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Chapter 102 - Duel

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 102: Duel

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    The five of them stared at Xiao Luo like they were staring at prey caught in a trap. There was a faint trace of bloodlust in the atmosphere.

    At that moment, Xiao Luo thought of someone. With a smile, he asked, “Did Hua Haifeng send you guys after me?”

    A month ago, he’d had some friction with a rich man by the name of Hua Haifeng.

    “What Haifeng? I don’t know who that is!”

    Feng Wuhen and his lackeys did react much, making it obvious that they did not know who Hua Haifeng was. He stared at Xiao Luo. Revealing a hint of excitement at the corner of his lips, he said, “Big brother, you are the first assignment that we’ve undertaken since leaving home. You can chalk it up to bad luck that we bumped into you today.”

    “Are we really going to fight?” Xiao Luo sighed. To be honest, he did not know if he should consider his luck good or bad.

    Feng Wuhen’s eyes turned icy. Turning away, he took a few steps and said, “Little Wu, do it!”

    “Brother Feng, why don’t you do it?” asked the fierce-looking man, puzzled.

    Feng Wuhen was suddenly furious. Smacking the back of the man’s head, he shouted, “I am the boss! How can the boss do it? Stop talking nonsense. Hurry up and go fight!”


    The four men roared and waved their fists at Xiao Luo.

    Xiao Luo remained calm. His face maintained a constant smile from the start to end. The very next second, his body abruptly moved, and his toes silently brushed the ground. Accompanied by a quick rush of air, his body shot off the ground. With an elegant 180-degree twist that spanned a distance of two yards, his slender right foot swept out in a trick angle.

    “Peng, peng!”

    With two muffled noises, two men were immediately sent flying.


    Feng Wuhen and the remaining two men were startled. They’d never expected a weak-looking kid to actually have such scarily explosive power.

    The corners of Xiao Luo’s lips turned up. Without a pause, he flashed toward the other two men like a bolt of black lightning and shot up again. Spinning like a windmill, he flicked his feet with a whistling sound and landed a hard kick in the two men’s faces.

    The men didn’t react slowly, and they chose to immediately adopt defensive postures by crossing their arms to protect their faces.

    But as Xiao Luo’s feet swept toward them, they felt an earthshattering force. They were utterly incapable of resisting it and retreated. They quickly took four to five steps back but were eventually unable to avoid falling to the ground. Their arms felt like limp noodles, and they were effectively crippled.

    “What the f*ck? How are you so powerful?”

    Feng Wuhen was shocked that he had managed to knock out four of his brothers from the group. That was way too much power for a kid.

    It is important to know that the five of them had once visited a mountain to deal with a blind black man with their bare hands. The blind man had weighed two or three hundred pounds, but they had only needed two people to dispatch him. When they’d recently come to the big city, they’d thought that they were invincible and on top of the world. Who could have guessed that the first assignment they’d receive would consist of taking on someone so good at fighting?

    “Nah, it’s not much. Just slightly better than you!” Xiao Luo remarked, smiling modestly. “Hey, didn’t you say that bullying people with numbers isn’t good? Then, why are you doing it too?”

    Feng Wuhen’s face reddened, and he was forced to defend himself. “We are accepting other people’s money to do a job. Our purpose isn’t to bully you. We are different from the group you encountered earlier!”

    “Oh, in that case, don’t just stand there and do nothing. Come at me!” Xiao Luo challenged, raising his eyebrow. Although these five men were fascinating, they still had to be convinced with his fists.

    “Fine! I’ll show you just how good I am!”


    The smile on Feng Wuhen’s face disappeared in an instant, and a ferocious bear-like roar exploded out of his mouth.

    The world was silent, and the wind sweeping along the street became thick, desolate, and majestic thanks to his roar.

    Feng Wuhen possessed the aura of a wild beast. Advancing madly, he sent a punch flying at Xiao Luo. His simple, wild fist caused the wind to howl. There were no fancy tricks.

    “Wow, that’s a bit scary!” Xiao Luo remarked, snorting lightly.

    But he did not retreat. Instead, with his right foot forward, he aimed at Feng Wuhen’s abdomen like a wild whip. He didn’t stop and gave Feng Wuhen no time to react. The crisp yet dull sound caused Feng Wuhen’s body to leave the ground.

    One move. With just one move, the violent, windless attack that had rolled out like a wave was immediately contained.

    Feng Wuhen’s body flew backward like a bomb. He forcibly reversed his center of gravity mid-air to avoid falling on his back and managed to land in a semi-kneeling position. Still, he slid backward about a meter before coming to a halt.


    The other men breathed in deeply. Looking at Xiao Luo in his black shirt giving off a wicked aura, they couldn’t help but swallow their saliva. Xiao Luo, at that moment, appeared insurmountable to them. He was an outstanding fighter.

    “Are you still going to fight me?” Xiao Luo demanded sarcastically as he looked at Feng Wuhen. He hadn’t gone all out. Otherwise, his foot would have injured Feng Wuhen even more.

    “Of course I’ll fight!” Feng Wuhen roared and rushed at him.

    He leaped at Xiao Luo like a cheetah from three to four yards away. His whole body suddenly turned into an artillery shell with a thunderous powerful force directed at Xiao Luo.

    He clenched fists while moving at high speed, and they became his only weapon!


    An ear-piercing whistling sound tore through the air as he came closer and closer to Xiao Luo.

    All four of his companions straightened up in excitement and almost shouted out. They expected Xiao Luo to be overwhelmed and knocked down by their leader, Feng Wuhen.

    But the reality was cruel and not at all what they’d expected.


    The dull sound fizzled out, and Feng Wuhen’s cannon-like fists fell straight into Xiao Luo’s right palm.

    Feng Wuhen’s pupils dilated, and his mouth was slightly agape. He felt like his iron fists were bound by some other power. It felt like he had punched into cotton and was now being gripped by a pair of steel pliers.

    “The force was strong, and the momentum was firm. You should have trained by taking on wild beasts in the forests. The problem is that your move was too dead. It was not flexible enough. Against someone who doesn’t know how to fight, it’s okay. But against someone who knows how to fight force with force, you lose its destructive ability,” Xiao Luo explained as he loosened his grip on the man. His body bounced back at once.


    Feng Wuhen was an irritated beast. He retreated only to get ready to rush forward again. Quickly, he broke into another dash.

    He jumped up high, and his waist was parallel with Xiao Luo’s head. His body flew through the air, and he used the force of the rotation to kick out his foot. This foot was aimed directly at Xiao Luo’s head.

    If the blow had landed, the impact would have been so intense that even a wild bull would have been flipped over!

    “Okay! Alright!” Xiao Luo laughed. He took one step and dodged Feng Wuhen’s fierce foot. Then, his right hand turned into claws. He grabbed Feng Wuhen’s ankle like an eagle, and his shoulders jutted forward. He spun around 360 degrees then hurled Feng Wuhen.

    Feng Wuhen’s two companions had no time to dodge their boss, whose body was like an artillery shell rushing their way, causing them to shriek in pain.