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Chapter 433 - Tell Me His Weakness!

Medical Master
     Chapter 433 Tell Me His Weakness!

    “Lead the way.” Fang Qiu grabbed Zu Liancheng by the arm and held him.

    “Do you really dare to go?” Zu Liancheng asked, squinting.

    “Cut that crap!” As they spoke, Fang Qiu had already taken him to Ter City which was ten miles away.

    As soon as they entered the town, Fang Qiu asked Zu Liancheng to lead him to take a car to Batuo City.

    An hour later, Fang Qiu arrived at the rich area in Batuo City, entering a luxury villa.

    “Mysterious man? John Doe?” A creepy sound was heard as soon as he got in.

    At the moment, the hall of the villa was completely dark without any light at all. Although as a guru, Fang Qiu could see at night, it all seemed a bit spooky.

    The structure of the villa hall was like a church. It was very spacious. The only difference was that there were no chairs.

    On both sides of the wall, the old stained glass gave people a rather strange feeling as the wind was howling.

    “Guisha, ranks No. 788 on the List of Martial Superiors!”

    Fang Qiu wasn’t frightened by him. He threw Zu Liancheng to the ground after getting into the house and then strode to the middle of the hall.

    “Ha-ha…” There came a creepy laugh in the darkness.

    “Your friend is here. Won’t you come out and welcome him?” Fang Qiu asked indifferently.

    “Why didn’t you kill this loser?” the man said in the dark. “Why do you keep him alive? In fact, if he asked me to avenge him, I might need to think about it for a few days, but since you came to me, I have no choice but to kill you.”

    Fang Qiu smiled.

    This guy was really confident and might be a little arrogant.

    Before coming here, Fang Qiu got some information about Guisha from the Wulin online forum.

    No. 788 on the List of Martial Superiors: Guisha.

    Strength: Third-class Martial Superior with three meridians.

    Record: Killed a hundred people, including a master of the same level as him, an eighth-class Martial Superior with one meridian, who was seriously injured.

    This man was cruel and vicious and practiced some strange Kung Fu. He was good at killing people in the dark, using a scalpel.

    In terms of strength, Guisha was much more powerful than Zu Liancheng.

    Judging by the record, he was more terrifying.

    Killing an eighth-class Martial Superior with the strength of the seventh-class Martial Superior with three meridians was something that few people in the world could do.

    Fang Qiu might be afraid of him if he didn’t make a breakthrough.

    But now, instead of being afraid of him, Fang Qiu was eager to have a try.

    That was why he asked Zu Liancheng to come to Guisha’s door.

    He wanted to see how far he could go after a breakthrough.

    Before the breakthrough, he could already fight with a seventh-class Martial Superior with two meridians. After the breakthrough, he now had six re-opened meridians, which was twice more than before. He wondered if his strength would improve.

    “Are you going to keep hiding and then kill me?” Fang Qiu sneered.

    “Ha-ha…” The man laughed again in the dark.

    “Whoosh!” And then, the sound of the wind was heard.

    Fang Qiu instantly turned around as he heard the sound.

    A long silver needle shot in front of his eyes at once.

    “As a seventh-class Martial Superior with three meridians, is that what you got?” Fang Qiu provoked him as he observed everything around.

    Guisha was indeed good at hiding. It took Fang Qiu a long while to find out where he was.

    “I love to watch you panic and bleed little by little, until you lose all your strength, get pale, and die!”

    “Ha-ha.” The creepy laugh burst out and reverberated in the whole villa.

    “Oh, I see you.” But then, Fang Qiu smiled confidently.

    “Hmm?” In the darkness, there was a sound of shock, and then a slight sound of turning the head was heard.

    A dark shadow suddenly appeared on the spiral staircase leading to the second floor of the villa. A man in a black cloak was creeping there on the staircase.

    “Swish.” The man who crept on the staircase panicked and quickly moved back as he saw the dark shadow.

    “You can see me?” he asked in surprise.

    “What do you think?” Fang Qiu took a step forward and sneered.

    Normally, an ordinary Martial Superior also had night vision. But how well he could see always related to his own strength. An average third-class Martial Superior couldn’t see things three meters away from him in the dark.

    That was why Guisha was so confident.

    To his surprise, Fang Qiu had found him in such a short time.

    As he knew, Fang Qiu was a third-class Martial Superior.

    Guisha was confused. How could Fang Qiu locate him?

    Actually, it was pretty simple.

    Fang Qiu used the Great Hand of Destruction and his mental power.

    He didn’t intend to use this move. But this guy kept hiding, so he had to do it in case that Guisha attacked him secretly.

    Therefore, he instantly knew Guisha’s position as soon as he used the move.

    “Well, that’s something,” Staring at Fang Qiu, Guisha snorted and then rushed to him. “You’re going to die soon.”

    He flipped his right hand. A sharp light appeared in the dark immediately.

    Taking a closer look, it was a scalpel!

    “That’s the spirit!” Fang Qiu shouted, moving both arms.

