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Chapter 431 - Defeat a Seventh-class Martial Superior with Two Meridians

Medical Master
     “Hmm?” The man’s eyes nearly popped out as he saw the incredible scene in front of him.

    On top of the hill. “Huh!” Fang Qiu snorted angrily.

    He was really pissed off, for he didn’t expect that Zu Liancheng would be so vicious!

    Not only did he secretly pour gas under the ground of the hill and use the arrows, but also he used the toxic web, which was so outrageous.

    Fortunately, Fang Qiu was a guru.

    Unable to avoid these attacks, Fang Qiu directly used the internal Qi to cover his body and blocked all the toxic gas, fire, and poison web.

    Walking out of the flames, Fang Qiu stared at the enemy.

    It was a fat man in a purple silk robe wearing Buddha beads and A Thousand Eye Bodhi around his neck.

    He was not so fat except for his big belly and round face.

    He had no hair which made his head look like a watermelon.

    “Zu Liancheng!” Fang Qiu’s eyes narrowed and face darkened as he looked at him.

    “Not dead yet?” Zu Liancheng looked at Fang Qiu surprisingly and threw a hidden weapon box on the ground. Then he pulled out a saber from his waist and sneered, “If this couldn’t kill you, then I’ll kill you with this saber!”

    He then swung the saber, leaping high in the air with powerful murderous intent. He held the saber tightly with both hands and was about to slash Fang Qiu’s head fiercely.

    “Humph!” Fang Qiu didn’t back down. Instead, he directly surged forward to take his blow.

    “Ha-ha! Die!” Zu Liancheng laughed ferociously.

    The saber in his hand had already killed dozens of people. The blade was so sharp that it could even break the steels.

    He thought Fang Qiu was only digging his own grave by charging to him.

    However, Zu Liancheng’s face changed as soon as he saw Fang Qiu disappear right in front of him.

    There was nothing for him to slash.

    “Shoo!” The sound of the blade breaking through the air rang out, but it slashed nothing,

    As he didn’t slash Fang Qiu at all, Zu Liancheng immediately turned his head and looked around.

    As a result, he met Fang Qiu’s extremely cold eyes as soon as he turned around.

    In those eyes, he saw something even crueler than his own murderous intent.

    Actually, the moment he used his saber, Fang Qiu had already decided to surge forward.

    There was a reason why Zu Liancheng was known as the “Liancheng, King of Knife,”—once he started the fight and then used the saber to protect himself, it would be hard for Fang Qiu to get any closer to him.

    Plus, Fang Qiu was completely unarmed.

    And most importantly, Fang Qiu was about to make a breakthrough this time, so he needed to encounter something powerful.

    Under these circumstances, Fang Qiu must get close to him first so that he couldn’t use his saber.

    Therefore, as Zu Liancheng was about to slash him, Fang Qiu burst out all his power and charged to Zu Liancheng’s back before he could slash him.

    Zu didn’t expect that Fang Qiu could easily dodge his blow.

    When he felt the cold in Fang Qiu’s eyes, he did not hesitate and lifted the saber again to slash Fang Qiu’s body.

    “Is this what you got?” It seemed that Fang Qiu knew this would come. He instantly grabbed Zu Liancheng’s arm with his right hand as Zu was about to hit him.

    “That’s enough to kill you!” Zu Liancheng sneered.

    He wanted to use his internal Qi to break Fang Qiu’s block.

    It turned out that there was also a strand of extremely strong internal Qi on Fang Qiu’s hand. With the help of the internal Qi, Fang Qiu’s hand was like steel. Fang Qiu held his wrist so hard that he could not move at all.

    “Hmm?” Zu Liancheng’s face changed.

    In his eyes, Fang Qiu was just a second-class Martial Superior. How could he block his attack?

    But now, he was completely surprised by the strength that Fang Qiu had shown.

    “Let go!” Zu Liancheng cried in anger.

    “Sure.” With a sneer, Fang Qiu tightened his grip and a huge force surged out, which made Zu Laincheng feel so painful that he loosened his grip.

    “Clack!” The saber in his hand fell to the ground.

    “You!” Zu Liancheng was furious.

    Without a word, he swung his left fist and tried to hit Fang Qiu’s head.

    “That’s the spirit,” Fang Qiu sneered.

    Fang Qiu stomped on the ground and caused the saber to lift in the air so that he kicked it fiercely.

    With the help of the internal Qi, Fang Qiu’s kick broke the saber into pieces and it scattered on the ground.

    Zu Liancheng was stunned. The saber which he had used for nearly ten years was destroyed by Fang Qiu.

    “Ah… You’re dead!” Zu Liancheng looked up and roared in a loud voice.

    A strong force rising from Zu Liancheng’s body burst out. With the outbreak of the powerful internal Qi, even the sands and stones on the ground were scattered by the force.

    Fang Qiu smiled. This was what he had been waiting for.

    He let go of Zu Liancheng’s hand and immediately threw his fist to collide with his.

    “Bang! Bang! Bang!” The horrible sound of the crash was heard.

