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Chapter 88 - Who was that?

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 88: Who was that?

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    Ning Meng did not see the angry man who was sitting and pouting on the sofa at all.

    She walked straight up to the stairs while sending another voice message.

    “Besides, Lord Chen’s and my crystals are heart-shaped, yours are waterdrop-shaped. Don’t you get it?”

    After that, she put down her phone and went straight into her bedroom.


    Huo Beichen quietly looked at the crystal in his hand.


    Yes, the crystal was heart in a heart shape indeed, and realizing this, the cold ice that was frozen on his eyebrows began to melt.

    Suddenly, Huo Beichen was stunned by his reaction to all of this.


    Why was he so concerned about a stupid keychain?


    It was 8.40 pm.

    Ning Meng had assumed that Huo Beichen was in his study, so, she did not pay too much attention to what was going on in the house.

    Putting down the mousse cake, she changed into her pajamas and washed her face in the bathroom.

    Suddenly, her phone vibrated. It was a voice message from the puppy boy.

    Her room had good sound insulation and Huo Beichen had never entered her room before. Thus, Ning Meng let it play out loud without worrying too much.

    “Sis, are you online now?”

    Ning Meng switched on the desktop computer that she had not used in quite some time and replied, “Yes, I’m coming online now.”

    She did not need to ask what game they were going to play because there was only one game on the computer’s desktop—”PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds”.

    Her eyes lit up as soon as she saw the game.

    Oh, PUBG! She knew how to play this game.

    In fact, back in the real world, she did not have many friends and outdoor hobbies, and so, other than drawing comics, all she did was play video games.

    However, it was still weird. She could feel that there was something that she knew… but she just couldn’t recall it at all. It was just there… right at the tip of her tongue? Tip of her brain? Oh, whatever, let’s fire up the game!

    Entering the game, she saw that her username was “notsourlemon”.

    As soon as she logged in, a message popped up.

    [Your friend God has invited you to a Duo Ranking Match.]

    Seeing this, a boom of realization exploded in Ning Meng’s mind!


    So  was why she felt that she had seen this boy’s username somewhere.

    This kid was going to be the next super gamer… no, the god of E-sports in the future!

    According to the novel, PUBG would later seek out Su Tiantian for an endorsement. Thus, Su Tiantian had gotten interested and involved in E-sports.

    “God” would lead a team of Chinese players into entering the world’s ranking match and become the champion, making him a thing of legends!

    “Sis? Have you accepted the request yet?”

    The puppy boy sent another voice message.


    Could you blame her though? There was no way she could have linked the two of them—the cute little puppy boy and the legendary god of E-sports together at all. As she was thinking about this, Ning Meng could feel the corner of her mouth twitching.

    After accepting the request, Ning Meng asked, “‘God’, has anyone invited you to join their E-sports club yet?”

    “God” replied happily, “Yes. There were so many of them back then.”

    Back then? Ning Meng sensed something was wrong from his reply.

    “What about now?”

    “God” did not say anything else, only responding with a few short peals of laughter.

    His roommate who was sitting next to him suddenly said into the mic sarcastically, “Of course no one is inviting him lately. ‘God’ had been playing Duos with a certain good-for-nothing thot. His ranking has now dropped all the way to the thousands!”


    Wait… so, the “Original Ning Meng” was “God’s” obstacle to greatness?

    “God” quickly yelled out, “Hey, shut it! It was my decision to play with her. I am willing to do that, it’s not her fault, okay!?”

    Then, he spoke into his mic softly, “Sis, don’t listen to him. You’re actually really great in the game.”


    Ning Meng did not know if the “original Ning Meng” knew how to play the game, however,  was quite a pro in PUBG herself.

    Rubbing her wrists, Ning Meng said, “Don’t worry. Sis will bring you flying straight to the top tonight.”

    “What a bluff! Just what can you do? You can’t even tell the difference between a sniper and an assault rifle! Fly to the top ranks? Really? More like fly to the North Pole.”


    Say what?!

    Just as Ning Meng was about to roast the puppy boy’s roommate in return, a knock on her door could be heard. Following that, Huo Beichen walked in.

    “Tomorrow I’ll be out of town for a few…”

    At the same time, the puppy boy replied in anger, “Shut up, you! Even if it’s the North Pole, I’m willing to fly there with my dear Sis!”

    Then, both of them paused for a moment.

    Huo Beichen was staring at Ning Meng’s phone.

    In the next moment, both he and the puppy boy opened their mouths at the same time.

    “Who was that?”

    “Who was that?”

    Ning Meng looked at her phone and at Huo Beichen in shock.