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Chapter 5

Can't Take My Eyes Off You
     Chapter 5: His Love

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    15After reading the letters, an endless flow of tears dripped from Jiang Yao’s eyes. Large teardrops splashed on the letter and the back of her hands. She felt a tremendously sharp pain in her heart that was crushing every bit of her soul. All the emotions and memories circulated all over her body that she collapsed on the verge of great despair.

    2“Lu Xingzhi, I’m so so sorry! I didn’t know I was so important to you! I didn’t know you liked me so much! I’ve always thought that you, like me, were a victim of an arranged marriage. I always thought that being husband and wife in this marriage was the shackles that trapped us together and the restrain that we were so eager to get rid of!”

    6She had much disdain for her parents who arranged her marriage regardless of her feelings and she was repulsed by the arranged marriage, but it didn’t include Lu Xingzhi!

    The line ‘your husband who loves you deeply, Lu Xingzhi’ was like a knife piercing her heart.

    Jiang Yao, you foolish girl, did you realize what you have lost? What you didn’t cherish and let waste?

    It was his sincere and endless love, care, and concern!

    She always saw Lu Xingzhi as a taciturn, dull, and reserved man. She had only seen him once before their wedding. She protested and resisted her parents in her own way. She wanted to show them what kind of so-called happiness they said it would bring her after the marriage.

    She was absolutely wrong! She couldn’t be more wrong than she already was!

    She had always wondered when her prince charming would come to her. A man who would love her with all his heart, cherish her, and pamper her. She failed to realize that her prince charming was already by her side. It was her ignorance and arrogance that pushed him away.

    1Lu Xingzhi had written this testament four years ago. Jiang Yao was crying a river. He made her realize her true feelings but in such a painful and dreadful way.

    1She had always thought that it was merely a loveless arranged marriage, but it turned out that the marriage happened under his perseverance and determination. The only loveless person in this marriage was herself.

    1If there was indeed reincarnation, she was willing to try to respond to his love, to repay his unconditional love for the past ten years.