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Chapter 11

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 11: Are You That Eager to See Me?

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    As the man neared, Xu Weilai’s heartbeat sped up accordingly. Her legs suddenly possessed a will of their own and began stepping backward. However, the couch was behind her, blocking her way.

    She took a deep breath quietly, and did her best to fight off her nerves and try to say something, “Gu…”

    She had barely uttered a single syllable when Gu Yu reached her side. She felt his hands tighten around her wrists as he jerked her over to himself. His tall frame was big enough to almost cover her completely.

    “Xu Weilai!”

    Gu Yu opened his mouth, and his tone was chilling when he said, “The moment you returned to the country, you appeared in front of me. Once, twice, three times… Are you that eager to see me?”

    3These were his first words to her ever since meeting each other again.

    Although the previous few times they had met, he had treated Xu Weilai as if she were invisible and had not even spared her a glance, Xu Weilai had never imagined that his first words to her would be so cold and humiliating.

    She had thought that she was immune to his barbs, but her heart unexpectedly felt as if it were getting pierced.

    1When she was at the extreme end of her emotions, she was contrarily able to calm herself down.

    The expression on her face did not betray how upset she was. She forced the corners of her lips up in a smile and looked up at Gu Yu. Her eyes were candid, and she kept her cool as she said, “Mr. Gu, you have misunderstood the situation.”

    Mr. Gu?

    Gu Yu frowned imperceptibly.

    Xu Weilai didn’t notice his expression, and swallowed nervously before continuing to speak, “Meeting you a few days ago was a coincidence. As for today, I’m just here to interview Miss Su. I didn’t expect you to be here, either.”

    She paused for a moment before adding, “Oh, right. I’m now working with a magazine publication.”

    1She was confident that he hadn’t kept track of her life so she added that explanation.

    Gu Yu didn’t seem to believe her words. His lips tightened, and coldness permeated his eyes. It was as if his eyes could see into the depths of people’s hearts, leaving them with nowhere to hide.

    1Xu Weilai pressed her lips together, and her eyes flashed.

    Fine. She’d admit that she had accepted this interview because she did harbor a tiny curiosity regarding Su Ziqian.

    She was curious about this woman, who had managed to capture Gu Yu’s heart, and who had delivered to Xu Weilai a crushing defeat. Just what was this woman like?

    Of course, she couldn’t voice those words in front of Gu Yu.

    When she observed that Gu Yu was silent, she began to panic. However, given her couple of years’ experience as a reporter, she had learned to weather storms and turbulence with a calm and steady disposition.

    “The meeting was by accident. And this interview is by accident, too? Xu Weilai, in these three years, have you not matured at all?” Gu Yu’s tone grew increasingly colder, with every word like a chilling gust of wind blowing at her.

    3Xu Weilai was speechless.

    Xu Weilai had thought that Gu Yu’s reason for breaking the engagement was because he hadn’t fancied her. Now, judging from the looks of things, it seemed like he actually hated her.

    1She couldn’t understand it. Just what unpardonable deed had she done, for him to abandon her after sleeping with her three years ago, and to utter such heartless words to her now?

    1Even if he didn’t love her, they had, at the very least, been on amicable terms after his car accident.

    He had previously treated her as if she were invisible, and now, he was losing his temper at her. Was it because she had sought out Su Ziqian? Was it because he was worried that she might do something to Su Ziqian?

    It seemed like the tabloids were right, and he was truly in love with Su Ziqian.

    Xu Weilai clenched her fists tightly and chose her words carefully before saying, “Mr. Gu, I know you don’t want to see me. Rest assured, in the future, I will ensure that this situation doesn’t recur and that you won’t have to see me again.”