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Chapter 36

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 36: You’re Going to Marry Me? (2)

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    She didn’t blame Gu Yu for despising her. At that moment, even she despised herself.

    How she hoped that she could do as she had done three years ago. When he had rejected her, she had left the country without so much as looking over her shoulder. Although she had been exiled to a foreign place, she had at least managed to hold on to whatever dignity she had left and retain a sliver of the beautiful memories she had once shared with him.

    But the moment she had made the phone call to Mr. Gu Sr. and voiced her agreement to the marriage, she had lost the right to hold her head high in front of him and would never be able to look at him again from an equal ground.

    1Although it had already been impossible between them three years ago, Xu Weilai’s heart still hurt unbearably at this moment. She felt as if someone had dug her heart out. It was so painful, that she was losing her rein on her emotions and wanted nothing more than to just cry aloud.

    Xu Weilai bit her bottom lip hard in order to control herself. She wasn’t going to allow Gu Yu to witness her breaking down.

    She took a deep breath and raised her head to look Gu Yu in the eye. Rearranging her features into a mask of nonchalance, she said, “Mr. Gu, it was indeed my intention not to bother you again. However… Grandpa Gu offered me a bride price of one billion yuan. That temptation was way too great for me to turn down.”

    Her words served to enrage Gu Yu even further. With his huge hand, he held her by her slim neck. The look in Gu Yu’s eyes as he glared at her pierced right into her soul. He looked as if he wanted to skin her alive.

    “You agreed to marry me because of the… one billion?” Gu Yu’s voice was without warmth.

    2The two individuals were at very close proximity, and Xu Weilai could see the murder in his eyes clearly. At the same time… she was sure she was mistaken, but she sensed that, in addition to the murderous rage, that had been a flash of something that resembled hope.

    The moment that thought materialized, Xu Weilai kicked herself inwardly. This was not a time for her imagination to be running wild!

    But… had she agreed to marry him solely for the one billion and the Xu family’s sake?

    She could lie to herself, but she couldn’t lie to her heart. She had agreed to it because… it was the only way she could stay close to him.

    2Xu Weilai suddenly didn’t dare to look at Gu Yu, for fear that her eyes would give away her thoughts. She blinked her eyes and nodded her head frantically. “Yes, Mr. Gu. I know you hate me, and I know that you have someone else in your heart. However, because of the one billion, I had no choice but to agree to marry–”

    The man tightened his fingers around her neck, and Xu Weilai felt her words being strangled in her throat. She was unable to continue speaking.

    She didn’t struggle. Regardless of how hard it was to breathe, she didn’t move a muscle.

    For that instant, she felt that perhaps it would be for the better if he managed to succeed in choking her to death. That way, she wouldn’t have to bear the burden of her family, and wouldn’t have to betray her feelings.

    “Good. Very good.”

    Gu Yu looked at her and laughed humorlessly in anger. When he spoke, his tone and words were vicious and dark. “Xu Weilai, I won’t let you die just like that. That will be letting you off too easily!”

    He patted her on her cheek with his icy cold hands, and she shivered in response. After that, she felt her body thrown back, and her back slammed against the car door. She drew a quick breath in pain.

    Gu Yu glared at her and smiled coldly. His eyes were still ablaze with fury, but his tone had resumed its usual dispassion. “Xu Weilai, since you started this game, don’t you regret it!

    1I will definitely give you a good game… until you’ve had enough!”

    Gu Yu’s chest rose and fell violently. The look in his eyes gave way to pure malice as he looked at her again. His lips curled, and he spat out his next words, “Get out of the car.”