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Chapter 432 - Breakthrough to Be a Third-class Martial Superior

Medical Master
     “Boom!” The wind was howling.

    The giant hand fell from the sky, mercilessly hitting on Zu Liancheng.

    “Bang…” There was a huge sound.

    A cloud of dust rose.

    With the horrible power of the giant hand, Zu Liancheng found that he couldn’t block it even if he tried to.

    As the hand hit on him, he felt as if a mountain had fallen down. Even though he made every effort to stop it, he was still defeated to the ground like a little fly.

    Even the ground was smacked with a giant handprint by the Great Hand of Destruction.

    “Puff!” Zu Liancheng was lying on the ground and couldn’t help but spit blood from his mouth.

    As he looked at Fang Qiu, his eyes were filled with incredible horror.

    “How could it be? I can’t even channel such powerful energy. Even a guru can’t do that. How can you make it as a second-class Martial Superior?”

    “No, it’s impossible…” Even if he was seriously injured, Zu Liancheng was still growling, struggling to stand up.

    “Hiss…” Fang Qiu took a deep breath, suppressed the restless feeling inside him, and immediately rushed forward.

    The sense of breakthrough came too suddenly and strongly.

    He thought he could barely hold it.

    However, with Zu Liancheng right in front of him, how could he make a breakthrough here?

    And that was exactly why Fang Qiu channeled his strongest move. He wanted to make it quick so that he would be safe to make a breakthrough without anyone disturbing him.

    “Why? Why can you do this?” As soon as Fang Qiu rushed forward, Zu Liancheng roared again.

    He still couldn’t believe Fang Qiu could control such powerful power.

    Fang Qiu was so anxious that he didn’t even bother to answer his question.

    “Bang!” Without any hesitation, he fiercely punched on Zu Liancheng’s belly.

    Zu Liancheng, who was seriously injured, didn’t even have the strength to escape.

    “Ka-chow!” With a strong punch, Zu Liancheng only felt as if there was something broken in his body.

    And then, the surge of inexplicably strong internal Qi suddenly appeared in his body, barging in and destroying all his meridians and meridians.

    “You, you…” Zu Liancheng kept staring at Fang Qiu. He powerlessly fell down to the ground, not even knowing how he lost the fight.

    He was not dead, but he lost all his strength, internal Qi, and Kung Fu. He was completely a loser now.

    “Phew…” Zu Liancheng was gasping and wanted to cry but he only found that he didn’t have the strength to cry.

    After destroying Zu Liancheng’s Kung Fu, Fang Qiu turned around and took a look, then he grabbed Zu Liancheng to enter the forest of the hill.

    “Pah.” Deep in the forest, he dropped Zu Liancheng to the ground. Fang Qiu then went to a big tree, sitting under the tree and took out a wooden box from his backpack.

    As he opened the box, a flash of pink light came through with a strong smell of rouge.

    It was the Heaven Treasure—Rouge Fruit, which was acquired when Fang Qiu was in the Western Wetland.

    He had been keeping it with him. Now, it finally came in handy.

    Zu Liancheng who was lost in thought smelt the strong scent of the rouge. He trembled and looked at Fang Qiu with intense hatred.

    Of course, he knew what it was. He was so regretful.

    If he had known that John Doe was so powerful, he would have prepared for more hours. He would even have someone to ambush and set him up. At least, he wouldn’t end up like this and could even gain a Heaven Treasure.

    But now, it was too late.

    Although he knew that the Rouge Fruit could help him to heal most of his broken meridians, he couldn’t cure his broken Dantian anymore. Even if he got the Rouge Fruit, he could only start his practice all over again.

    Unfortunately, now he didn’t have the strength to cry, let alone rob the Rouge Fruit from Fang Qiu.

    Now what he could do was to watch Fang Qiu swallow the Rouge Fruit.

    Keeping the treasure in his mouth, Fang Qiu immediately closed his eyes.

    This time, he didn’t directly swallow the Fruit because this time it was quite different than before.

    He could reopen three meridians in total when he reached the levels of first-class and second-class Martial Superior.

    It was different when he reached third-class Martial Superior because he was able to reopen three meridians this time.

    Not knowing if he could make it with only one Rouge Fruit, Fang Qiu would only use it if he had to.

    He then released his internal Qi, and the sense of breakthrough exploded.

    “Buzz…” The wind and sand were twirling.

    With Fang Qiu at the center, the wind began to twirl wildly and almost formed a cyclone. The stones and leaves were scattered all over by the fierce wind.

    Zu Liancheng who was powerless was hit in the face by these things.

    However, as Fang Qiu stopped suppressing the sense of breakthrough, the force of breakthrough immediately rushed Fang Qiu to the bottleneck.

    It was a door, a gateway to other places.

    At this point, the gate was locked.

    He had to break the door if he wanted to make it.

    “Break it!” With a shout of rage, Fang Qiu controlled the whole body’s internal Qi in an instant and crashed toward the gate with the strength like ten thousand horses galloping.

