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Chapter 58

Can't Take My Eyes Off You
     Chapter 58: Keep Each Other Company

    Jiang Yao wasn’t sure of how to approach Lu Yuqing regarding Zhao Zhuangzong’s affair without any evidence. The guy wasn’t a fool and he didn’t leave any trace behind. If she proceeded with the accusation, he could deny everything and simply blame Jiang Yao for stirring up tension within their family.

    After pondering the consequences, Jiang Yao felt that she should discuss the matter with Lu Xingzhi. He was Lu Yuqing’s brother and his words were more believable and trustworthy.

    After coming out of the restaurant, Lu Xiaoxiao and Jiang Yao walked back home. On the way, Lu Xiaoxiao’s laughter and chatter echoed across the pedestrian lane. She talked about the popular celebrities recently, and about their songs and acting. She shrieked in excitement upon discovering that Jiang Yao was interested in the topic too.

    Lu Haixing was on a business trip. Only the driver and the maid were at home today. It was no wonder Lu Xiaoxiao would love to have Jiang Yao staying with her for a few days.

    “Sister, could you sleep with me tonight, please? I’ll get you some clean pajamas. They might be a little short on you since you’re taller than me, but since it’s summer, it shouldn’t be a problem, right?” When they entered her room, Lu Xiaoxiao walked into a walk-in closet where all her clothes were stored. As she opened the door, there was a large wardrobe within where she kept all her things.

    “It’s up to you,” Jiang Yao answered. “I’ll go downstairs to make a call. I’ll come back later.”

    Lu Xiaoxiao’s chirpy answer resonated from the small room. Jiang Yao climbed down the stairs.

    The telephone was located in the Lu family’s living room. It was the latest modern design that Lu Haixing had specifically ordered from overseas. Lu Haixing liked anything novel and stylish.

    She dialed her home phone number and it was Mrs. Lu on the other end of the line. Because the call was from Lu Haixing’s house, Mrs. Lu thought it was Lu Xiaoxiao, but she could recognize Jiang Yao’s voice over the line.

    “Mom, I’ll be staying at Uncle’s house these two days to keep Xiaoxiao company,” Jiang Yao started.

    “I know, Xiaoxiao called me at the office this afternoon. You weren’t together at the time, were you? It’s okay, stay at the county for as long as you like. Your uncle has gone on a business trip, it must be lonely for Xiaoxiao to stay at home by herself.” Mrs. Lu didn’t stop Jiang Yao and Lu Xiaoxiao from spending more time together. It would be great if they could build a strong friendship and keep each other company.

    “Thanks, Mom.” After a pause, Jiang Yao continued, “Mom, it must be about time for Xingzhi to arrive at the base, right? Did he call home? Did you tell him that I’ll be spending a few days at Uncle’s house?”

    “No, he hasn’t called! Your dad and I are wondering why he hasn’t called home yet too. His flight was at nine in the morning, he should be at the base by now,” Mrs. Lu said, sounding curious. “Maybe he got caught up with some matters. I think he should be fine. Don’t you worry, he is such a big guy now. He won’t lose himself, will he?”

    Although Mrs. Lu said as calmly as she could over the phone, she was nagging and whining to Mr. Lu regarding Lu Xingzhi’s whereabouts.

    However, she was over the moon when she heard that her daughter-in-law was concerned about her son. She bet that the main reason the young girl called home was to ask about Lu Xingzhi’s phone call, so she offered a few words of comfort.

    “I see. Okay then, if Xingzhi calls back, please let him know that I’m at Uncle’s house. Please ask him to call me here, will you? Thanks.” Jiang Yao and Mrs. Lu spoke for a while before hanging up the phone. She heaved a sigh and muttered, ‘Lu Xingzhi is not the absent-minded kind of person, it’s unlikely that he would forget to call home. It’s possible that he’s preoccupied with something urgent that he can’t call home immediately.’