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Chapter 101 - Traceless Wind

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 101: Traceless Wind

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    Xiao Luo was amused by the provocation. In his heart, he thought the gold-chained big man was somewhat awesome. He had actually been playing rogue since he was young.

    He watched the gold-chained big man and his companions nonchalantly laughing and talking together, bragging about their childhood history. The bullet-headed man could only feel a burst of anger rising within him like an arcade jackpot. He was like an angry bull, and his eyes saw crimson red, his nostrils flared, and the veins on his forehead nearly exploded.

    Finally, he roared and shouted, “Damn it! Kill those country bumpkins!”

    Seven to eight men loudly shouted all at once at the gold-chained big man then jumped on him.

    The smiles on the faces of the five men instantly turned into cold stares. Just like five tigers, they faced the bullet-headed man and his friends, who were turning their necks left and right. There was no fear in their eyes. Instead, in their excitement, they looked like bloodthirsty beasts who had just spotted their prey.

    “F*ck his mother. It just so happens my hands have been itching for a fight, so let’s use you guys as a warm-up!” the gold-chained man said coldly.

    Dodging the steel pipe in front of him, his right foot swung in a large arc like a spring compressed to its limits. Then, his foot heavily landed on the chest of the man in front of him.


    With a shrill shriek, the poor guy seemed to have been hit by a bull. He stopped rushing forward and stumbled backward two to three yards. He was not even able to hold onto the steel pipe in his hands and dropped it on the ground.

    Whoa, you’re competent and strong!

    Xiao Luo was a bit surprised. He had not expected this gold-chained big man, who looked meek, to have such explosive power. It was amazing.

    Besides the gold-chained big man, the other four were also extremely fierce. If the bullet-headed man’s group could be compared to wolves, then the gold-chained big man’s group was like lions. They were simply not in the same weight class. Even though the bullet-headed man’s team also had men, they were utterly incapable of going head to head against the whirring limbs of the gold-chained big man’s team.

    Less than five minutes later, all seven men from the bullet-headed man’s group were lying on the ground howling in pain.

    “You people from the city are in inferior physical shape and are not able to fight. My brothers and I were just getting started with our warm-up, but all of you are already down for the count. What d*cks,” the gold-chained big man said, grabbing the collar of the bullet-headed man and shaking him unceasingly.

    The bullet-headed man viciously stared at him and answered, “You dare to offend our Dragon Gang! I promise you will die a miserable death!”


    The gold-chained big man slapped the other man and snarled, “Speak human words!”

    The smell of blood was in his mouth, as the inside of his cheek was now bleeding. The bullet-headed man was startled and angry. He had never expected to meet anyone so ruthless.

    “The five of you shouldn’t even think about leaving Jiangcheng, or else our Dragon Gang…”


    The gold-chained big man slammed down on him again with another slap, instantly causing one of the bullet-headed man’s teeth to fly out of his mouth. His gums were bleeding, and his mouth was full of blood.

    “I told you to speak plainly. Don’t you understand?” the gold-chained big man growled like a tiger.

    The bullet-headed man was shaking uncontrollably. This time, he was petrified. It was too painful. Uncontrolled tears began to flow out. He could feel his face quickly swelling up.

    Xiao Luo raised his eyebrows. His interest had been seriously piqued, and he was looking for a place to sit down. The gold-chained big man was fascinating.

    “If you don’t give in, my Brother Feng will beat you till you die,” joked a companion of the gold-chained big man, ridiculing the bullet-headed man.

    The bullet-headed man couldn’t speak due to the pain he was feeling. He was succumbing to the agony. He had already been beaten so severely, but he still had to beg for mercy when all he wanted to do was cry. Looking at the gold-chained big man raising his large fan-like hands, he was so scared that his complexion drained completely. Closing his eyes, he begged: “I give-I give up, stop—just stop hitting…”

    The gold-chained big man’s anger turned into a smile. The harsh hand that had been primed for slapping turned into a soft, gentle touch as he patted the bullet-headed man’s face, smiled, and said, “You’re finally speaking human words. Okay, on account of you speaking human words like I asked, I won’t hit you anymore. Get out.”

