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Chapter 104 - Fortune Favors The Prepared Mind

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 104: Fortune Favors The Prepared Mind

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    Luo Duoduo nodded and emphasized, seeing their doubts. “It really flew. I saw with my own eyes. It flew from the fifth story to a tree that was eight meters away. It really flew!”

    Eight meters?!

    The person definitely couldn’t have jumped over.

    Luo Duoduo continued after she saw their disbelief.

    “I thought I must have made a mistake. Then, Senior brought me along for the chase. When we reached the wall and were about 50 meters away from him, I saw with my own eyes that he just jumped across the wall without any assistance! Tell me, what’s the world record for the highest jump?”

    “I just watched the Olympics. I remember it was about 2 meters and 40 centimeters over?” Boss Lu loved to pay attention to these sports events.

    “The school wall should be about 2.4 meters high,” Sesame Oil continued.

    Yup, Sesame Oil knew the academy’s environment very well since she loved to sneak out to buy snacks.

    Luo Duoduo looked horrified and said, “You all know normal high jump needs a run-up first. Therefore, even if the world champion was here, he also had to run, right? This guy stood on the ground and then just popped up 1.2 meter high. What else could it be other than a ghost?!”

    It was getting a little eerie after she said that. The girls were feeling kind of chilly after Luo Duoduo spooked them.

    The mountain breeze was a bit cold, and the unknown birds were chirping, making the environment even more ghostly.

    “Never mind, let’s stop talking here and go back to the school first… Qianmo, what are you looking at?” Boss Lu realized that Qianmo kept staring behind.

    When she saw the tree branches move, and an owl or maybe some other birds flew away, Qianmo retrieved her gaze.

    “I felt… someone was watching us behind our backs.”

    The girls got a fright and thought Qianmo was kidding.

    After the girls left the scene, a man jumped down from the tree, which the owl had just flown away from.

    He was holding a pair of night-vision goggles in his hands as he looked at the direction that Qianmo went in and wondered.

    Did she sense him earlier on?

    Yu Changmo smiled, staring in Qianmo’s direction.

    She came to catch a “ghost”… Interesting.

    It seemed like his goddess was having an exciting recruit life. She must be having tons of fun.

    Qianmo didn’t know he was thinking like that, or else, she would have rebutted him.

    Having fun, my ass! Only Black, this weirdo, would think that going up a mountain to catch a freak that could jump a few meters high in the middle of the night was fun.

    Yu Changmo said a few words into his walkie-talkie and got a response from his teammates who were hiding in the mountain.

    The “ghost”, which Qianmo was supposed to catch, was located in the opposite direction from where Ma Jingtian and his group were. Therefore, that group of cadets would not be finding anything tonight.

    Would she still go up the mountain to catch the “ghost” tomorrow?

    Black had a high IQ, so he had immediately guessed why she was there.

    Sha Muyu knew his old unit had invited him back as a consultant. That was also why Qianmo was able to take part in the seniors’ mission as a recruit. This was a chance created by his little brother for him to meet her.

    Thus, there was a high probability his goddess would be here again tomorrow.

    Yu Changmo felt he should prepare something tonight, so he could give her a gift if they met.

    Fortune favors the prepared mind, after all.

    Just as Black had guessed, Ma Jingtian and his group didn’t find the “ghost” even after searching for the whole night.

    Qianmo and the girls were notified about the student council’s secret meeting immediately when they reached the school.

    The eight of them involved in the ghost-catching operation gathered together. After a while, the two legendary student council presidents also appeared at the same time.

    As soon as Sha Muyu saw his Second Sister-in-law, he wanted to wink at her as a secret code at first. But he considered that Old Wang was next to him, so he could only put on his business mode.

    “Nice to meet all of you, Juniors. Let me tell you the agenda of this meeting…”

    The agenda was straightforward. The mission had failed tonight and would resume tomorrow. Furthermore, they couldn’t back out nor tell a single soul. Whoever leaked the news would be punished.

    Luo Duoduo was unwilling, so she covered her heart and protested, “President, I am not feeling well. I think I can’t take part any longer.”

    Qianmo gave her a curious look and felt something was wrong immediately.

    Sha Muyu walked over smilingly until his face was right in front of hers. Under his constant stare, Luo Duoduo took a step back and blushed.

    “My fellow schoolmate, are you waiting for me to do a body check on you?”

    Was, was this…

    …the legendary hidden rule!

    Sesame Oil covered her mouth and secretly elbowed Boss Lu next to her. Oh gosh, were they witnessing something out of the norm?

    Only Qianmo remained composed without even batting an eyelid.

    Erm, Sha Muyu was a little disappointed that his future Second Sister-in-law wasn’t scared at all. Suddenly, he raised his voice and spoke loudly, giving Luo Duoduo a shock.

    “Fat hope! I, the Young Master, am a handsome youth. Why would I fall for someone as plain as you? Beware of the punishment if you dare to harbor this kind of hope again.”

    Luo Duoduo felt miserable. When did she harbor any hope?

    Wasn’t this unpredictable president the one who suggested the body checkup?

    The vice-president was obviously used to the president’s occasional crazy outbursts. He didn’t even glance at Sha Muyu.

    Instead, Wang Xiaoyao’s gaze remained on Qianmo throughout. Qianmo, who had cut her hair short, had maintained her silence since she came into the room. She looked totally different from the teenage girl who came to his father’s farm for a negotiation.

    However, upon taking a closer look, even though she didn’t say a single word and hid herself amongst the students, her outstanding looks and calm composure made her stand out from them.

    Qianmo sensed that Wang Xiaoyao was looking at her, so she wanted to give him a greeting nod. But Sha Muyu suddenly walked in between them. He was going to block all the “flies” and “mosquitoes” that were lusting after his Second Sister-in-law!

    “Brother Wang, what do you think about my hairstyle today?” Sha Muyu combed through his inch-long hair with his fingers. Wang Xiaoyao’s lips twitched, and he turned his head away.

    “Everyone is going back to the mountain tomorrow. Whoever refuses… Although I will not do the body checkup, I will let the school doctor do it. If you are faking, get lost. Our school doesn’t take cowards!” Sha Muyu said as he put his arm around Wang Xiaoyao, and the two of them walked out of the room like a pair of good buddies.

    “I wish each and every one of you great success! I will give you guys a handful of beans tomorrow before you set off. Go ahead!”

    “Beans…?” Sesame Oil’s eyes became as small as beans.

    Wang Xiaoyao pushed his Brother Sha’s hand away and said, “Summoning the spiritual soldiers with beans. He is cursing you guys that you will see a ghost tomorrow.”

    “We are atheists, Senior!” Sesame Oil said, feeling wronged.

    Wang Xiaoyao turned around and said seriously, “Then I suggest you bring two’ Introduction to Mao Zedong Thought’ books along with you into the mountain.”

    “They are going to work wonders at the crucial moments!” Sha Muyu laughed and left in style, along with his juniors’ hatred.

    Youth should be exciting.

    His brilliant Second Brother would definitely meet his Second Sister-in-law tomorrow… right?