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Chapter 31

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 31: A Billion-Yuan Bride Price (1)

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    Propose a marriage?!

    Although Mr. and Mrs. Xu were somewhat expecting something like that, hearing it said aloud still shocked them to their core, and they were unable to recover for some time.

    Xu Weilai’s hand began to tremble violently, and her eyes widened. Her heart sank, but she wasn’t in shock. She was panicking!

    From the moment she had seen Grandpa Gu walking in, Xu Weilai had experienced a premonition but had pushed that hunch to the back of her head and told herself not to worry needlessly. She didn’t expect this to actually come true!

    Mr. Gu Sr. wasn’t in a rush to receive a reply and patiently waited as they slowly processed the information.

    The hospital room was quiet for a full minute before Mr. Xu found his voice. He suppressed his tumultuous emotions at that moment and asked hesitantly, “Mr. Gu, are you saying… that you’re here on propose marriage on behalf on Gu Yu?”

    “That’s right,” Mr. Gu Sr. nodded his head in the affirmative. He repeated himself carefully, “I’m here to propose marriage to Little Weilai on behalf of Gu Yu! I hope that all of you here will agree to this marriage.”

    6“Oh, my God…” Mrs. Xu covered her mouth with her hand and looked at her husband. “Is this for real? Gu Yu wants to marry Weilai?”

    Upon hearing the confirmation, joy lined Mr. Xu’s brows, and he replied without a second thought, “We agree to it… we agree to it. Of course, we agree to it!”

    Three years ago, when the Gu family had backed out of the betrothal, he had been unable to demand an explanation out of them, regardless of how much Xu Weilai had suffered. After all, the social and financial disparity between the Gus and the Xus had been too great. Later on, Gu Yu had gotten himself a new flame, and in the three years that he’d spent doting on that little starlet, by the name of Su Ziqian, he had never once asked about Xu Weilai. Regardless of how unwilling Mr. Xu was to accept it, he could only be resigned to the fact that Gu Yu and Xu Weilai were not going to end up together.

    He had finally managed to get Zhang Lei interested in Xu Weilai and willing to marry her. Unfortunately, he had suddenly fallen from grace. Mr. Xu had assumed that it was the end of the road for him, and that the Xu Corporation and family were going to come to ruin. He had never expected there to be a light at the end of the tunnel!

    Never in his wildest dreams had he imagined that he’d be able to become in-laws with the Gu family! With the backing of the Gu family, and Gu Yu has his son-in-law, the Xu family would stand a chance of making a comeback!

    As he thought about it, his excitement gave life to his blood and injected color back into his pale face.

    Mr. Xu’s reply came as no surprise to Mr. Gu Sr. He didn’t reply to him but looked, instead, to Xu Weilai, who was in a daze, and asked again, “Little Weilai, is this marriage agreeable to you?”

    Although she had stated unequivocally the day before that she didn’t want to marry Gu Yu, Grandpa Gu was still unwilling to give up and wanted to try his luck again.

    1Was it agreeable to her?

    The day before, when Mr. Gu Sr. had asked her if she was willing to marry Gu Yu, she had hesitated, because her heart had still harbored hope.

    But after hearing everything that Gu Yu had said to her, his merciless humiliation had jolted her to her senses.

    Not only had Gu Yu never liked her, but he also hated her to the core. He wanted nothing to do with her whatsoever. How was she supposed to present herself to him again so shamelessly?

    She wanted very much to maintain that last shred of dignity.

    “Grandpa, I’m sor–”

    She had barely gotten a few words out when her father predicted what she was about to say. Afraid that she would ruin everything, he quickly interrupted her and said, “Mr. Gu, marriage has always been determined by the parents. Since I agree to it, Xu Weilai will naturally agree to it, too!”

    Xu Weilai frowned. “Dad…”

    “Shut your mouth!” her father berated.

    Mr. Gu Sr. was quiet for a moment before he said, “Mr. Xu, I would like to speak to Little Weilai in private.”