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Chapter 100 - A Dark And Eerie Nigh

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 100: A Dark And Eerie Night

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    “Is the vice president called Wang Xiaoyao? I remember seeing his picture on the school newsletter. He is the champion of the academy’s martial arts competition. The president Sha Muyu is the runner-up.” Boss Lu was very interested in the ranking of these violent sports.

    Sesame Oil was so happy that she began to use Boss Lu’s slang unconsciously.

    “Yes, it’s that Wang Xiaoyao, ah. Aiyah, the academy forbids the students to have romantic relationships. Any violation will result in big disciplinary action. If the academy does away with that school rule, I will date both the president and vice-president.

    “Hehe, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday will be spent with Sunshine Boy President, while Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday will be with the handsome and cool Vice-President Wang, who is a fighter. Sunday will be my day off. Hahaha!”

    Sesame Oil’s imagination was running really wild. But, of course, she could only imagine.

    The academy had high expectations of them. As a result, no dating was allowed while they were in school. If they were discovered, the scene would resemble one from a major car crash. Of course, it would not be easy to quash the human’s instincts to search for a mate. Naturally, there were those with secret crushes.

    But that would have to remain a secret.

    The academy had been keeping them very busy with their school work. According to Qianmo’s observation, the seniors had an even tighter timetable than the recruits. The reputation of being one of the top police academies wasn’t for nothing. There was a very studious atmosphere in the academy.

    In this kind of environment, everyone was self-motivated and energized. They were so busy, they didn’t even have time to think about their personal problems.

    It was especially difficult for a female cadet in the academy to look for a boyfriend. Which man was willing to have a girlfriend that was busier than him? They didn’t even have time for dating or chatting. Having a girlfriend who was currently studying in the police academy meant they wouldn’t get to spend much time together in those four years.

    Therefore, most of the girls could only imagine that all the handsome men belonged to their harem.

    Qianmo felt her headache after hearing both of the presidents’ names because they were her… acquaintances.

    Sesame Oil put both her fists at her bosom and reveled in her fantasy.

    “You guys have no idea. The two handsome men looked at me together when they heard Fourth’s name. I haven’t had this feeling for a long time now. Fourth, you must have gotten famous after you won the blanket folding challenge with the instructor. Even the school council has heard about it.”

    Boss Lu got up and walked over to Qianmo after she finished soaking her feet. She raised Qianmo’s chin and imitated the bossy boyfriend from the teen idol drama and said using her slang language, “Woman, you have successfully attracted the attention of both the respected Presidents. Make your award acceptance speech.”

    Qianmo slapped her hand away disgustedly. “Don’t touch my face with the hands that you used to wash your feet.”

    She was regretting a little in taking part in this ghost-catching exercise.

    What Sesame Oil meant was that they only gave them the assignment after they heard her name. Sha Muyu even called her Goddess Mo…

    But why did she have this feeling that Sha Muyu actually wanted to call her Second Sister-in-Law?

    Therefore, there was something fishy with this assignment. Both of the presidents still decided to assign the task despite knowing her. It must have nothing to do with the supernatural.

    Qianmo was trying to figure out the actual event under this ghost-catching facade. But Luo Duoduo had her attention fixed on something else.

    Looking at Sesame Oil’s daydreaming expression, Luo Duoduo said unhappily, “How do you know they are looking at you because they heard Chen Qianmo’s name?”

    Sesame Oil wasn’t as close to Duoduo recently as she was in the beginning. Females’ friendships were always complicated, and it was common to drift apart. She couldn’t bother with Duoduo’s sarcastic tone and continued to build castles in the air.

    “These two presidents have fulfilled all the criteria that I have ever imagined for the perfect man. How wonderful it would be for there to be a man who possesses both these presidents’ strong points. He’d have a strong physique, handsome features, and super high IQ. He would be cold to outsiders but gentle with me. He would have both political and military background…”

    Luo Duoduo smirked. “It’s not bedtime yet, and someone is already dreaming? How could such a perfect man exist in this world?”

    Qianmo lowered her head. How could he not?

    Her Black had ticked each and every box and was even better than what Sesame Oil described.

    He could cook, fight, and had military training. He was tough on a lot of stuff but only had a soft spot for her.

    She began to miss him a little after not seeing him these few days. She wondered if he had finished his work and whether his condition improved.

    She didn’t think of him during the day because she was busy with the training. She had submitted all her communication devices and cell phone, so she would need to use the public phone to call him during the weekend.

    Qianmo’s mind was occupied with Yu Changmo, and she didn’t think too much about the “Ghost-catching Exercise” that would take place a few hours later.

    She believed the academy had come up with this idea. It should be something similar to a test, so it would not be dangerous at all. Otherwise, Sha Muyu wouldn’t have let her participate.

    The four girls from the dormitory gathered on the field at 9:30 p.m. sharp. Sesame Oil was disappointed to find that both handsome presidents had not come.

    They had two of the most good-looking guys as Presidents, but they were not allowed to have romantic relationships. It was such a waste of resources.

    Not only were the two absent, the person whom they would like to see the least, Instructor Ma, was also there.

    There were three people standing behind Ma Jingtian: two males and one female seniors.

    Ma Jingtian gave them a quick sweep with his gaze, and then he focused on Qianmo. He recalled the inspiring incidents described by his latest idol, Captain Yu. Instructor Ma had a hint of admiration in his eyes when he looked at Goddess Mo.

    His gaze gave Qianmo goosebumps. She really wanted to know what had happened to him. He had been looking at her with a stare that was… unexplainable.

    It was a look that resembled the one which the volunteers used to look at the children from Project Hope.

    Fortunately, he didn’t focus on Qianmo for too long. After scrutinizing them, Instructor Ma briefed them about their mission tonight.

    The rumor stated that a shadow would appear in the school at 10 p.m. It would then climb over the wall and go into the mountain. It resembled a haunting.

    Apparently, two witnesses had already been too scared to sleep after watching it. This incident had resulted in a bad influence in the atheist school. Therefore, the student council decided to conduct a thorough investigation of this event tonight.

    Instructor Ma had split them into four groups. Every senior would be bringing a recruit, and they would disperse in four different directions. As they didn’t know when the target would appear, every group would act individually on their own.

    The girls had each been given a bullet-proof vest, helmet, and baton. They even wore a headset on their ears.

    This kind of equipment was new and exciting for a recruit. Thus, beside Qianmo, the rest of the girls were a little nervous.

    Darkness engulfed the entire sky. Qianmo was grouped with Instructor Ma, and they were hiding in the flower bed at the east side of the Panda House. Qianmo looked up at the sky with a moon and no stars as the scary voice Sesame Oil used when she was imitating the storyteller popped up in her mind.

    The story goes, “It was a dark and eerie night, perfect for committing a crime…”