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Chapter 72 - Love Me, Love My Dog

Can't Take My Eyes Off You
     Chapter 72: Love Me, Love My Dog

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    “I was just reading some books while waiting for you,” Jiang Yao said with a smile and stood up. “Mom, Dad, Xingzhi just called around dinner time. He said that he was sent to a mission right after he hopped off the plane, and that’s why he didn’t have time to call home.”

    Mrs. Lu chuckled. “See? I told you there’s nothing to worry about. Are you finally relieved now that he’s called home? You were so tense and anxious, but we didn’t know how to comfort you.”

    “Next time, don’t wait up for us. Go ahead and sleep,” Mr. Lu said with a warm smile. “Oh yes, regarding your college’s registration day, do you plan to go by plane or train? If you want to take the train, we must book your ticket in advance. Xingzhi said that your brothers will be accompanying you. Book three tickets then.”

    “I haven’t purchased the tickets yet. Besides, it’s very close by, so we can just take the train,” Jiang Yao said. “Yes, my brothers will go with me.”

    This matter had been brought up when they had gone back to the Jiang family the other day. As Lu Xingzhi had expected, Jiang Lei couldn’t be more eager when they talked about sending Jiang Yao to college. However, it was impossible for Lu Xingzhi to let Jiang Lei accompany her by himself. He was really afraid that Jiang Lei would absent-mindedly lose Jiang Yao on the way, so both her brothers would be her entourage.

    “I’ll make a call tomorrow to book the tickets in advance then.” Mr. Lu added, “Your family’s help is very much appreciated. We’re not available to send you to college and have to trouble your brothers to do so.”

    “Dad, it’s no trouble at all. My brothers love me very much, they’re very happy to do it,” Jiang Yao said. Then, she greeted them good night and excused herself.

    After Jiang Yao went up the stairs and into her room, the delightful smile was still plastered on Mrs. Lu’s face. “The child has become lively and active recently, she’s getting more and more adorable.”

    “It’s because she’s starting to show affection to your son that you begin to find her likeable too. That’s called ‘love me, love my dog’,” Mr. Lu said with a giggle. Then, he slowly walked to the kitchen half-drunk to have a drink of water.

    Due to the long-awaited call, Jiang Yao was finally able to relieve the worries she had about Lu Xingzhi. Hence, she slept very well that night.

    Early in the morning the next day, Jiang Yao saw Lu Yuqing entering when she went downstairs.

    “Sister, you’re here early,” Jiang Yao said in surprise, she then shouted towards the kitchen, “Mom, Yuqing is here.”

    Mrs. Lu sprinted to the living room without wiping the water off her hands. “Yuqing, why are you here so early? Have you had breakfast?”

    “No, not yet. Mom, please prepare some for me,” Lu Yuqing said. “After breakfast, I’ll take Jiang Yao to the county for shopping, then I’ll see if I can manage to send her back by noon.”

    Jiang Yao instantly fathomed the reason that Lu Yuqing had come to see her.

    “Jiang Yao, breakfast is not ready yet. Let’s talk in the yard.” Lu Yuqing waved at the stunned Jiang Yao.

    Jiang Yao nodded and they walked to the yard.

    “Xingzhi told me everything last night. I was so anxious and confused the entire night,” Lu Yuqing cut to the chase and uttered. “Seriously, if it wasn’t for Xingzhi telling me that you had seen it with your own eyes, I might never imagine that Zhao Zhuangzong would cheat on me. He worked overtime last night, so I cooked him supper. When he got home, he acted exactly the same as he did when we first got married. He felt sorry for me, so he held my hand and told me not to do this for him again. He even cleaned the table and did the dishes after that. He told me to leave all the household chores to him because my hands will not be smooth and pretty if I do too much household chores.”