notification on her phone.

    It was from the puppy boy.

    “God”: [Sis, fancy a round of game?]