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Chapter 34

Can't Take My Eyes Off You
     Chapter 34: She Can’t Sleep

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    In terms of Nanjiang Medical School, the only predicament that she couldn’t forgo was her best friend, Wen Xuehui. Not only were they coursemates, but they were bunkmates too. They shared a wonderful friendship throughout their studies.

    Thinking of Wen Xuehui’s bad romance in her previous life, Jiang Yao decided that she would make sure Wen Xuehui wouldn’t repeat the same mistake when she went to Nanjiang Medical School this time.

    Although it was a summer holiday, the schools where her in-laws worked at were still conducting summer holiday classes, so they had to go to work. At around ten thirty, everyone returned to their respective rooms to rest.

    When Lu Xingzhi opened the door and entered their room, he saw Jiang Yao holding a book. It was as if she was in a daze while reading the book.

    “You’ve just recovered from your fever, so don’t read too much and rest early. We’ll leave for the city at about eight o’clock tomorrow morning.” Lu Xingzhi waited but he didn’t get any response from Jiang Yao. He walked over and took the book off her hand. It was only after seeing her gasp in surprise and looked back at him with her widened eyes that he was certain that she had just been in a daze.

    He turned the alarm clock on the table to half-past seven and placed it in front of Jiang Yao, pointing to the time he had set. Without another word, he grabbed the clothes from the wardrobe and went into the bathroom.

    After regaining her composure, Jiang Yao’s gaze followed Lu Xingzhi until he entered the bathroom and closed the door behind him. Then, she turned to look at the clock on the table. She gaped and acknowledged his remark after her mind was in place.

    Putting the book back on the shelf, Jiang Yao went to lay down on the bed. The bed in the Lu family was a European-style white wooden bed frame. The mattress was comfortable and sturdy. The bedsheet was all imported silk fabrics. The Lu family had always been willing to invest in high quality and functional home items.

    3Hearing the sound of the bathroom door opening, Jiang Yao quickly covered herself under the thin quilt and closed her eyes, pretending to sleep. Although her eyes were shut, her senses were exceptionally sensitive.

    She could hear Lu Xingzhi’s footsteps loud and clear in the quiet room. Following the sound of his footsteps, Jiang Yao imagined his pacing path in the room and created a map in her mind. He stepped out of the bathroom and pulled the curtains, and then stood in front of the wardrobe as if he was looking for something. After a while, the sound of his footsteps echoed again.

    After that, she felt the other side of the mattress sinking slightly. The sound of the nightstand switch flicked and the light in the room dimmed.

    After he lay down, he didn’t reach over to take the quilt to cover himself. Instead, Jiang Yao could feel him rolling over and facing her. A faint lemon scent radiated from his freshly showered body—it was the usual smell of bath products used at home.

    Within five minutes, Jiang Yao heard Lu Xingzhi’s rhythmic breathing and light snoring. He had fallen asleep.

    At this point, Jiang Yao quietly opened her eyes in the dark and turned over carefully like a thief. Eventually, she was facing him and staring at his face with her bold and wide-opened eyes.

    Even when she was disregarding the marriage, Jiang Yao had to admit that she found Lu Xingzhi handsome and attractive when she first saw him.

    He had sharp and captivating eyes, tall nose, and thin lips. It was the perfect combination of a good-looking man.

    Probably because of his training at the base most of the time, Lu Xingzhi wasn’t as fair as most of the male students around Jiang Yao. Instead, he sported a healthy tanned complexion and looked much better than most soldiers she’d ever seen.

    He wore a black singlet and loose pants to sleep. As he was sleeping without a quilt, she could clearly see his chest undulating steadily.

    “So, this is a living Lu Xingzhi,” Jiang Yao whispered silently.

    Gazing at Lu Xingzhi and feeling his consistent breathing, this sensation moved her to the point of tears.