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Chapter 90 - Don’t You Dare Talk Shit To Her Hubby!

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 90: Don’t You Dare Talk Shit To Her Hubby!

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    Ning Meng felt as though her entire body had frozen in that instant. Her fingers were hanging above the keyboard, unable to move a muscle.

    She did not need to raise her head to see just how cold the death stare his majesty was giving her was.

    This was a red alert situation, and yet, her brain was now completely blank, not enabling her to say anything to save her life.

    Meanwhile, their fellow teammate quickly ran toward “God”, “Hey, where’s that Kar98k! I want it! I want it!”

    In just a few seconds, he had reached next to “God”.

    “So, where is it?”

    “It’s right there, on the floor.”

    Just as the teammate was about to pick it up, the gun vanished.

    “The heck? Where did it go? Wait, did you just pick it up!?”

    “Yeah, I was just showing it to you. Sis, do you want this Kar98k?”


    Ning Meng took a peek at Huo Beichen… Hmm, he was focusing on his laptop’s screen, not showing any change in emotion. Wait, so this entire “My Waifu” crisis had just gone by without incident?


    Suddenly, gunshots could be heard from the game!

    The puppy boy warned, “Run!”

    Ning Meng instinctively moved her avatar away to evade the enemies’ fire. After taking cover, she raised her to find that Huo Beichen was still trying to figure out which button he should press to sprint away—thus, his avatar was not moving at all.

    Sure enough, bullets were flying toward him in the next second!

    Before Ning Meng could rush out to save him, suddenly, a silhouette flashed by and…

    Bam! Bam! Bam!

    In a brief exchange of fire, “God” was able to take down 3 opponents by moving around agilely, dodging every bullet that came his way. He did not need cover at all, relying only on his skills and nothing else.

    Ning Meng was amazed by it.

    “Oh, dear baby brother! You were so cool back there!!”

    “God’s” avatar looked around while responding in his kiddish voice, “I’m just glad you’re fine, Sis.”


    The teammate was totally baffled by what had gone on earlier. Unable to hold in his anger, he furiously opened his mouth. “Hey, isweet! Don’t you know how to play this game, you retard?!”

    Ning Meng anxiously looked at Huo Beichen, fearing that he would be upset.

    However, his face was still as calm as earlier, showing no change in emotion.

    Thus, she tried to work things out.

    “Our apologies. This is Lord Chen’s first time playing the game.”

    This angered the teammate even more. “A newbie?! If he’s a newbie, can he please go and d*ck around with other newbies? What a bloody retard! I can’t stand these morons who hold others back!”


    While Ning Meng was starting to get agitated by this teammate, Huo Beichen still did not say a word, focusing on reading and learning the controls.

    Seeing this, the teammate kept on with his roasting. “Hey, why are you still not moving? Don’t you know how to use a computer, you dumbass?!”

    A surge of fury surged up in Ning Meng’s head.

    Sure, Huo Beichen might not mind it because his majesty was a patient and tolerant man, however, Ning Meng was not like him!

    You could disparage her any way you wanted to, but don’t you dare talk sh*t to her hubby!

    “Can you just shut you trap for a moment? Oh my gaah, you just keep barking and barking. What are you? A dog with rabies?”


    “And just where did you get your sense of superiority from? Wait, were you the one who instant-killed the 3 enemies just now? Ah, that wasn’t you? How pathetic. If I pour a bowl of rice on your keyboard, I bet a chicken could play better than you!”

    “What did you say, you b*tch? F*ck yo…”

    “Do you have a brain? Then why are you playing with your feet? Use your hands, you dolt! What were you doing when ‘God’ was taking out the opponents earlier? Were you enjoying the view? Or were you taking a sh*t in the corner over there?”

    “I was…”

    “With that level of competence in gaming, you still have the balls to belittle someone. I bet even NPCs are better than you. Heh, at least you’ve got something that NPCs don’t, and that is the ability to insult people. Oh wait, I’m sorry, I forgot you are too dumb to even spell ‘insult’. Aww, you poor thing!”

    The teammate was tongue-tied. He was so pissed that he forgot to come up with a comeback.

    After getting all the steam off from her chest, Ning Meng felt a huge sense of relief. “Alright. I’m in a good mood right now so I’m not going to roast you anymore. Hey, here’s my good wishes for you—may you experience a price-hike every time you go shopping!”

    “…eat lead you venom-tongued b*tch!”

    That struck a nerve. The teammate raised his rifle and pointed at Ning Meng! Just as he was about to pull the trigger…


    “issweet killed amateurkiller69 with S686”

    Huo Beichen had killed the teammate in one shot. Then, he raised his head and looked at Ning Meng in the eye.