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Chapter 86 - That Old Hag!

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 86: That Old Hag!

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    In a fit of rage, Huo Beichen pushed Little Tiantian away and sat on the sofa. After shutting his thin lips and refined eyelids for a few moments, he then looked toward the stairs.

    He was waiting for the girl who would usually come down and get him a bowl of noodles.

    As he waited, Huo Beichen firmly gripped onto the blue crystal keychain that she had given him.

    5 minutes later, the girl still had not come downstairs.

    Seeing this, a frown spread across Huo Beichen’s face.

    After a few moments of hesitation, he slowly walked upstairs and let out a fake cough.

    Nope. No response.

    What was she doing?

    As he was puzzling over what was going on, a notification sounded on his phone. It was a message from Ning Meng.

    [Dear my stunningly handsome Lord Chen, I’m currently headed out to deal with some business, so, I won’t be making dinner at home for you tonight. Don’t worry, I’ve asked the butler to make you a fine dinner. He’ll be there very soon~]

    After finish reading the message, Huo Beichen’s chin tensed up. It was as though… he had conserved and accumulated a bucket full of energy in preparation for a duel, and yet, his opponent had decided not to show up.

    What a bummer.

    Huo Beichen then took another glance at his keychain before entering his study.


    At Mars Entertainment.

    Ning Meng could feel a freezing chill creep up her spine.

    She had received a message from Han Meilin earlier asking her to go to her workplace in the evening. Thus, she had come even though she did not know why she had been summoned.

    Entering Han Meilin’s office, she saw that her Aunt Meilin was handling all kinds of documents and receiving numerous phone calls at her desk. It would seem that due to the financial success of “Shifting to Mars”, her company was doing great.

    Seeing Ning Meng enter the room, Han Meilin quickly took out a cheque and handed it to her.

    It was a 200 million yuan cheque!!

    Ning Meng asked in surprise, “Aunt Meilin, what is this for?”

    Today, Han Meilin was wearing red lipstick which implied that she was in a good mood.

    “I know, I know… the amount that you invested on the second day was 100 million. But I also know that that was out of your own pocket, so I must return the favor.”

    Ning Meng quickly shook her head. “No, no… you don’t have to…”

    Han Meilin had invested 300 million yuan to make “Shifting to Mars” while Lemon Entertainment had only invested 100 million yuan, and yet, Lemon Entertainment was able to acquire 50% of the movie’s share. This fact alone was enough to make Ning Meng feel uncomfortable, which was why she had then added another 100 million yuan from her own pocket.

    Despite that, with 200 million yuan of investment, Lemon Entertainment still got a great deal out of it. How could she take more money from Han Meilin?

    “Meng Meng, these things should go according to the contract and protocol. Besides, you’ve saved my hide big time. This is a small way for me to show my thanks. If you don’t take it, I’ll put that 100 million yuan of yours into my company’s shares. With that, I’ll still be giving you more money from the company’s shares.”


    Han Meilin was quite persistent. Upon seeing that her Aunt Meilin was not going to change her mind, Ning Meng had no other way but to accept the money.

    “Okay, I’ll keep the money.”

    Seeing this, Han Meilin gave her a smile. “Oh, yes. Meng Meng, I want to thank you for taking care of ‘God’. He is doing great now.”

    “Oh, no, I’ve not done much. He is actually a really good boy.”

    Han Meilin nodded her head. “‘God’ has been living with me ever since he was very young. He’s always been a good boy. Oh, yes. Have you gotten any news about that online succubus that toyed with his heart? I heard that the old hag is a lot older than him…”

    Ning Meng “The Old Hag” quickly shook her head. “No! I’ve not heard anything about her!”

    As soon as she finished her words, Han Meilin’s door was opened and that familiar puppy boy voice could be heard.

    “Aunt, I came as soon as you called. What’s going on?”

    Ning Meng’s body tensed up.

    She slowly turned her head and saw a thin, slender, handsome boy standing at the door. His face was quite good looking—in fact, it was more refined than a girl’s. His eyelashes were curly, his eyes were black and glittering, like a pair of stars blinking in the night.

    Seeing her, the boy exclaimed in surprise and joy.

    “Sis? Sis! You’re here too!”