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Chapter 91 - Bro, You’re So Cool!

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 91: Bro, You’re So Cool!

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    The man was sitting there quietly and calmly with his eyelids lazily half-opened when he asked her casually, “So is this how you play this game?”

    Before Ning Meng was able to start her bootlicking, “God” had already opened his mouth. “Bro, you’re so cool! That gun is quite a difficult one to handle, even I had to train for quite some time to fully get the hang of it, but you were able to headshot someone with it from such a distance!”

    Huo Beichen casually replied, “Well, I’ve had some experience with guns, so I figured it should work the same way in video games.”

    “God” was surprised by what he said. “Experience with guns? You mean you’ve been to a shooting range? Bro, could you bring me there as well someday?”

    Huo Beichen put his hands on the keyboard, preparing for more action. “We’ll see.”

    Then, he glanced at Ning Meng and asked, “Shall we resume?”

    It was already late at night and the sky was as dark as ever. The light in the room was not particularly bright, however, with the few lights that were gleaming on his face, it felt as though his usual cold sneering demeanor was now gone—his beautiful and refined eyes glinted fondly as he looked her way.

    His eyes were like an encompassing cosmos that would absorb anything that looked back at him. When their eyes met, Ning Meng felt a pull of strings in her heart. She did not know what was going on with her—her ears were hot and red and she hastily looked at her computer, “Yes, let’s go…”

    She then moved her avatar onward.

    “God” asked curiously, “Sis, where are you going? That’s the blue circle.”


    Hearing this, she quietly retreated back to Huo Beichen’s side.

    There were not many incidents throughout the rest of the game. “God” was undeniably good at the game, however, Huo Beichen too was doing unexpectedly well. It almost seemed as though he had now become a pro-gamer and was collaborating with “God” perfectly.

    Thus, Ning Meng and “God”‘s voices were echoing non-stop in the room.

    “Bro! What a clean shot! Wow!”

    “Lord Chen! That gun seems to have been made specifically for you! The way you move… My, my, it’s as though the gun has become one with you!”


    “That’s a good maneuver, bro! You’re so good at this!”

    “Indeed. That opponent was such a moron. How dare he come at my oppa this way? Is he trying to get wrecked!? He could totally ruin them by just lifting a finger at them!”


    “Bro, teaming up with you is so fun!”

    “No, I can’t do it. I can’t play with Lord Chen anymore.”

    “What? Why, sis?”

    “I fear I will get a cardiac arrest from being overwhelmed by his majestic handsomeness.”


    And thus, they played for a few stages of the game, passing the time very quickly.

    “God” felt reluctant when he needed to end the game. “Oh my, the dorm is going to call it a night and shut the lights soon. Bro, Sis… could we play again tomorrow?”

    Ning Meng also felt that she had not had enough. However… to play again tomorrow?

    If this puppy boy called her his “wife” again accidentally… or she accidentally called Lord Chen “hubby”… things could get ugly.

    Thus, she anxiously replied, “No, Lord Chen is usually busy with work… he can’t jo…”

    “Sure, let’s play tomorrow.”


    Ning Meng could pull her hair out when she heard Huo Beichen’s response.

    Hearing this, “God” bid his goodbyes. “Then I’ll log off the game now. Sweet dreams, sis.”

    “Good night, ‘God’.”

    Hence, silence befell the room.

    It was midnight and the moon was dangling heavenly in the sky that was as dark as ever.

    Stretching out lazily, Ning Meng turned and looked at Huo Beichen. “Hubby, want to go another round?”

    Seeing her rub her shoulders, Huo Beichen closed his laptop and said, “No. Let’s stop.”

    “Okay then.”

    After all, Ning Meng was indeed tired. She stood up and stretched her body for a while. When she turned around, she noticed that Huo Beichen was still sitting there. He did not seem to want to leave the room…?

    They then looked at each other for quite some time.

    Oh my, it was midnight and they were now alone in the room… this was getting awkward.

    Before Ning Meng could say anything, Huo Beichen opened his mouth.

    “So, are you not going to explain anything about that little boy calling you his “wife” at all?”