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Chapter 98 - Finally, I Get to Hold Your Hand

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 98: Finally, I Get to Hold Your Hand

    EndlessFantasy Translation  EndlessFantasy Translation

    The man lowered his eyes and looked at the blank cartridge that was shot onto his own body. He bit his lips. When he looked up again, she was no longer there.

    That girl remembered what he said clearly. She did not even give a single leeway!

    After a few minutes, he stretched out his hand and tore down the clumps of leaves beside him. Then, he climbed out of the hole using the rope there.

    When he got out of the hole, the girl who had supposedly left appeared once more, standing there beside him. She smiled wickedly at him.

    “Little Tang Tang, you’ve lost your armor!”

    Tang Jinyu frowned slightly. “How do you know that it’s me?”

    Jian Qi walked over, smiled and said, “Although you used a voice changer and are wearing a human skin mask on purpose, you still need to create a better name next time. Yu? Why don’t you call yourself Tang Yi?”

    “Is it just because of the name?” Tang Jinyu frowned and asked.

    “No, it’s because of your hands!” Jian Qi smiled softly. She had started flirting with him. “Your hands are so beautiful. Surely, I’ll remember them for the rest of my life if I get to hold them once!”

    While saying so, she quickly reached out and held onto Tang Jinyu’s hand.

    His fingers were slender and beautiful. His fingernails were round but there were some calluses around his index finger. At just once glance, one could tell that it was because of his long term usage of guns.

    His hands were a pair of beautiful hands. If he did not hold guns, he would be playing the piano with this pair of hands.

    Jian Qi adored handsome people as well as beautiful hands. As such, she could distinctly remember his beautiful hands.

    She caught sight of his hands when he threw her the backpack. Moreover, the things he said and the fact that he was so stupid to fall into a trap helped her to realize who he really was.

    Tang Jinyu never thought that he would be recognized the first time he pretended to be someone else just because of his hands.

    “Instructor, didn’t you tell me that you won’t come here? Why did you come? Did you come to make it more difficult for me? Or, did you come here because you’re worried about me? So, you came all the way here on purpose.”

    “How dare you kill me when you knew who I was!” Tang Jinyu stared at her coldly.

    “Didn’t you teach me that? You told me that everyone else is my enemy today. You asked me to rely on me myself, right?”

    Jian Qi smiled calmly.

    Tang Jinyu sneered. “You can get lost now!”

    “There, there. Don’t be angry…” Jian Qi raised her hand and patted his head. Her smile was very gentle.

    Tang Jinyu felt that he needed to stop her from doing things like this without any regard for the time and location.

    He grabbed Jian Qi’s hand directly. Before he could speak, Jian Qi twisted her hand and held his hand in return. She smiled mischievously. “Finally, I get to hold your hand!”

    Tang Jinyu was speechless.

    “Jian Qi, do you want me to beat you up again!” Tang Jinyu threatened her sternly.

    “Instructor, you’re dead now!” Jian Qi reminded him calmly. “You need to play the part!”

    Tang Jinyu shook off her hand coldly. “Get lost.”

    “Aww! The instructor is getting angry because he’s shy.”

    Jian Qi was amused. She smiled brightly and she realized that Tang Jinyu was about to beat her up!

    “Instructor, goodbye!” Waving her hand at Tang Jinyu, Jian Qi then left quickly. She soon disappeared into the forest.

    At first, he was worried about her safety because of Director Liang. Now, it seemed like she was handling it just fine.

    Up until now, Jian Qi’s record and identity had been clean. They did not find any problems with her.

    They had carried out their investigation for such a long time. Now, they could carry out their plan slowly given that they have determined her identity.


    After a few hours, they finally recovered the CCTV system. Director Liang was still asking about Jian Qi’s location at the moment. However, he did not receive any reply. Moreover, Jian Qi’s location had disappeared from the monitoring screen.

    It could mean only two things. She was either eliminated or the data from the CCTV system was still not yet recovered fully.