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Chapter 103 - The Confidence We Once Had

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 103: The Confidence We Once Had

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    The remaining men regrouped in utter embarrassment. Two guys struggled to get up and rushed forward to help Feng Wuhen while shouting, “Brother Feng!”

    “Don’t come any closer!” Feng Wuhen growled as he tried to stand up. His feet were firmly planted to the ground, and he sprung up like a tiger.

    As the strongest guy in the village, he was a scourge used to being known as the best at fighting. He had his pride, but it had been shattered by Xiao Luo in an instant. He felt humiliated and burned with anger.

    A sharp hiss filled the sky. It was the sound of someone who had been oppressed to the breaking point. He tightened his body and rushed forward like a flying arrow or a caged eagle. He took five steps and pulled himself up. Compared to before, he was now 50 to 60 percent faster and even more determined as he pushed his body to the limit.

    Stomping with both feet, he soared and quickly covered a distance of three to four yards. He flicked his right leg and aimed it directly at Xiao Luo’s neck.

    Xiao Luo squinted slightly and moved his legs to the side.

    Feng Wuhen, hurling with all his full strength, missed his target by a hair. His body broke out in a cold sweat because, for some reason, Xiao Luo suddenly appeared behind him. His facial expression changed, but he managed to react quickly and turned around while launching a spin kick. As swift as a typhoon, the kick whizzed by Xiao Luo.

    Xiao Luo retreated three steps and waited for the right opportunity. He stretched out his hands and pushed him forward in a simple manner.

    Feng Wuhen felt like he was being ridiculed. It felt like he was dancing in the palm of Xiao Luo’s hand. As the corners of his mouth began to twitch, he turned on feet and faced Xiao Luo once again. “Die!” he roared.

    With both fists out, he struck at Xiao Luo like a rainstorm. His footwork was rather fast. Xiao Luo, on the other hand, was backing off.

    Faced with this dazzling display of straight punches, uppercuts, flat boxing, and countless swings, Xiao Luo maintained a smile on his face. Taking his own time, he kept moving back.

    Feng Wuhen threw dozens of punches, and each one was filled with immense power!

    However, throughout this flurry of attacks, Xiao Luo remained entirely unharmed. He stood right in front of Feng Wuhen and was easily able to avoid all these punches.

    “Time to end this!” Xiao Luo said, smiling.

    He made his move in a flash. His right palm was like a poisonous snake about to seize its prey as he sturdily stamped it on Feng Wuhen’s chest.

    The violent surge of power came in contact with Feng Wuhen’s body and spread wildly across it. Like a kite without strings, he lost control and flew backward. He fell on the ground, hard, and his blood circulation was disrupted. He tasted sweetness gushing in his throat. As he opened his mouth, blood trickled out the corners of his mouth, and his two rows of teeth were dyed entirely red.

    Besides that, the gold chain he was wearing on his neck was broken, flung alongside him.

    “Brother Feng!”

    The four men shouted and rushed to his rescue. After helping up Feng Wuhen, they rushed at Xiao Luo.

    Xiao Luo knocked them out with a couple of punches and kicks. All of the men were left grabbing their hands and legs and crying in pain.

    Things were looking bad. Things were really looking bad!

    Feng Wuhen was dejected. They had left Big Mountain looking to make a name for themselves in this noisy and bustling city. However, without any qualifications or education, it was hard for any of them to get proper jobs. They had almost used up the couple thousand dollars that they had come with, and they still couldn’t find any work.

    When they were at their wits’ end, a stranger had found them and promised to give them twenty thousand if they could break some guy’s arm. However, little had they expected things to go as they had. What should have been an easy twenty grand had become such a difficult task. Xiao Luo was a monster, and he had beaten all five brothers to a pulp.

    Xiao Luo stooped over them and picked up the big gold chain. With a playful smile, he said, “Why did this gold chain break?”

    Feng Wuhen got up. Although he was afraid of Xiao Luo, he quickly replied, “It’s a counterfeit chain to make me look good. After a blow like that, how could it not break?”

    “I see. It was only plated with a layer of gold. Still, the plating is rather exquisite. If I hadn’t looked at it closely, I wouldn’t have been able to tell that it is fake gold.”

    Xiao Luo fiddled with the chain and put it in his pocket, saying, “I’ll be taking this. Consider it compensation for failing to deal with me.”

    After finishing his sentence, he turned around and left.

    Feng Wuhen let out a sigh of relief, lifted his hands, and wiped the blood from his mouth.

    “Oh, by the way!”

    Xiao Luo stopped and turned around.

    Feng Wuhen and his four companions were frightened. Their expressions became unnatural.

    Xiao Luo smiled and said, “Don’t worry. I won’t put you guys on the spot. I’m giving you a piece of advice. You can be shameless, arrogant, selfish, but it is important to walk on the right path. Nothing in this world is unachievable. There are only people who aren’t willing to work hard and put in the effort. Everything lies within your grasp. The world is your oyster!”

    As soon as he stopped, a white Corolla pulled up right in front of him. It was Zhang Dashan. Tang Ren and Xiao Ruyi were in the car as well.

    “What the? What happened?” Zhang Dashan glanced at them and asked.

    “Nothing much.”

    Xiao Luo opened the door and got into the car.

    Zhang Dashan’s face was filled with suspicion as he slowly started up the engine.

    The guy with round eyes and a well-formed forehead that resembled a leopard’s asked, “Brother Feng, what should we do?”

    They had received ten thousand dollars from the client as a deposit, but they hadn’t been able to get the job done in the end. Moreover, they had almost used up all of the ten thousand dollars. There was no way that they could come up with that much money if they decided to return it now.

    “What else can we do? We’ll fight him even if it means dying,” said a guy while gritting his teeth.

    “Shut up!”

    Feng Wuhen said, exhaling, “Not even ten of you can match him. I used up all my strength, but he was calm and didn’t feel any pressure at all. There’s no doubt about it, he could kill a black bear with one punch if he wanted to.”

    His eyes were filled with fear. Xiao Luo had left indelible terror in his heart. In fact, he was glad! Glad that Xiao Luo hadn’t been too ruthless. Otherwise, he could have ended up crippling him and his brothers.

    “Brother Feng, we’re going to use up the rest of the money in a few more days. Don’t even mention accommodation! By then, even food is going to be a problem for us.”

    “When we left the village, everyone came and saw us off. We promised them that we were going to succeed, but now…”

    “Everyone said that it was easy to earn money in the big city. Everywhere is filled with money, they said. So why is it that, ever since we came here, besides densely packed skyscrapers, we’ve seen nothing else?”

    The four of them were dejected. They had come to the big with tremendous confidence, but now they were just clueless and helpless. All of this had happened within a mere month!

    Feng Wuhen waved his hands and stopped them, saying, “Stop it. I refuse to believe that there aren’t any suitable jobs for us in this big city.”


    The four of them nodded. As long as Feng Wuhen didn’t collapse, they wouldn’t lose hope for their future.