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Chapter 172 - Ye Yu’s Black Dictator

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 172: Ye Yu’s Black Dictator

    “We don’t have to bother about the rumors. When the truth is revealed, the situation will be overturned. The most important thing now is to reveal Liu Yunfei, Su Junqing, and the Crown Prince’s true colors. How was the situation with Big Brother Wan?” Ye Jiuge asked.

    She was already in muddy waters. Wan Ziyang couldn’t have had it easy, either.

    “The Crown Prince claimed that he was on good terms with you. But you wanted to label him a Sorcerer and throw him in jail. Thank goodness Great Master Dongfang did not listen to his drivel. However, he has been stripped of his military authority. Until the truth of the Sorcerers has been revealed, he must keep a low profile.

    “The Crown Prince’s men have been watching him closely, so he couldn’t come to find you, even if he wanted to. Thank goodness I’ve been running around outside and never set foot in Medicine Refinery City. Otherwise, that mad dog of a Crown Prince would be on my case too,” Bai Songling related the situation in Medicine Refinery City.

    Medicine Refinery City had split into three factions.

    The Crown Prince and Gong Honglei formed one faction, and they were fervent about insisting that Ye Jiuge was the culprit.

    Wan Ziyang and Ye Ruyi comprised another faction. They did not believe that Ye Jiuge was a Sorcerer. Dongfang Yao and Li Zijun were neutral.

    “You’ve missed one more faction,” Ye Jiuge added. “Su Junqing and Liu Yunfei. The most important one.”

    “You’re right,” Bai Songling nodded, then he turned to Ye Yu and said, “You brat, even after following Liu Yunfei for so long, you’ve found nothing useful.”

    “Don’t blame Ye Yu. I just crossed swords with Liu Feiyun, and her tactics were dangerous.”

    Ye Jiuge swallowed a mouthful of soup, then started talking about her encounter with Liu Yunfei.

    Recalling the Blood Bell’s Chime, she stressed, “If you see her taking out the Blood Bell, the best thing to do is knock it out of her hands. If that’s not possible, leave the vicinity immediately. There are limitations to the bell’s reach; the closer you are, the more affected you will become.”

    She had experienced this herself while fighting Liu Yunfei.

    Ye Yu and Bai Songling hurriedly noted this information down.

    “Now, you should watch the remaining two Level-two Alchemists carefully. If my guess is right, they will be Liu Yunfei’s next targets.” Ye Jiuge had already guessed this when she’d heard about the Sorcerer disguised as the middle-aged Guo Yingxi.

    “Just watching them carefully isn’t enough. It is best to contact them, get them to cooperate with us, and capture the Sorcerers,” Luo Tian said quietly.

    “This guy is right. Before, Wan Ziyang’s men were watching the Crown Prince, yet something still happened. We should get them to increase their awareness so that they can inform us as soon as possible when they notice something strange,” Bai Songling agreed with Luo Tian.

    For a while, he had been investigating the Spiritual Practitioners who had been murdered. He realized that they’d been killed because they weren’t on high alert.

    Either they had succumbed to Liu Yunfei’s honey trap, or they were tricked by someone disguised as a person they knew very well. Their deaths could have been prevented if they had been more careful.

    Jun Yichen, who had been silent all along, suddenly spoke up: “Remember the Sorcerer’s ultimate motive.”

    “Do you mean to say that they are looking for someone with a similar level of cultivation to the Bloodthirsty Patriarch?” Ye Jiuge felt that it was quite impossible to find such a person.

    According to Jun Yichen and the rest, the Bloodthirsty Patriarch was about to break through to a high-level Spiritual Practitioner and become a Great Spiritual Master.

    Currently, the only person who fulfilled these criteria in Medicine Refinery City was Dongfang Yao.

    The old man may have looked wizened, but to have survived for so many years in Medicine Refinery City, he was not easily dealt with or tricked.

    “One can never go wrong in being too careful.” Luo Tian’s face was reserved.

    Back then, the blood-clad Miao had been even more powerful. Yet, they were still annihilated by the Bloodthirsty Patriarch.

