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Chapter 102 - Sudden Kindness

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 102: Sudden Kindness

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    If one had to find the most difficult profession in the world, it would have to be parents.

    For example, that brat of Qianmo’s relative. Due to his family’s overindulgence, he would be turned into a selfish bully who never spared a thought for others when he grew up.

    Ma Jingtian was another kind of situation. Although his parents’ love had made him naive when he encountered problems, the two years he spent in the police academy made sure he didn’t turn out to be a brat. He had a good character, but he still needed to be refined.

    In the real world, this kind of person was not bad, but the method he used was wrong. This was the worst type of existence. He would cause a big mess if he didn’t change.

    And all these could be traced to the parents’ education. Their indifferent upbringings had raised all kinds of brats and caused a lot of potential troubles for the society as a whole.

    The schoolmates had only casually mentioned that Ma Jingtian learned boxing from a young age. Then Qianmo heard that he had categorized her as a “baddie” from someone’s one-sided description. Hence, she could deduce a series of information from combining these two facts.

    Therefore, she only needed a starting point and said the rest ambiguously to get Ma Jingtian hooked.

    “Junior, you are way too amazing. How do you know I hate to make my mom sad?”

    Hmm, this reaction… It didn’t sound like his mother was the one who made the call. Qianmo continued to probe.

    “You have a good relationship with your mom. Although this incident might have something to do with your mother—”

    “She doesn’t know!” Ma Jingtian interrupted agitatedly.

    See, that was why fortune-tellers could say everything right. They just needed a starting point, and after paying attention to the other party’s tone and facial expressions, they could make their target continue talking.

    It was not the mother, and he was also afraid to let her know; therefore, it should be…

    “You have a good relationship with the informer, and he is related to your mother. Things do not look good. Your mother may have to be careful.” She sounded like a full-blown charlatan now.

    Ma Jingtian really started to consider it seriously. “It can’t be. My younger cousin is very nice to my mom normally, and we are in the same school…”

    Qianmo lowered her eyes and thought this Senior was indeed guileless. He was relatively easy to fool because he was only a sophomore who had not taken the anti-interrogation module yet.

    If the academy’s third-year students from the Technical Investigation Major were that naive, she would have to worry about the country’s future. They would be the ones interrogating the criminals after graduation, after all. If Senior was dumped into the women’s prison she was held in her previous life, the women there would easily get all the intel they needed from him.

    Considering the fact that he had just started his second year and hadn’t been taught a good deal of professional knowledge yet, she could understand why he was so innocent.

    So, Qianmo suppressed her pity for Innocent Ma and continued duping him.

    “There are two kinds of ‘nice’, truly sincere or with underlying motive. Think about it, Senior. If he really cares about you, why would he tell you about me? Nowadays, it’s everybody for themselves, and yet, he wanted you to enforce justice for others. Is this logical?

    “Let’s switch places, if you were him, would you do something like this before making sure about it? So, is it upholding justice or simply using you to do a dirty job?”

    Innocent Ma was buried in his thoughts. That really made sense. Why didn’t he think of that before?

    Students don’t have much life experience, so they wouldn’t think deeply about problems like Qianmo, who came from a complicated background.

    “Furthermore, if I, Chen Qianmo, am truly a bully, there will be laws to punish me. Isn’t the academy set up to uphold the laws in the country? If everyone takes justice into their own hands after hearing about some ‘evidence’, won’t the country be in a mess?”

    Innocent Ma nodded profusely. Yes, his idol Captain Yu had also said something similar before. He felt so ashamed.

    “Junior, you have really cleared up my thoughts. I will reflect on myself from now on, so I won’t make the same mistake ever again.”

    He was willing to make amends, so he was not hopeless yet. Qianmo was about to continue asking about his cousin to get to the mastermind when she heard Luo Duoduo’s scream in her headset and the frightened voices of her fellow students.

    “Target appeared at Spot A!”

    “Ghost!” Luo Duoduo shrieked.

    Luo Duoduo’s team was ordered to lay ambush at Spot A. Their walkie-talkie channel was in a mess with everyone talking at the same time.

    They could vaguely hear the senior scolding Luo Duoduo. Thank god that the “shadow” flew out. If not, their position would have been exposed by this woman’s screaming.

    Qianmo’s team was posted at Spot C, which was some distance away from Spot A. Qianmo and Ma Jingtian were alerted at the same time. They ceased their conversation and dashed toward Spot A as back up.

    The two student council presidents were watching that scene through the surveillance system in the school’s security room. The display was split into four segments, and every team’s performance was monitored closely.

    They couldn’t see Qianmo and the others’ faces clearly in the dark. Nevertheless, they could sense who the school belle was based on their figures. Only she could make the loose-fitting training uniform look so stylish.

    “Is this girl the recruit who challenged Xiaoma a few days ago?” the custodian in charge of the surveillance equipment asked.

    Sha Muyu nodded. That was right. He had already seen his Second Sister-in-law’s psychological diathesis before. Apart from Boss Lu, her performance was the best amongst the recruits tonight.

    That was not a woman; that was a Goddess! How could a Goddess be as common as those mere mortals? Or else, how did she enchant their Second Brother, who was the best among the scientific research community’s second generation?

    On the monitor, Team A, who was the closest to the “shadow”, had already left the school premises in pursuit. The other three teams were on their way too.

    They would enter the mountain if they ran for ten minutes after leaving the school premises.

    There was no surveillance equipment there. Although the school had known roughly about this “haunting”, the teacher-in-charge of the students’ safety couldn’t help being concerned.

    “Will the eight students who went out be in danger? Do we need to send more people over? Shall we report? What do you two think?”

    Sha Muyu and Wang Xiaoyao were the academy’s best students with the strongest fighting skills. Wang Xiaoyao was excellent in close combat, and Sha Muyu was the school’s no.1 shooter. Besides, their characters complemented each other. Therefore, one could already identify the great leaders in their school days.

    “Send more people.”

    “No need to.”

    They looked at each other after speaking. Wang Xiaoyao was the one who suggested sending more people.

    Qianmo had left a deep impression on him when she negotiated with his father calmly and decisively. He had intended to ask more about her when he went back to school. However, he didn’t need to do so at all. She had already stood out from one hundred plus recruits.

    Wang Xiaoyao didn’t want Chen Qianmo to be in danger. He didn’t know why he was always thinking about her after she left that day.

    “I will bring a team over,” Wang Xiaoyao said without any hesitation.

    Sha Muyu raised his eyebrow and said, “Old Wang, when did you become so loving?”

    “There are four new recruits, and it’s not safe at night.” Wang Xiaoyao remained calm.

    Sha Muyu curled his lips.  He would be stupid to believe Old Wang’s words.

    Wang Xiaoyao, this selfish guy, suddenly became so kind.