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Chapter 89 - He’s My Husband

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 89: He’s My Husband

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    There was nothing but silence in Ning Meng’s room.

    Ning Meng nervously swallowed down the saliva that was stuck in her throat, this was not good. Not good at all.

    She did try to find a good timing to tell the puppy boy that she was, in fact, married. Yet, this poor “God” was still a boy… who had lost his mother at a young age… and he was so persistent… and so cute too. It was quite difficult for her to break the news to him.

    That was why she was trying to find the right time to tell him slowly and carefully. Well, now that things had turned out this way, she might as well just tell him now.

    Pulling herself together, Ning Meng turned her face toward Huo Beichen nervously. “He’s my friend.”

    And then, she moved closer to her phone and said, “He’s my husband.”



    All she needed to do now was wait for “God” to throw a tantrum.


    Poor kid. He might fall into depression after this.

    How could the “Original Ning Meng” be so cruel? How could she prey on a boy that was so young and cute?!

    However, “God” replied with a joyful and shy voice, “Hello, bro. How are you?”


    While Ning Meng was reeling in surprise at his reaction, her phone vibrated.

    It was a text message from “God”: [Wow… Sis, you introduced me to others as your husband despite not wanting me to call you my wife! I’m so happy. (′▽`〃) ]


    Wait. So, she could have it play out that way? Wow! She had learned a new mind-game chess move today!


    Huo Beichen’s face was calm and cordial when he responded into Ning Meng’s phone. He stared at the phone for a while before looking at her computer, “What are you doing?”

    Ning Meng responded, “I’m playing a video game.”

    After finishing that short reply, she realized something and hastily explained, “I’m… I’m using voice chat so we can communicate and collaborate effectively.”

    “I see.”

    There were no changes in Huo Beichen’s cold, yet pleasant demeanor. However, he did not seem to have any intention of leaving her room at all.


    Puzzled at what he had in mind, Ning Meng opened her big mouth and said the most foolish thing that night, “Do you want to join the game?”


    Yeah, of course. The majestic CEO Huo was a busy man and had no time for meager video games, surely he was not going to say “yes”… Wait, what?!

    Hearing this, the puppy boy happily responded, “Then, let’s play together. We could play as a Squad.”

    Huo Beichen calmly responded, “Hold on. I’ll get my computer.”


    Both of them agreed to play together so quickly that Ning Meng could not object at all.

    While Huo Beichen went back to get his computer, Ning Meng furiously took up her phone and sent a message to the “Is Boss angry today?” WeChat Group.

    Ning Meng: [Are you sure your boss is not in a good mood today??!!]

    If he was in a bad mood, why would he agree to play a video game together?

    A moment later, Huo Beichen brought in his high-spec laptop and sat opposite her.

    It did not take long for him to download and install the game. Now, he needed to register for an account and create a new avatar.

    Ning Meng gazed at him and said, “Let’s call your avatar ‘isweet’.”


    Huo Beichen took a glance at Ning Meng’s username. Oh, she was called “notsourlemon”.


    Not Sour Lemon Is Sweet?

    A smile crept up the corner of his mouth.

    “Okay, I’ve got the avatar created. Add me in.”

    He registered his account using his WeChat account, so, they could add him right away.

    After adding Huo Beichen, “God” added another random gamer into their squad before entering the game world.

    PlayerUnknown’s Battleground was an FPS Shooter game, and they were playing Squad mode—teaming 4 people up in a group. The objective was to survive until the end while trying to defend themselves against another 96 hostile players.

    “God” was quite agile and swift as he scoured through the ruins to find equipment. A moment later, he came back with some items. “Sis, here’s a Spetsnaz Helmet and Med Kit.”

    Ning Meng accepted the items without hesitation and presented them to Huo Beichen, “Lord Chen, they’re for you.”


    The random gamer was so confused when he saw this.

    Ning Meng, on the other hand, simpered at Huo Beichen sweetly.

    Just as Huo Beichen was about to say something, “God” yelled out excitedly via the mic, “Waifu! Come quick! There’s a Kar98k over here!!”


    Oh no… another crisis was about to hit Ning Meng like a truck.