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Chapter 755 - Wash Yourself Clean and Wait for Me!

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 755: Wash Yourself Clean and Wait for Me!

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    The gathering ended at half-past nine because Wen Xinya had to revise for her final year examinations.

    Ling Qinguan and Xu Tongxuan left together, after which Ling Qingxuan looked at Zhong Rufeng. “Xinya, it’s already so late, why don’t we leave together?”

    Zhou Tianyu hurriedly pulled Gu Junling away and said, “Let Senior Zhong send her! It’s out of the way for us, anyway.”

    Just as Gu Junling was about to say something, Zhou Tianyu pulled him away again and walked towards the door. “Senior Zhong, Gu Junling and I shall make our move now. Please send Xinya home.”

    Zhong Rufeng gladly agreed.

    Gu Junling stood outside the dining room and groused with a frown. “What are you doing? Couldn’t you tell that Zhong Rufeng harbors designs on Xinya? How could you let him send Xinya home?”

    Most importantly, what was going to happen to Xu Zhenyu? They were close friends with Xu Zhenyu and he felt that it was inappropriate to create opportunities for someone else.

    Zhou Tianyu said calmly, “We may be Xinya’s friends, but we’re in no place to meddle with her relationships. Besides, she had always been close to Zhong Rufeng and we’d be putting Xinya in a spot if we discriminate against him. I understand that Xu-er fancies Xinya, but love cannot be forced. If you keep carrying such an attitude, you’d be making things difficult for Xinya. Most importantly, Xinya has just turned legal and she has a long way ahead of her. Why are you getting so worried for? If they’re really meant to be, nothing can stop them.”

    Although Gu Junling was not as clear-headed as Zhou Tianyu, he was intelligent enough to understand what she meant. “I was too careless!”

    Noticing his changing expressions, Zhou Tianyu said, “It’d be a good thing if Xinya could get together with him. However, if they can’t, you shouldn’t feel sad for them either. Xinya’s happiness is the most important. We should support her decision because we’re her friends.”

    Gu Junling did not have much flaws except his penchant for overthinking. However, it was fortunate that he was an understanding person. Hence, he caught Zhou Tianyu’s hint.

    Gu Junling nodded and exclaimed, “I understand!”

    Wen Xinya had no idea what was going on outside the room. She was busy turning Zhong Rufeng down. “I drove here by myself, so you don’t have to send me home, Brother Zhong.”

    Zhong Rufeng said, “I’d better send you there! Tianyu left me with the task of sending you home. I’d owe her an explanation if I don’t get you home safely. Tianyu and I study at the same university.”

    Wen Xinya laughed and said, “I’ll explain it to Tianyu. I have something on tonight, so it won’t be convenient for you to send me.”

    Zhong Rufeng was sensitive enough to know that she was merely trying to turn him down politely and her insistence could be seen in her eyes. “In that case, just forget it. But it’s already half-past nine. Don’t stay out for too late.”

    Wen Xinya truly admired Zhong Rufeng for having such strong self-awareness. Hence, she did not find it stressful to talk to him at all. “Thank you!”

    After bidding Zhong Rufeng goodbye, Wen Xinya headed to the car park to collect her car before making her way to Lishan Mansion.

    She texted Si Yiyan: “Wash yourself and wait for me!”

    She turned red and warm after sending the message, and even begun doubting herself.

    Soon, she received Si Yiyan’s reply. He said: “Yes, I’ll wait for you to eat me!”

    Wen Xinya suddenly imagined Si Yiyan lying on the bed after a clean shower, with a butterfly knot around his neck and waiting for her… Her heart pounded rapidly.

    It was a beautiful sight!

    She hurriedly stopped her imagination from running wild and silently chanted a sutra in her heart, in a bid to get rid of those wild thoughts.

    It was already ten o’clock by the time Wen Xinya arrived at Lishan Mansion. She again regretted her decision to head there. After all, it was already so late and she would definitely have a late night with Si Yiyan. As a result, she would be lethargic and too listless to focus in class tomorrow. Besides, she shouldn’t be immersing herself in her relationship now that her examinations were just around the corner.

    She could not help but let out a sigh.

    She felt much more at ease.

    She entered the room to see that Si Yiyan was sitting on the bed half-naked and reading some documents. He was fully focused and his brows were ravishingly beautiful, so much that she even felt a little jealous of his good looks.

    Si Yiyan put his documents down and looked up at her. It was as if the glow in his eyes had outshone all the other lights in the room. “Come here!”

    Wen Xinya could hear her own heartbeat and she scurried towards him, as if she was possessed.

    As soon as she walked towards Si Yiyan, he pinned her down onto the bed and lied on top of her. “Did you drink?”

    Wen Xinya’s mind was sent into a frenzy and she murmured assent.

    Si Yiyan continued to sniff her body from head to toe.

    Wen Xinya asked smilingly, “Were you born in the year of the Dog?”

    Si Yiyana answered, “I used to live with beasts and I’ve picked up some animal instincts. I used to always say that I’ve made my mark on you and I wasn’t lying. I can find my prey amongst thousands and millions. Once I’ve recognized your scent, I can tell who you’ve interacted with.”

    There was a tinge of arrogance and pride in his tone.

    Wen Xinya was speechless. She sensed that something was amiss with his words. It was as if he was telling her that he had a sharp sense of smell and so… she ought to stay away from other men because… he would be able to tell.

    Si Yiyan stared at her and asked, “You smell like another man. Who is it?”

    He kept his eyes fixed on her, exuding his dominance. It was as if he could devour her anytime soon. However, Wen Xinya was both amused and helpless. “I ran into Chu Jingnan and taught him a lesson. I reckon he must be getting a bone fixing surgery in the hospital.”

    She had chosen not to talk about Zhong Rufeng, lest Si Yiyan get even more jealous.

    Si Yan stopped feeling sour and said, “Good job. I must reward you handsomely tonight.”

    Wen Xinya turned red and nudged him. “I have class tomorrow. Know your limits.”

    She had already gotten herself prepared to be devoured by him. Hence, she did not beat around the bush.