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Chapter 35

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 35: You’re Going to Marry Me? (1)

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    The window came down slowly, and the man said in a deep voice, “Get in.”

    Xu Weilai hesitated for a second before opening the car door and getting into the passenger seat in front. Before she could even buckle up, Gu Yu floored the gas pedal, and the car sped off.

    He didn’t say a word to Xu Weilai, and his handsome face remained cold and hard. His lips were pressed into a hard, thin line, and the energy that emanated from him was oppressive, making Xu Weilai feel very nervous.

    The car picked up speed and began weaving through the traffic. Xu Weilai grabbed onto her seatbelt instinctively as her face paled.

    After some time, Gu Yu stepped on the brakes, and the car screeched to a halt.

    Xu Weilai stroked her chest in a bid to calm her frantic heartbeat and, upon catching her breath, realized that Gu Yu had driven the car to the beach.

    At that hour, there was no one else around, and the waters were calm and peaceful.

    Gu Yu did not speak, and neither did Xu Weilai. In the small confined space of the car, the tension was palpable, and Xu Weilai was beginning to find it hard to breathe.

    Fortunately, Gu Yu couldn’t bear to share the same space as her for more than necessary and broke the silence first. “You’re going to marry me?”

    At his brusque question, Xu Weilai’s fingers trembled. She had already guessed the purpose of his visit and knew that this conversation wasn’t something that she could escape from.

    She looked down and kept quiet for a seconds before nodding her head. “Yes.”


    Gu Yu smacked his hand on the steering wheel and turned to look at Xu Weilai. His eyes were dark and fathomless, just like his emotions, and, when he spoke, his voice grew colder with every passing word. “You’re going to marry me?”

    He was repeating the same question.

    Xu Weilai knew that Gu Yu was a person who did not reveal his emotions openly. Even if his outward demeanor was calm, it did not mean that he was truly calm. There was every possibility that it was merely the calm before the storm.

    2She wrung her hands so tightly together that her knuckles turned white.

    She had originally assumed that she would no longer have any entanglements with him for the rest of her life. She had originally assumed that both of them had gone of different paths that were destined to never cross again.

    However, she had not been able to stand by and watch her father’s life in danger. She had not been able to stand by and watch her mother crying and begging her. And she had not been able to stand by and watch her brother ruin his bright future.

    1Xu Weilai closed her eyes and held back her tears of despair. She opened her mouth and spat out that word resolutely, “Yes.”

    The moment that word escaped her lips, Xu Weilai felt herself being grabbed by the lapels of her coat. Like a ragged doll, she was hauled by Gu Yu right before his nose. The man’s lips turned into an unkind smile as he glared at her and spoke, one word at a time, “Who was it who promised me that she would never appear in front of me again? Who was it who said that she didn’t want to marry me? Who was it who said to act as if the events of that day had never occurred? And now, you’re saying that you’re going to marry me?”

    1When he saw Xu Shuai’s video recording a few days ago, he truly thought that he had maligned her and that she hadn’t deliberately gotten herself drunk and made use of his grandfather to climb into his bed. His opinion of her had improved just that little much.

    1And look at what happened after that!

    Today, he had received a call from his grandfather, saying that he had to take responsibility for whatever had transpired that day. He was beholden to marry Xu Weilai, and she… had already agreed to the marriage.”

    That thought alone was enough to force a furious laugh out of Gu Yu. “Xu Weilai! I had thought that you were a least a person of your word. But as it turns out, a leopard never changes its spots. You’re disgusting!”