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Chapter 456 - Ninth level imperial beast master’s three realm love disaster (Part 32)

Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping
Chapter 456: Ninth level imperial beast master’s three realm love disaster (Part 32)

    In the end, Luo Ying Ning made a deal with this half male half female spirit.

    She used her own flesh as a gift and the spirit helped her become the master of this body.

    The method used was the Soul Lock.

    This thing was said to come from the underworld, it was something that could put one’s soul into a dead body.

    But to maintain it for a long time, one had to suck the blood of women.

    Luo Ying Ning thought that since this corpse was someone who Di Luo Feng could never forget, if she could become this person, would she be able to catch his eyes!

    She revealed a terrifying expression in front of the mirror before she put down the comb to wander the streets of the city.


    The next morning, Calm Martial City fell into a panic.

    A young girl had been found dead on the street with her blood sucked out.

    Such a strange and terrifying method of death, it made people terrified just looking at it.

    Everyone began to panic!

    Di Luo Feng heard about this matter and went out to take a look.

    When he came back, his expression was very serious.

    “Young master, you’re back.”  Bing’er came forward in an anxious matter, “Miss Luo has been in a panic all morning, afraid that something has happened to you.  Please go take a look.”

    “Un.”  Di Luo Feng responded before heading in the direction of the girl’s room.

    When he opened the door, she charged forward and tightly hugged him, “Big brother Luo Feng, I heard that a girl had her blood sucked dry last night, I’m afraid……”

    Di Luo Feng slightly knit his brows.  Seeing her push forward, a different kind of emotion flashed in his eyes, “She should have been killed for revenge.  The government has already issued this case and now they’re just waiting for the autopsy.”

    “Everyone says it’s the work of ghosts…..”  The girl lowered her head.  She deliberately said this since she wanted to hear his response.

    After all, last night was her first crime.  Although it had gone very smoothly, she was afraid that she had left something at the scene of the crime.

    Di Luo Feng’s expression changed slightly as he said, “There are many ghosts in the world, but those are just the rumours of the people, don’t take it too seriously.”

    The girl heard this and her lips curled, “With big brother Luo Feng here, I’m not afraid.”

    “Rest early.”  After saying this, he narrowed his eyes and turned to leave.

    The girl wanted to keep holding him, but she hesitated.

    After all, she still had to continue tonight.  It was better not to talk too much about it and reveal herself.

    At night, there was no one in the streets.  With a cold wind, the leaves flew away in the night.

    On this quiet evening, there was a bloodthirsty killing intent.

    Luo Ying Ning was on the streets covered in a black robe.  She was very vigilant, looking around with every step.

    Until she saw a pink clothed girl sitting in the gazebo not far away from her.

    The girl seemed to be crying with an aggrieved voice that seemed more like a man’s than a woman’s.  Luo Ying Ning didn’t hear clearly as she silently moved behind her and opened her mouth…..

    That person quickly turned around and said with curved red lips, “Official, are you here for me?”

    After saying this, An Qiao Yu waved the Dark Tomb orb in his hand, cutting the back of her hand.

    Luo Ying Ning was shocked as she turned to run, running off into a small alley.

    The so-called ‘pink clothed crying woman’ was not a woman at all, rather it was a man with heavy makeup!

    It seemed like someone had set a trap to catch her, but who was it…..

    She didn’t even think as she disappeared into the night as fast as possible.

    An Qiao Yu couldn’t catch her since he was wearing a dress!

    Di Luo Feng sat in the study and when he saw An Qiao Yu coming in dressed like a woman, his lips curled into a faint smile, “You look rather good like this!”