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Chapter 238.3 - Daggers Hidden Behind A Smile

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 238.3: Daggers Hidden Behind A Smile

    The smile on the edge of Qing Luo Fei’s lips stiffened for a second before quickly recovering back to normal. “That is only natural.”

    “Oh right. We’ve been speaking for so long and I still don’t know what is it that made the Temple Lord ask for me?” Qing Yu pretended that she had not noticed the ugly expression that passed over the woman’s face and went on to ask innocently.

    Qing Luo Fei was also thinking of bringing that up but after getting so riled up by Qing Yu’s words earlier, which caused her emotions to fluctuate greatly, she didn’t have the chance to bring it up yet.

    She silently pushed down the displeasure in her heart and went on to say: “Oh, I was thinking that since you and I share such a great affinity and the Divine Temple happens to be short of a female attendant, I wanted to tell you that you can choose to stay here if you are willing to. The spirit energy in here is a lot stronger than the lower realms and it will help you greatly in your cultivation journey.”

    In this world where might made right, no one could possibly not want to get stronger, to allow themselves to hold their own upon this continent.

    Just as Qing Luo Fei had expected, after she said those words, the young lady immediately opened her mouth to say with a look of undisguised delight on her face: “Thank you Temple Lord, I will be most willing of course.”

    The look she put out was exactly like one greedy for self vainglory, coveting to reach the peaks of power.

    She could not help but feel scornful contempt rise up inside. She had thought that the young lady would be the same as that person, but the young lady turned out to be nothing special, and was just like any other mortal. What a waste of that face that looked so much like that person.

    After a further round of sham polite banter, Qing Yu finally received her orders from Qing Luo Fei, saying that she could be dismissed.

    Upon coming out from that place, the expression on Qing Yu’s face immediately changed.

    Her acting skills was really getting better and better. She was almost deceived by what she said herself.

    But she had succeeded in getting herself to remain in here at least.

    The long phoenix like eyes turned solemn. No matter what, she must find out the truth of what happened back then, as the person who should suffer such scorn and contempt from the world should not be her mother.


    Back in the Dark Lands, when Bai Zhi Yan brought back a pretty good looking youth who looked like he had yet to grow wise to the ways of the world, everyone was befuddled for a good while. From which realm had this lost sheep been picked up from this time?

    Someone went up to make fun of the guy and he was chased off by a rather annoyed Bai Zhi Yan.

    The youth looked to be about only fourteen or fifteen with a pair of clear limpid eyes like those of a phoenix, handsome facial features and a pure and untainted air around him that made people hesitant to defile.

    That youth was none other than Qing Bei.

    He was still unable to come around in his own head how he had suddenly come to a strange and foreign place out of the blue.