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Chapter 57

Can't Take My Eyes Off You
     Chapter 57: The Two-Timer Zhao Zhuangzong

    Lu Yuqing actually knew the pregnant woman. She was Lu Yuqing’s assistant.

    Zhao Zhuangzong was the father of the child! They had probably been in an affair for about two or three years by now.

    After Zhao Zhuangzong had a child out of wedlock, he didn’t divorce Lu Yuqing to marry the child’s mother. Instead, he lied to Lu Yuqing and convinced her to adopt a child to stop his mother’s nagging and whining.

    Lu Yuqing was moved by Zhao Zhuangzong’s consideration. They adopted a baby boy. Sure enough, Zhao Zhuangzong’s mother stopped nagging at them anymore. Lu Yuqing felt weird about her in-law’s peculiar behavior, but at the same time, she could be rest assured that her mother-in-law would stop her nagging.

    Speaking of which, it wasn’t that Lu Yuqing didn’t want children, but they couldn’t seem to have a child after they got married.

    Lu Yuqing shifted her attention from work to his family and the child after the adoption. When the child was only a few months old, she discovered that he suffered from congenital heart disease. In order to take good care of the boy, Lu Yuqing quit her job and devoted herself to the boy’s welfare. The Lu family spent a hefty amount of money on the boy’s treatment and hospitalizations.

    When the boy was five years old, his biological mother came to their door and revealed the entire truth, which caused an uproar in the Lu family. Lu Yuqing was devastated and in a wreck due to the truth. She finally realized the main reason why her selfish mother-in-law had been so generous about the adoption. She had known it all along. The boy was her golden grandson birthed by another woman.

    Poor Lu Yuqing was kept in the dark along the way. She visited hospitals across the country for the boy’s treatment in an effort to ensure the boy grew up healthy. The Lu family even considered sending the boy abroad for better treatment once he was older.

    Later on, Lu Yuqing filed for divorce. They went through a bitter divorce due to the financial settlement. However, the Lu family fought a tough legal battle to make sure Zhao Zhuangzong received nothing from the divorce.

    Jiang Yao didn’t know of what happened later. The treatment for the child’s heart disease was very expensive. Without support from the Lu family, Zhao Zhuangzong and the mother of the boy lost their jobs. Jiang Yao didn’t pay close attention to what had happened to the family in the end.

    Thinking of this, Jiang Yao couldn’t help but feel sorry for Lu Yuqing.

    Lu Yuqing’s bark was worse than her bite. Despite her tough and tenacious outlook, Lu Yuqing was a tender-hearted person.

    After taking care of the boy for so many years, they became laughing stocks because of the ridiculous incident. Lu Yuqing must have been devastated.

    Her husband, who appeared to be so loving and affectionate, had an affair long ago. Not only that, but he also brought his illegitimate child home blatantly and let his wife and her entire family help raise the child. The child, whom she loved unconditionally, was in fact the product of her husband’s affair.

    When Jiang Yao heard the news, she suspected that the dreaded man and woman would have definitely mocked and taunted Lu Yuqing for being a foolish woman when they talked about her.

    Jiang Yao looked at Lu Xiaoxiao, who was squinting in joy because of the delicious food in front of her. She secretly vowed that since she was given another chance with the rebirth, she was determined to help them change their destiny.

    However, it wasn’t easy when it involved marriages and families.