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Chapter 103 - Here Comes The Ghos

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 103: Here Comes The Ghost

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    Sha Muyu only abided by one rule: No one was going to touch his Second Brother’s woman.

    Since Qianmo was attending the same academy as him, he would protect her all the way. He would also murder the attempts of going after his Second Sister-in-Law in the cradle.

    Thus, Sha Muyu decisively rejected Old Wang’s self-serving suggestion.

    “The four seniors who went with them are all seed players for the competition. It is a good opportunity to observe their individual strength. There’s no need to worry about the recruits as it is merely a recruits’ mission to them.”

    Sha Muyu’s attitude had confused the custodian watching on the sideline.

    These two presidents… seemed to have switched their personalities?

    Sha Muyu was the “nanny” who always worried that the students would encounter a dire situation. Vice-president Wang was the one who always emphasized that team-building needed an iron will to complete.

    What was going on with those two?

    “I believe these people will be fine. This incident will become complicated if the school management gets involved. Don’t you agree?” Sha Muyu put his arm on the custodian in charge of the surveillance like they were buddies.

    The custodian was a reasonable man. He pondered about the identity of the person who had run out and Sha Muyu’s suggestion and said after hesitating for a while, “We shall let the student council handle this now. However, if something goes wrong, everybody here would be punished. Not only the participating students, even we all would be implicated.”

    It was wrong to think that the school staff was above the rules. The police academy had stringent rules and regulations, requiring the staff to maintain high self-discipline. They wouldn’t have closed an eye if not for their love for the talents.

    Just like this, the few of them reached a consensus. The surveillance recording would be deleted after finding out the truth. This was done to protect the identity of the “ghost” who went out.

    Wang Xiaoyao looked puzzledly at Sha Muyu.

    “Have you changed your nanny trait? Are you not worried that those recruits will get into trouble?”

    Sha Muyu looked at the surveillance monitor and giggled. “Mo, Mo are both gods.”

    Wang Xiaoyao didn’t catch Sha Muyu’s hint. What he meant was: Mo+Mo = Two Gods. How would his Second Sister-in-Law get into any trouble with his Second Brother up there in the mountain?

    The couple finally had a chance to meet. If a big group of people went along, wouldn’t it spoil Second Brother’s romantic date?

    “You like Chen Qianmo?” Wang Xiaoyao said unhappily.

    Sha Muyu turned his head and looked at him as if he had seen a ghost. “Are you joking? Don’t you know about the academy’s rules? No dating between the students!”

    “So, you are someone who is restricted by the school rules?” Wang Xiaoyao breathed a sigh of relief.

    Sha Muyu pursed his lips.

    Hoho. Breaking the school rules would at most get him expelled and restart again. However, going against his Second Brother would most likely get him killed and reincarnate again.

    Little Student Sha was not stupid.

    He was trying to create a chance for his Second Brother to meet with his Second Sister-in-Law. As for this Old Wang next door…

    Sha Muyu looked at Wang Xiaoyao sheepishly. “Brother Wang, we have not sparred against each other for a while. Shall we go shoot two rounds?”

    Shooting, Sha Muyu was the best in it. His motive was to destroy this Old Wang, who dared to lust after his Second Sister-in-law.

    Wang Xiaoyao said smilingly, “I think it’s better that we compete in close combat.”

    The two presidents had been competing with each other for a long time now. Sparks flew where their gazes met. The custodian shifted his eyes between them and then started rubbing the goosebumps that had suddenly appeared on his arms.

    Oh, the atmosphere became weird whenever the presidents were together. Maybe this was the 24K pure brotherly love.


    Qianmo was in the same team as Ma Jingtian. Spot C was some distance away from Spot A, so both of them had no chance to see how the ghost looked.

    According to Team A, who was closest to the target, the shadow had already left the school premises and dashed toward the back mountain. However, there were plenty of trails in the mountain. To prevent losing the target, everyone decided to follow the original plan. They would set out from their ambush points and meet up at the bottom of the mountain.

    Without speaking a single word, Qianmo and Ma Jingtian rushed to the assembling point as fast they could. The other teams had already arrived.

    They were crowding together like something big had happened.

    “What’s going on?” Ma Jingtian was the first to rush forward. He saw Luo Duoduo sitting on the ground and pressing her heart with her hands, looking very pale.

    “She seems to be in shock… I only asked her to go into the mountain with me, and she collapsed here. Is this… heart attack?” the senior with Luo Duoduo said uncertainly.

    His team was the first to arrive at the scene, and he was mentally prepared to bring his junior into the mountain to catch the ghost.

    But, before they could go in, Luo Duoduo just crumpled to the ground.

    She lay on the floor and couldn’t get up at all. He tried to measure her pulse…

    It was much steadier than his.

    Ma Jingtian acted decisively as the group leader in this situation. He ordered the new recruits to bring Luo Duoduo back to the school for treatment, while he would lead the others into the mountain to continue tracking.

    Sesame Oil and Boss Lu were shaken by the outcome. They thought Luo Duoduo had a problem with her body. Since she refused to get up from the ground, both of them supported her with their bodies.

    Luo Duoduo refused to take a single step and looked very awful.

    Boss Lu saw her sorry state, so she hinted Sesame Oil to put her onto her back. She intended to carry her all the way back to school. Sesame Oil heaved Luo Duoduo onto her back and said to Boss Lu, “Let me carry her when we reach the front.”

    Their strengths were no different than normal girls, as they had not gone through intense training yet. Qianmo was following behind them when she discovered something amiss.

    Looking at Luo Duoduo’s relaxed expression… she was faking it?

    To confirm her guess, Qianmo took in a deep breath and shouted, “Here comes the ghost!”

    Luo Duoduo, who was lying comfortably on Boss Lu’s back, jumped up suddenly and slid off immediately.

    Slid off…!!!

    Boss Lu and the gang looked at the woman who was supposed to have a heart attack running and screaming all the way.

    Boss Lu’s face twisted with rage. She cracked her fingers and growled, “I want to beat her up so badly!”

    “Count me in!” Sesame Oil was also enraged.

    The three girls gave chase and trapped Luo Duoduo in the center. Luo Duoduo couldn’t run any longer, so she sat on a rock and panted.

    “Have you gone crazy? If you hadn’t done this, we should have gone into the mountain for a while now!” Sesame Oil felt that Luo Duoduo was truly an obstacle.

    Boss Lu pulled a long face too. Only Qianmo remained calm.

    “I did it for your own good! You guys have no idea! That ghost was really scary. We are all kind girls, and the reward will belong to the seniors too. Why do we have to go in?”

    Luo Duoduo decided to sit straight up and drop the act after she got exposed.

    “There really was a ghost?”

    The three girls had not witnessed it with their own eyes, so even Qianmo was a little curious.

    Luo Duoduo was still unnerved as she retold her encounter.

    Luo Duoduo and the senior were ambushing at Spot A when a shadow flew out from the building. Flew!

    She was so terrified that she almost screamed out loud on the spot. Had the senior not covered her mouth in time, they would have been exposed right then and there.

    Even Qianmo, who was a calm person, was shocked.

    “Did you get a clear look? This is not some fantasy novel in which the characters can fly, you know!” Sesame Oil looked mystified.