    He let go and dropped the bullet-headed man to the ground.

    The bullet-headed man didn’t dare utter another word as he struggled to get up. He waved a hand at his underlings, and they all raced away from there.

    “Hey, don’t you want these things?” the gold-chained big man shouted at the bullet-head man, pointing at the steel pipes and wooden clubs scattered all over the ground.

    When he shouted, the bullet-headed man and his gang were scared like rabbits and ran even faster. In the blink of an eye, even their shadows were out of sight.

    “The f*ck? They’re even timider than rats!” the gold-chain big man exclaimed and touched the back of his head. His expression showed his hatred for the bullet-headed man.

    “Wow, Brother Feng, you actually used an idiom!”

    “That’s because I am a cultured person. I must be different from the rest of you uncouth goons. Otherwise, how could I be your boss, right?” boasted the gold-chained big man proudly.

    The four of them nodded like chickens pecking at rice.

    “My Brother Feng is awesome!”

    “Alright, stop with the flattery,” said the gold-chained big man, waving his hand. Then, turning around, he walked up to Xiao Luo and said, “Brother, you are really rude. I saved you just now, and you don’t even say thank you? You’re just sitting here like Buddha watching the drama unfold. Brother, even Chairman Mao can’t match up to you. Respect!”

    Xiao Luo smiled, got up, and said, “It’s not too late to say it now, right? Thank you.”

    “It’s nothing worth mentioning. It was just a minor scuffle. Helping someone in need along the road is exactly what a man should do.”

    The gold-chained big man patted his chest, smiled, and said in a friendly tone, “My name is Feng Wuhen, but you can just call me Brother Feng.”

    Xiao Luo reached out to shake his hand and introduced himself warmly, “Xiao Luo!”

    Eh? Xiao Luo?

    Hearing the name, Feng Wuhen and his four friends’ faces changed.

    “What did you say your name was?” Feng Wuhen asked, his eyes widening in disbelief.

    Xiao Luo didn’t understand what was wrong with these people. Why had they had such a weird reaction when they heard his name? He repeated it once more: “Xiao Luo!”

    A man with slightly-tanned skin, leopard eyes, and a mustache pulled out an old-fashioned cell phone from his pocket. He carefully looked at Xiao Luo as though he were verifying his identity.

    After confirmation, he said to no one in particular, “Brother Feng, he is indeed the Xiao Luo we have been looking for!”

    Feng Wuhen was overjoyed, and said, “The f*ck? We’ve been traveling far and wide trying to find him, and he’s been right under our noses this whole time. It’s almost been a month, and we’ve finally found him.”

    The others were equally overjoyed. Like a beast who has finally spotted food, their eyes burned with passion.

    “Who are you guys?’ Xiao Luo asked, instantly feeling like something was amiss.

    “Big brother, you must have offended the rich. If not, who would spend 20,000 to cripple your hand?” Feng Wuhen said. His mouth revealed a playful smile.

    Twenty thousand yuan? It was still so high?

    Xiao Luo froze for a moment. If these guys had really come from the countryside, then 20,000 was a lot of money.

    Other than that, he was more concerned that someone was out to cripple his hand and that they had been looking for him for a month.

    “Big brother, on account of our friendship, I will be as gentle as I can. I will be as clean and tidy as possible. There’s a hospital nearby, so if I injure one of your hands, it won’t endanger your life,” Feng Wuhen said, giggling.

    “Who is your employer?”

    Xiao Luo asked. He was speechless. When one group of thugs left, another group causing trouble came along.

    “For those of us who mix on the fringe of society, we can speak only of credibility. Do you really think I would tell you?” Feng Wuhen answered.

    “Brother Feng, don’t waste time on him. That bounty is still waiting for us. The cost of living in this city is so high. Without any income, we will have to sleep under the bridges soon,” shouted a ferocious-looking man with clenched fists.