    On top of the hill, the two moved at lightning speed and beat fiercely with all their strength.

    Even without a weapon, Zu Liancheng still got his own strength as a seventh-class Martial Superior with two pulses. The weapon was only one of his means of attack, and the real strong force was his internal Qi!

    Such intense power could almost break the whole hill.

    But even so, Fang Qiu wasn’t afraid at all.

    Using the power of the second-class Martial Superior, Fang Qiu channeled the internal Qi of the re-opened meridians and got into a fierce fight with him.

    “He’s tough!” Fang Qiu thought. In the fight, Fang Qiu found that without his saber, the power that Zu Liancheng broke out was much stronger than that of Yin Laoguai in the Baoyi Auction House.

    Suddenly, he started to feel the sense of crisis that he had not been felt for a long time.

    For other people, they might panic if they had this feeling.

    But for Fang Qiu, it was a pleasure. All he wanted was to feel oppressed!

    In a flash, they had channeled about one hundred moves.

    The more Fang Qiu fought, the more worried he became.

    His strong internal Qi had never been defeated before. But now, it was suppressed by Zu Liancheng. This invincible power now could only block Zu’s blows.

    Besides, he did defeat Yin Laoguai with the strength of the second-class Martial Superior. And he even kept suppressing Yin without giving him a chance to fight back.

    But right now, he couldn’t suppress Zu Liancheng at all, but even got suppressed by him.

    Fang Qiu was a little horrified.

    No wonder Zu Liancheng called Yin Laoguai a loser. He was even more powerful than Yin Laoguai who only practiced Iron Thread Set.

    “Did he also reopen the meridians?” Fang Qiu thought.

    “No, even if he reopens just one meridian, he will definitely be stronger than he is now. Well, that must have something to do with his Kung Fu.”

    Then Fang Qiu immediately watched the moves of Zu Liancheng and was ready to learn about them.

    However, Zu Liancheng’s moves were completely out of order. He just fought wherever he wanted. There was no trace to learn at all.

    Fang Qiu was helpless.

    It was the first time he had met someone like that. It was a rogue’s moves.

    However, it seemed that these moves which couldn’t be imitated and analyzed gave him more pressure than any other Kung Fu.

    Since it was impossible to imitate, then he should probably enjoy the fight.

    “Bang, Bang, Bang…”

    The two had been fighting for more than ten minutes. The sweat was pouring off them.

    This time, not only Fang Qiu but Zu Liancheng was also shocked.

    For more than ten minutes he had been using all his strength to look for Fang Qiu’s weakness, trying to suppress him.

    But no matter how hard he fought, Fang Qiu was able to block his attack.

    Even though every time he thought Fang Qiu was unable to take it and couldn’t resist anymore, Fang Qiu always blocked it and fought back.

    Therefore, it took Zu Liancheng more than ten minutes to realize that he had already fought with Fang Qiu in a hundred moves.

    However, he didn’t have a clue to defeating Fang Qiu yet. He didn’t cause him a scratch, let alone kill him.

    Zu Liancheng was shocked and furious because compared to him, Fang Qiu enjoyed the fight so much.

    He could even feel that Fang Qiu’s strength was rising while he was in the fight.

    “Shit,” Zu Liancheng cursed loudly. “If I had got my saber, I would have definitely cut you to piece by now.”

    “But you haven’t,” Fang Qiu sneered.

    When that came out, Zu Liancheng was outraged again.

    He continued to attack Fang Qiu as he roared.

    “Bang!” His fist collided with Fang Qiu’s. The strong internal Qi burst out and swept away all the leaves on the tree nearby.

    After this blow, Fang Qiu’s eyes widened suddenly and then he immediately backed off.

    “It’s coming!” Fang Qiu was ecstatic.

    He clearly felt that just in the collision of their fists, the internal Qi in his body suddenly contracted. The familiar sense of shackling appeared.

    Didn’t he come all this way just to improve himself and break through?

    While he was overjoyed, Fang Qiu immediately retreated and stopped fighting with Zu Liancheng.

    “Want to run?” Zu Liancheng instantly followed him.

    “Great Hand of Destruction!” Without a moment’s hesitation, Fang Qiu raised his right hand as he retreated.

    The energy of Heaven and Earth immediately surged from all directions, converging on the top of his head and rapidly coalescing into a giant hand.

    “What?” Zu Liancheng was stunned.

    He was a seventh-class Martial Superior, so he surely could sense the surge of the energy of Heaven and Earth.

    At this point, he could feel it clearly.

    On the top of Fang Qiu’s head, the energy of Heaven and earth was coalescing.

    It was shaped like a fly swatter!

    “Run!” Without any hesitation, Zu Liancheng turned around and ran.

    He would never have imagined that such powerful energy could be gathered by Fang Qiu. The energy was tens of times stronger than the internal Qi in his body. How could Fang Qiu drive such powerful energy?

    “Catch!” Fang Qiu growled.

    While Zu Liancheng turned to run away, Fang Qiu waved his right hand and clapped.