    “I will write to Li Zijun asking him to pass on the message to Great Master Dongfang.” Ye Jiuge felt that there was nothing wrong with Luo Tian’s thinking. It never hurt to be careful.

    Suddenly, Bai Songling shuffled up to Jun Yichen. He had an ‘up to no good’ expression on his face. He said, “Little Mute, I heard you have many Legendary Venomous Insects. Sell one to me!”

    Ever since he’d heard Ye Yu saying that the Legendary Venomous Insects could resist the Bloodthirsty Sect’s poison, he’d become impatient to obtain one.

    Jun Yichen looked at Bai Songling expressionlessly, wordlessly rejecting his request.

    He loathed this chatty, noisy guy.

    “Just give him one!” Ye Jiuge piped up.

    Ye Jiuge had reserved all his Legendary Venomous Insects, so she had the most critical say.

    “Blood essence,” Jun Yichen replied. Reluctantly, he lifted his sleeves, revealing a row of Legendary Venomous Insects on his arm.

    “Here!” Bai Songling happily pricked his finger, squeezed out some blood, and offered a drop of blood essence.

    Soon, a black speck flew over. It sucked Bai Songling’s blood essence and landed on his palm quietly like a rooster.

    “It will hatch tomorrow.” Jun Yichen tugged his sleeve down.

    “That long?” Bai Songling frowned, then asked. “What kind of Legendary Venomous Insect will I hatch? Will it be as powerful as Ye Yu’s?”

    “I have no idea. The new batch of new Legendary Venomous Insects will evolve according to their master’s characteristics.” Jun Yichen was quickly becoming impatient with Bai Songling.

    “Since I’m such an awesome person, the Legendary Venomous Insect I nurture will be great.” Bai Songling was full of confidence. He then shuffled up to Ye Jiuge and said, “Then, you’ll have to give me a few bottles of Spiritual Beast Pills for my Legendary Venomous Insect!”

    “500 taels per bottle, thank you!” Ye Jiuge wasn’t too shy to collect payment from Bai Songling.

    The pills she’d provided previously had been a one-time thing. If they wanted to feed their Legendary Venomous Insects with Spiritual Beast Pills, she could not afford to give them out for free.

    “Tsk! 500 taels! Fine, I’ll take one bottle!” Although Bai Songling felt the pinch. In order to nurture a powerful Legendary Venomous Insect to save his life, he would purchase the pills no matter how expensive they were.

    “I have no pills with me now, so we will settle this later.” Ye Jiuge secretly decided to mass-produce the Spiritual Beast Pills the moment they got back.

    “Fine.” Bai Songling nodded.

    “Before I forget, Ye Yu, where is your Legendary Venomous Insect? How is it?” Ye Jiuge turned toward Ye Yu.

    “My Black Dictator isn’t doing too well.” Ye Yu carefully flipped up his belt to show his Legendary Venomous Insect.

    The once awe-inspiring large black earthworm looked shriveled.

    It was coiled on Ye Yu’s palm, looking half-dead.

    “It ate a poison that didn’t quite agree with it. It’ll be better after some rest.” Jun Yichen knew what was wrong the moment he laid eyes on the parasite.

    Although the Poisonous Earthworm King could swallow many different types of poison, it could still be badly hurt.

    Aphrodisiac poisons were particularly harmful.

    When they swallowed such poisons, they became very excited. However, if they were unable to relieve themselves, they became like this.

    Ye Yu felt a little sorry after hearing this. He gently touched Black Dictator’s body with his fingers.

    If Black Dictator hadn’t absorbed so much of the aphrodisiac poison from Liu Yunfei’s Poisonous Love Strike, Ye Yu would have become a lustful beast—even if he’d swallowed the Mind-clearing Pill.

    “Poor Black Dictator!” Ye Jiuge was also sympathetic to Black Dictator’s plight.

    It was a pity that she had no more Spiritual Beast Pills with her. Otherwise, she would have given it a few to reward and console it.