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Chapter 455 - Ninth level imperial beast master’s three realm love disaster (Part 31)

Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping
Chapter 455: Ninth level imperial beast master’s three realm love disaster (Part 31)

    At the same time, at the Di Manor.

    In the dead of night, a girl was sitting in front of a bronze mirror fixing the phoenix coronet that had just been delivered today.

    There were only seven days left before the fifth of October.

    Just seven days were needed to realize her biggest wish in this world.  She would marry the one she loved the most, forever being at his side.

    She slowly combed her hair, but right after, the comb fell to the ground.

    There was a trace of blood that appeared on her white face, dripping bit by bit.

    “Ah!”  She called out in shock as her face lost all colour.

    The half male and half female soul in her mind was talking to her.

    If you want to become her, I can help you.


    That day, she took advantage of the darkness to enter the Di Manor, seeing big brother Luo Feng who she hadn’t seen in a long time.

    She never thought that she would find an ice room.

    Outside the ice room, she could see Di Luo Feng tightly hugging the rabbit she hated as his eyes filled with warmth and pampering.

    That kind of expression was something she had never seen before.

    A fat rabbit, based on what…...

    Her eyes fell onto the ice cellar behind them.

    She went down step by step and when she entered the large ice room, she found a crystal coffin.

    There were terrifying spirit beasts around, but it was a good thing that the cages were locked, so she wasn’t that afraid.

    She went up the crystal steps and stopped in front of the ice coffin.

    There was a white clothed girl lying inside with her eyes tightly closed and no blood in her face.

    But her clothes and hair were very tidy, someone must have frequently cared for her…..

    Was that person Di Luo Feng?

    And who was the one lying here?

    Luo Ying Ning took a deep breath as her expression became deep.

    At that time, there was an evil charming laughter around her.  She took two steps back in fright as her face lost all colour.

    “Who…..Who…..Don’t just sneak around, this place is the Di Manor.”

    “Oh?”  That person’s laughter became stronger.  A half man and half woman voice alternated as it said, “I come from hell!  I am a messenger from hell, ah, ha, ha, ha, ha!”

    Luo Ying Ning hugged her head in fear and she trembled as she said, “You….Don’t come over…..I’ll scream if you come over…..”

    “Ha, ha, ha.”  The half man and half woman spirit kept laughing, “I’m here to help you, isn’t it too much for you to try and drive me away?”

    Three years ago, at the Beast Mound.

    Two souls and six spirits had been scattered by Luo Qing Chen and she wandered the world with just one soul and one spirit.

    Neither living or dying…..

    It took her three years to gather her one soul and one spirit, but she couldn’t do anything.

    Now there was this girl in front of her that gave her a chance to take revenge on this body.

    Even if she could only take revenge on this body, she, Yu Ruo Shui would be happy!

    “Help…..Help me…..”  Luo Ying Ning’s eyes sparkled.  She took a deep breath and forced herself to control the fear in her heart, “What can you help me with?”

    “Do you know who the person lying here is?”  Yu Ruo Shui floated in the air as her eyes filled with rage.

    “No….I don’t.”

    “The person lying here is the Hundred Beast Continent’s strongest Imperial Beast Master.  Oh, no…..It should be the past strongest Imperial Beast Master.”  Yu Ruo Shui said with an excited laugh, “It’s a pity she was killed by me!”

    “You…..”  Luo Ying Ning’s voice was clearly shocked as her face filled with disbelief.

    “Right, I guess she’s the girl that the owner of this house would never forget!”  Yu Ruo Shui said with an evil charming laugh, “After all, she only died to save him!”