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Chapter 85 - Keychain~~

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 85: Keychain~~

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    Ning Meng had no idea how to deal with this kid.

    You could not yell at him, you could not tell him off, and you could not simply kick him out of your life.

    More importantly, she realized that the “original Ning Meng” had even sent him her pictures in the past after talking with him via chats in the last two days. In other words, she could not even claim that he had gotten the wrong person.

    Rubbing her aching forehead, Ning Meng replied: [No, I can’t right play right now. Let’s play some other day.]

    “God” then sent a short voice message: “But sis, we haven’t played together for such a long time~”

    Ning Meng: [But I’m really busy at the moment.]

    “God”: [Okay… maybe next time. Take care, sis.]


    Oh man, this little puppy boy was such a clingy brat.


    Monday morning.

    As Huo Beichen prepared to head for work, he saw the keychain that was laying on his table. Opening his drawer, he took out a set of keys that he had not used for a long, long time—not since he had installed the electronic locks on his door. After spending a brief time putting them on the keychain, Huo Beichen then headed to his office.

    When he arrived, he gently put the keychain on his desk before handing his jacket to Mr. Liu—an honest, hardworking secretary who was assigned to handle his office’s menial jobs.

    After putting his boss’s jacket on the hanger, Mr. Liu said, “Mr. Huo, that keychain is so pretty!”

    And then… lo and behold, their usually quiet and serious Mr. Huo unexpectedly opened his mouth.

    “You’ve got a good eye.”


    Mr. Liu was shocked.

    Was today the end of the world? Had the sun risen from the west?!

    After Mr. Liu walked out of the office with his jaw still on the ground, Huo Beichen sat down at his desk. Opening up a folder, he did not dive straight into his work. Instead, his eyes were gazing at the keychain.

    As rays of the sunlight shone in, they gently veiled on the keychain’s blue crystal, refracting a circle of beautiful beaming rims.

    Huo Beichen spent a long time gazing at it before pulling his attention back to the document.

    Suddenly, there was a knock on his door. It was Qi Shan.

    “Boss, this week’s audit report is out. We need your John Hancock on it.”

    After putting the report on the desk, Qi Shan quietly stood aside to wait for further instructions. It did not take long for Huo Beichen to finish reading and signing the audit report. Just as he was about to hand the signed report back to his most trusted assistant, he was stunned at what he saw—Qi Shan was playing with his car keys… and the keychain attached to it was a yellow crystal?

    A frown grew on Huo Beichen’s face.

    Was this… a coincidence?

    Then, another knock sounded on his door. It was Su Ye this time, bringing the quiet, dark-skinned Fei Bai into the office.

    “Boss, Fei Bai is back.”

    After a long time, Fei Bai was finally back from his mission.

    Nodding his head, Huo Beichen pointed his finger at the sofa nearby, hinting for them to take a seat. Then… at a glance, Huo Beichen could see a keychain with a purple crystal hanging on Su Yetz’s belt as he sat down.

    And Fei Bai… well, Fei Bai never had keys on him. He had no use for keys… wait. He was playing with a white crystal keychain with his fingers…?!

    Huo Beichen’s face turned black instantly.

    Seeing that the three of them were in the same room, Qi Shan started to have a small chat.

    “That stingy woman. So this is her thanks for our support for the movie? A keychain?  a keychain!?”

    As soon as he finished speaking, suddenly, a terrifying aura began to engulf the entire office…

    7 pm.

    Huo Beichen, who had been fuming with rage the entire day, arrived home. When he opened the door, the loyal and adorable Little Tian Tian rushed over to circle around its master with a wagging tail.

    Seeing this, Huo Beichen’s rage subsided a little, but just as he was about to rub its head before changing his shoes, he was stunned yet again.

    Just. What. The. Hell. Was. On. Little. Tiantian’s. Neck?!

    1An orange crystal keychain!!!


    P.S: Ning Meng could feel a freezing chill run down her back.