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Chapter 101 - Double Kill After First Blood

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 101: Double Kill After First Blood

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    Ambush was a boring task. The mosquitoes were swarming around her in the flower bed, looking for a spot to bite. Qianmo’s blood seemed to be very attractive to the little creatures. She had already been bitten countless times.

    She finally understood why they were getting the recruits to do this. The seniors were simply too lazy to come out.

    Instructor Ma, who was lying about half a meter away from her, was staring straight ahead. The night breeze brought him the scent of the “inspiring” girl next to him.

    It was light and refreshing. In this academy where the sex ratio was highly unbalanced and the women became masculine over time, Ma Jingtian had already forgotten what a woman smelled like.

    Perfume was not allowed during training, and it was not the scent of a body soap either. It was the natural fragrance of her body, mesmerizing yet unforgettable.

    In this night of the ambush, Qianmo’s scent floated into the youth’s nostrils. Ma Jingtian blushed and shifted slightly to the side to increase the distance between them.


    His voice was almost as soft as the mosquitos buzzing around her. Qianmo turned her head.


    “I misunderstood you and ill-treated you previously.”

    “Misunderstood? What do you mean?”

    Ma Jingtian knew he was used after he was subdued by Yu Changmo. He had also thought of apologizing to Qianmo.

    However, the training timetable was jam-packed, and the academy didn’t allow the male students to go close to the Panda House. Therefore, he had no chance to see Qianmo. Tonight was an excellent opportunity.

    Therefore, Ma Jingtian told Qianmo everything honestly.

    Qianmo had always been curious about the reason why Ma Jingtian, whom she had never met before, would make trouble for her.

    She had come up with many dramatic versions, but she had never thought of that as the reason.

    “You are saying before I arrived at school, someone called you and said I am the daughter of Q City’s bully?

    Ma Jingtian quickly clarified, “You are not a bully; you are the best student. I was wrong to trust the other party without first investigating.”

    The person who made the call said Qianmo was a bully and even listed many examples.

    For example, Qianmo’s family encircled a vast area for their sea cucumber farm, and her father was a tyrant on the sea there.

    Qianmo could even apply for leave to get married during the training. Of course, Yu Changmo had already clarified on her behalf. His goddess was as pure as snow on the highest mountain. The wedding didn’t happen, and it was all a scam that the scumbag had come up with to vilify his goddess. He, obviously, was destroyed in the end.

    “You simply believe everything the other party said? Pardon my frankness, Senior. Have you ever considered changing your profession for the sake of the people and country? I am afraid you will catch the wrong people and cause more harm than good.”

    Qianmo didn’t expect the reason why she was targeted was so ridiculous.

    Oh, Senior simply believed she was a bully because the other party said so. If that person had told him she was a vampire who was going to attack the human race, was Senior going to take a cross and garlic and stick a used sanitary pad on her face?

    Ma Jingtian didn’t get angry with Qianmo’s sarcastic reply. Instead, he lowered his head and repented in shame.

    “I was too casual. It was because the other party showed your marriage… oh, no. The photo in which you wore a wedding gown while destroying the jerk and protecting the innocent, and the bank transfer, etc…

    She had almost got married, in fact, but glib-tongued Black managed to twist the story into Qianmo offering herself as bait to expose the jerk’s facade to save and prevent numerous innocent girls from a worse fate. This chivalrous spirit had touched Ma Jingtian.

    Initially, Qianmo was feeling rather speechless with this senior’s naivete. Then when she heard about wedding photos and bank transfers…

    It was obviously a set up that was well-planned and organized. And the objective was clear: to make her suffer during the training.

    “Who was the person that called you?”

    “This…” Ma Jingtian hesitated. His reaction had let Qianmo confirm one thing: the person who told this was very close to Ma Jingtian.

    “Instructor, as the victim, I have the right to know the truth. Please tell me honestly.”

    “This… Junior, I am your instructor during training. However, we would be comrades after it is over. Do whatever you please with me if you are still angry. This incident was mainly my responsibility.”

    Ma Jingtian wanted to be solely responsible for it.

    Although Yu Changmo had beaten him up and gave him a lecture, he did not ask Ma Jingtian who was the person that told him to do it. What Ma Jingtian didn’t know was that Yu Changmo trusted Qianmo’s abilities and didn’t wish for her to know he was protecting her secretly. He was going to let her take charge, so he didn’t pry deeper.

    Black showed his love by guarding his goddess secretly. However, he was not a male chauvinist. He would not interfere with the problems she could handle by herself. This had a lot to do with how he was brought up. His father had instilled in him since he was young that women should be respected and not be treated as a pet.

    Ma Jingtian thought he could take all the blame since Black didn’t ask. Obviously, he didn’t understand Qianmo as well as Black did.

    Qianmo saw Ma Jingtian was reluctant to spill the beans, so she stopped pursuing and switched topics.

    “Your parents doted on you a lot?”

    “How do you know?”

    Of course, she studied Psychology. A person’s personality was mainly the result of his family’s teachings. This type of naive character must be the result of his doting parents.

    “You were sent to learn boxing when you were little because you were not a very healthy young boy. That’s how you got your strong physique.”

    Ma Jingtian was stunned. Was Junior a fortune-teller? She had gotten everything right!

    “How do you know that?”

    Everyone who had studied Psychology could go set up a stall under the bridge to tell fortunes. But it was something they wouldn’t share with the general public. Qianmo continued after seeing his reaction.

    “You had a hard time during your boxing classes. Your mother treated you even better because she wanted to compensate you. That is the main cause of your character flaw. You believed everything that people told you and never even thought to verify it yourself. Senior, I can understand the deep bond between you and your mom, but you can’t hurt me because of that.”

    A fortune-teller would always say things ambiguously, so would a psychologist.

    One could interpret what she said in many ways. Nonetheless, in the end, it had only one goal: make the person feel guilty.

    Ma Jingtian began to sweat as he felt Qianmo was going to discover his secret soon.

    Qianmo had guessed all that by deduction.

    Her mentor, Chen Meng, was a famous criminal psychologist, and she gave her best when she was teaching her disciples. What she taught Qianmo was not the boring knowledge from the textbooks, but they went into the field for the actual work. One of the topics was called Criminal Psychology Profiling, or Criminal Psychology Portrait, and Qianmo was using this technique.

    Qianmo had heard from her gossipy schoolmates that Instructor Ma had years of boxing experience, and she deduced everything from that one sentence.

    Instructor Ma was indeed unlucky. First, Black whacked him like the movie First Blood, then Goddess Mo “tortured” him with her IQ. Double Kill.