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Chapter 33

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 33: Refusal to Marry (1)

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    Although Mr. Gu Sr. liked Miss Weilai very much, the one who had to actually marry her was the Young Master! It was the Young Master who’d have to spend the rest of his life with her! Furthermore, the Young Master didn’t like Miss Weilai. Forcing the two individuals together like this was likely going to result in an unhappy marriage for both of them.

    He had worked for Mr. Gu Sr. for many decades and knew the man very well. However, when it came to this matter, he couldn’t comprehend his boss’s intentions at all.

    Mr. Gu Sr. sat in the back seat of the car and leaned back. He patted his knee lazily before answering leisurely, but with confidence, “Because Little Weilai will definitely make Yu happy!”

    Lin thought he had heard him incorrectly. How did his Master come to the conclusion that Miss Weilai would make the Young Master happy when the Young Master so clearly hated her? Was his Master… getting senile with old age?

    His throat bobbed and he weakly replied, “Master, how are you so sure?”

    Mr. Gu Sr. suddenly burst out laughing and asked a completely irrelevant question. “How do you think the Zhang family fell?”

    3The topic had been changed too abruptly, and Lin couldn’t keep up. He was confused. Why had the Zhang family been brought up out of the blue?

    Mr. Gu Sr. saw the flummoxed expression on Lin’s face and shook his head. He couldn’t be bothered to explain and closed his eyes, instead, humming the tune of his favorite song “Love Beyond Death.”


    When Xu Weilai returned to the hospital room, she looked up, only to meet her parents’ inquisitive looks. Mrs. Xu pulled her over impatiently and asked, “Weilai, what did you and Mr. Gu discuss? You didn’t say anything stupid about not wanting to get married, did you?”

    Before Xu Weilai could say anything, her mother caught sight of the contract in her hand and snatched it over without asking. Her eyes quickly skimmed through it.

    The next moment, a huge grin broke out on her face. She turned around and exclaimed to her husband, “Hubby, look at this contract! It’s a bride price of a billion yuan! The Gu family is forking out a billion yuan as the bride price to marry Weilai!”

    2“A billion?” Mr. Xu’s voice changed frequency, and he waved his hand urgently, “Let me have a look at that!”

    Mrs. Xu put the document into his hands and he quickly perused it. When he was done, his hands were trembling emotionally, and his face was red with excitement. “The Gu family’s legendary reputation is indeed well-deserved! Look at how generous they are!”

    Mrs. Xu clasped her hands together, “The Xu family is saved! Heaven is indeed protecting us!”

    “We aren’t just saved! Good days now await the Xu family!” The greed in Mr. Xu’s eyes was undisguised. A billion yuan was merely the beginning in this marriage alliance between the Gus and the Xus!

    In the future, once Weilai was married to Gu Yu and had given birth to a son, the entire Gu empire would belong to his grandson! Wasn’t that akin to it belonging to him?

    1Xu Weilai stood rooted to the spot. As she looked at the smiles on the faces of her parents, a chill ran through her body.

    As an outsider, Mr. Gu Sr. had thought to seek her opinion. However, her parents—her own biological parents—had only considered the benefit this marriage would bring to the family and the corporation. Not once had they asked whether or not she was willing to!

    2At that moment, she refused to be the commodified daughter of the Xu family. She clenched her fists tightly and took a step forward. Looking at her parents, her lips quivered, and she slowly but surely voiced her opinion out, “Dad, Mom. I don’t agree with this marriage. I don’t want to marry Gu Yu!”

    Her father’s face froze. “Say that again!”

    Her mother tried to cajole her, “Weilai, this is not the time to be willful.”

    But Xu Weilai refused to give in. She looked her father in the eyes and repeated herself resolutely, “I am not marrying him!”

    The next moment, Mr. Xu’s hand flew across Xu Weilai’s face in a resounding slap. His chest rose and fell in anger. “If you won’t marry him, you aren’t my daughter! The Xu family does not have a daughter as disobedient as you!”