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Chapter 70 - What Do You Think of Her Personality

Can't Take My Eyes Off You
     Chapter 70: What Do You Think of Her Personality

    He had bought the cigarettes before he married Jiang Yao. Later, he discovered that she hated the smell of cigarettes, so he quit smoking. He would smoke occasionally when he was very stressed or agitated to the point that he couldn’t handle it. Hence, the cigarettes were still plentiful after so long.

    The cigarette was lit and placed at the corner of his mouth while his gaze was locked at the phone on his table. He imagined what would happen if Lu Yuqing knew about her husband’s betrayal.

    Several minutes later, after he was done smoking, he threw the cigarette butt away, picked up the phone, and dialed Lu Yuqing’s phone number.

    Lu Yuqing wasn’t asleep yet at that moment. She was in the kitchen, boiling soup for her husband who was working late that night and would return home an hour later.

    When the phone rang and Lu Yuqing looked at the incoming number, she was a little surprised. She remembered Lu Xingzhi’s office number.

    “Wow, are pigs flying today? You’ve actually call me,” Lu Yuqing teased her brother delightfully, “Something is wrong, isn’t it?”

    Lu Xingzhi opened his mouth, wanting to start with Zhao Zhuangzong’s affairs. But he clamped his mouth shut, took a second thought, and suddenly asked, “Sister, in your opinion, what do you think of Jiang Yao? I mean, in terms of her character. What is she like to you?”

    “What? Why are you asking me that out of the blue?” Lu Yuqing was stunned. “Did you two have a fight?”

    When it came to Jiang Yao, Lu Xingzhi had never allowed anyone to comment even a word about her, so Lu Yuqing was honestly shocked by her brother’s sudden change in attitude.

    Lu Yuqing thought about the question discreetly and said, “Mom and Dad told me that your relationship with Jiang Yao has improved a lot this time. She saw you off when you returned to the base, and she even missed you when you didn’t call home for days. They said that she has become more mature and sensible.”

    “I’m asking for your opinion,” Lu Xingzhi repeated in an earnest tone. “Sister, what do you think of Jiang Yao?”

    “Frankly speaking, Jiang Yao is very good-looking, she has a great body and her physical appearance is above average. Now, she has been accepted to a key university and will become a doctor after graduation. She is the perfect match for you. Why, did you guys have a fight? What’s wrong? Actually, the reason I scolded her wasn’t because of issues with her attitude, but was rather that I don’t like seeing her ignoring you all the time. You two are a couple after all, but she doesn’t care much about you.”

    Lu Yuqing was being very honest and frank about her remarks. If it wasn’t for Jiang Yao’s indifference towards Lu Xingzhi, she would adore her sister-in-law a lot.

    “Other than that? Do you think she’s a vile and jealous person who likes to spread fake rumors about others?” Lu Xingzhi asked again, although he found Lu Yuqing’s views on Jiang Yao very satisfying.

    “No way! She’s as boring as you are, she’s not the chatty sort of person and she doesn’t even like to poke her nose into other people’s business. A bookworm like her has no time to mingle in other people’s affairs. Besides, Jiang Yao has a wonderful personality, and the teachers and classmates at her school compliment her frequently. Nothing that you’ve said matches her character.” Lu Yuqing added after a pause, “No, I’m sure that Jiang Yao is not at all as bad as you describe. Why are you suddenly asking this question? Did someone say something to you?”

    Lu Yuqing took a stand on Jiang Yao’s personality. Before this, despite Jiang Yao’s indifference towards Lu Xingzhi, she still kept her distance with the male students at school. An aura of naivety and purity radiated from Jiang Yao.