    The internal Qi stored in the six meridians burst out in an instant.

    With the internal Qi, Fang Qiu was not afraid of the scalpel at all. Instead, he directly confronted him with his fists.

    “Bang!” The next moment, there was a snap.

    Surrounded by the internal Qi, Fang Qiu’s fists were like something built by iron steel. They collided with Guisha’s scalpel.

    The moment they impacted, a flow of internal Qi which was like the saber light surrounded the whole blade.

    As they collided, both of them channeled immense power.

    With the help of the internal Qi, the scalpel tore Fang Qiu’s shroud of the fists and directly pierced into it.

    “Hmm?” Fang Qiu was intimidated.

    He did not expect that Guisha could exert the internal Qi to his weapon.

    With the internal Qi strengthening, the scalpel was so sharp that it could even tear the internal Qi.

    Without any hesitation, Fang Qiu ducked out of the way at once.

    “Ha-ha…” There came Guisha’s smug laugh.

    “No, there must be something wrong.” Fang Qiu narrowed his eyes and found that there was a nearly transparent thing on the blade.

    It was thinner than paper, and you couldn’t see it if you didn’t look at it carefully.

    It was also an edge but was even sharper the scalpel’s edge.

    As he saw it, Fang Qiu instantly understood why Guisha could kill enormous people with only a scalpel.

    It was an illusion.

    It was difficult for ordinary people to spot this transparent blade, let alone in the dark. Therefore, many people would just treat it as an ordinary scalpel.

    However, it was actually a double-edged scalpel.

    They were supposed to duck away, but they failed to notice the double edges, which put them at a disadvantage and even led them to death.

    Fang Qiu assumed there were a lot of people who didn’t even know how they died.

    “Sinister!” Fang Qiu cursed.

    “I see, you do have a good eye.” Guisha suddenly stopped and stared at Fang Qiu. He talked to Fang Qiu in a completely different tone than before, as if he were a different person.

    “Are you going to be serious now?” Fang Qiu asked coldly.

    “Now go to hell with my secret!” Guisha shouted.

    “Boom!” A strong and overwhelming force suddenly burst out of his body.

    The flow of internal Qi surrounded his body like a wandering dragon.

    “Come on!” Fang Qiu shouted. He was eager to fight.


    The next moment, the two crashed into each other with the sound of howling wind.

    There was going to be a fierce battle.

    Knowing the secret of his scalpel, Fang Qiu wasn’t afraid anymore. He kept crashing Guisha’s scalpel with his fists surrounded by internal Qi.

    For a moment, the two of them were caught up in a serious fight.

    Their collision was so intense that it even shattered the windows of both sides in the hall. The cold wind instantly flowed into the house.

    Not far away, Zu Liancheng lying on the corner of the wall just got some strength back. He was stunned as he saw the fight.

    Even though he lost all his Kung Fu, he still had the ability of night vision. After all, he had been a Martial Superior for many years, and his internal Qi had transformed his eyes.

    Without the support of Internal Qi, the eyes would certainly slowly lose the power of night vision. But so far there was not too much impact.

    “How, how is that possible?” Looking at Fang Qiu who fought against Guisha fiercely, he was dumbfounded.

    He was fully aware of his own strength.

    Even in his prime, he couldn’t have fought Guisha to such an extent.

    A moment ago, Fang Qiu was still inferior to him.

    From his fight with Fang Qiu before, it was impossible that Fang Qiu could resist Guisha’s attacks.

    How could Fang Qiu be so powerful in the blink of an eye?

    Zu Liancheng was shocked.

    Over there, the fight was quite fierce.

    Guisha relentlessly attacked Fang Qiu with his scalpel while Fang Qiu also fought back intensely.

    In the middle of the fight, Fang Qiu was getting more and more excited. He felt incredibly pleasant for using all his strength after the breakthrough.

    However, Guisha’s face had changed.

    He had no idea that Fang Qiu could be so powerful.

    Not only did he completely block his attacks, but he kept looking for an opportunity to attack him.

    Under these circumstances, Guisha didn’t think he was fighting against a third-class Martial Superior, but a master who was at the same level as him.

    Guisha was surprised.

    He couldn’t understand how a third-class Martial Superior could be so tough.

    While he was in shock, Guisha took a look at Zu Liancheng.

    As he saw the same surprising look on Zu Liancheng’s face, Guisha’s face darkened.

    He seemed to understand why Zu Liancheng lost his fight.

    This mysterious man was insane.

    With his poor strength, he was so good at the fight.

    “If I keep fighting like this, I don’t know what tricks this boy will take. I must find an opportunity and take his life!” Guisha thought to himself.

    He then immediately rushed toward Zu Liancheng.

    As he got close to him, Guisha asked, “Tell me his weakness!”

    “You must get close to him to attack him!” Zu Liancheng reminded him.

    He thought the reason why he lost the fight was that he made a distance from Fang Qiu and got beaten like a fly.