    “Boom!” As a result, there was a loud noise.

    The gate was broken, and Fang Qiu froze.

    He did not expect that this breakthrough would be so easy. This time the gate was just like something made of bubbles, which made it easier to break through than the first time.

    “The first time?” With that in mind, Fang Qiu seemed to understand something.

    Now that it was the second time, that was to say, he had already made the frame of the martial arts practice. Now he only needed to add other things to the frame, which meant that Fang Qiu had already made a breakthrough as he built the frame for the first time.

    The rest of the breakthrough seemed symbolic, so it wouldn’t take many efforts.

    As Fang Qiu started to ponder about it, he found that things seemed to work in this way.

    It was easy to break through in the last few times. The tricky part was reopening the meridians and pulses.

    As he thought about this, Fang Qiu nodded.

    Now he didn’t need to worry about the breakthrough anymore. The only thing he had to think about was the Heaven Treasure that he needed to reopen the meridians.

    “Three Yang Meridians of the Hand!” As he broke, the energy of Heaven and Earth rushed into his body. Fang Qiu instantly controlled it and forced it into the Hand Yang Large Intestine Meridian.

    The furious energy flow instantly propped up the Hand Yang Large Intestine Meridian and a terrible pain came with it.

    It was the same as before.

    The only difference was that this time Fang Qiu did not stop.

    When this energy stretched the Hand Yang Large Intestine Meridian to a certain extent, Fang Qiu immediately controlled it and poured it into the Hand Yang Small Intestine Meridian.

    And then he rushed it to the Hand Yang San Jiao Meridian.

    These three meridians combined as the Three Yang Meridians of the Hand.

    Under the deliberate control of Fang Qiu, the three meridians immediately propped up after being reopened. Several cracks appeared as if they were about to burst.

    As the pain increased, he immediately swallowed the Rouge Fruit in his mouth without hesitation.

    The next moment, the energy released by the Fruit immediately flowed into the three meridians and surrounded them.

    But even so, the pain was still excruciating.

    “Retreat.” Fearing that the Fruit’s energy would be consumed too quickly, Fang Qiu instantly moved the fierce energy to the other meridians which had already been successfully opened after the energy twirled for a round in the three meridians.

    Then he moved it back after the pain had reduced a little.

    He kept doing this so that he didn’t feel much pain.

    Ten minutes later. “Swish!”

    Fang Qiu opened his eyes. There was a brilliant light in his eyes.

    He successfully opened the three meridians.

    Now he was a third-class Martial Superior with six pulses.

    He had opened 3 Yang Meridians of the Hand and 3 Yin Meridians of the Hand, which made his power greatly improve.

    His meridians and pulses of both hands were fully opened, and he felt as if his arms had become as light as a feather. No matter how he waved them, he did not need any effort. He could also feel an incredible explosive force moving in his arms.

    Once this force exploded, it would definitely be several times stronger than the one before.

    Since he just practiced all over again, Fang Qiu didn’t have many feelings about the breakthrough.

    After a casual movement of his hands, he turned to look at Zu Liancheng, only to find that he had passed out.

    He was covered with sand, rocks, and dry leaves, and he looked rather miserable.

    “I didn’t know it would cause so much power when I made a breakthrough.” Fang Qiu murmured to himself and walked to Zu Liancheng.

    He knew that since he was seriously injured, lost all his Kung Fu, and had no power, Zu Liancheng was unable to resist the power when he broke through.

    “Hey, wake up.” Fang Qiu squatted next to Zu Liancheng and took out a bottle of mineral water from his backpack. He drank some, then poured some water onto his hand and gently patted Zu Liancheng’s face. Zu Liancheng woke up.

    “Do you want to live or die?” Fang Qiu asked when he woke up.

    But Zu Liancheng ignored him completely.

    “Or should I say something else?” Fang Qiu smiled nonchalantly and asked, “Do you want revenge?”

    Hearing what he said, Zu Liancheng furiously stared at him.

    “I know you want revenge,” Fang Qiu said with a smile. “You can save you some trouble. Just tell me, do you have any good friends with you and want him to revenge for you? If you have, I can come to him directly. How about that?”

    Zu Liancheng was confused as he heard that.

    What was that supposed to mean?

    However, he really wanted to find someone to avenge him and get him out.

    But he didn’t even have the strength to raise his hand, so how could he go to find anyone?

    And most of all, he had no idea how a second-class Martial Superior defeated him.

    Even when he lost, he still didn’t get it.

    If he judged from the process of the fight just now, the mysterious man was no match for him at all. Even with the final horrible blow, the mysterious man was only a little stronger than him. It was nothing more than a move that caught him off guard, a move he would never have been able to be struck if he had been prepared.

    Would the mysterious man really come to find his friend?

    After thinking for a while, Zu Liancheng said, “There is one, in Batuo City. He killed more people than I did, and ranks No. 788 on the List of Martial Superiors.”