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Chapter 37

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 37: To Waste Not the Encounter, in Your Hands I Put My Future (1)

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    Xu Weilai walked along the beach for a long time, and a chill settled all over her. When she finally got into a taxi, she couldn’t help hugging her arms.

    She knew that such treatment was not the end, but merely the beginning of things to come, and she had to learn to get used to it.

    When she returned to the Xu residence, she received a call from her mother telling her that her father had regained consciousness. All he needed was to recuperate well, and the doctors were confident that he’d recover in no time. She could finally rest assured.

    After hanging up the call, Xu Weilai went upstairs to her room. An email from her boss came in at precisely that moment. She sat at her work desk and looked through the email. When she got up, she accidentally knocked over a pile of books on the table.

    She crouched down to pick the mess up and caught sight of one particular book with a white cover. She froze for an instant before slowly reaching out for it.

    This was her diary. More accurately put, it was her diary from three years ago.

    In actuality, she never had the habit of recording the details of her daily life. However… ever since the moment she had first met Gu Yu, she had, without realizing it, begun jotting down every single encounter with him and its accompanying details down.

    From the time that Xu Weilai had begun to gain an awareness of her social environment, she knew that she had a fiancé. It was a marriage that her grandfather had arranged for her and, when she grew up, she was going to marry that boy.

    The young version of her had only known that a wedding was when a girl wore a beautiful wedding gown and stood together with a handsome boy in a black tuxedo, became man and wife, with God as their witness, then went on to live happily ever after.

    She hadn’t met her fiancé then and knew nothing about what he looked like or what his character was like. All she had known was that he had a lovely name: Gu Yu.

    Later on, during her adolescence, she began to learn more about romantic feelings. In that period, various kinds of idol dramas became popular, and she started to wonder about her own fiancé. What did he look like? Was he handsome? Was he gentle? Was he anything like the male leads in the dramas, with a handsome face and a gentle smile?

    Finally, she had met Gu Yu for the first time at his coming of age party.

    That day, she had dolled herself up prettily like a princess, and her parents had brought her to the party. She had been sleepless with excitement the night before. Although she had never met him in all these years, she had heard much about him from the lips of others.

    She had been told that he was very handsome–even more so than the idols in the entertainment industry. He was very outstanding and had already gained many academic degrees at his young age. Everyone had only good things to say about him.

    She had eagerly anticipated meeting him and wondered if like her. He was eagerly anticipating to meet his fiancée, too.

    When she had found out that she was to attend his birthday party, she had put in much thought in preparing a meaningful gift. Because she had no idea what he liked, she had personally made a wristband for him as a birthday present.

    Unfortunately, reality hadn’t been as perfect as she had imagined it to be.

    When her parents had presented her to him and introduced her as his fiancée, he had looked at her with cold disdain in his eyes.

    That young man had been even more handsome than she had imagined. His posture and bearing exuded an aristocratic aura. But, at the same time, there was a coldness about him that kept others at a distance.

    Although he had been indifferent toward her, she had assumed that it was his usual temperament and that he was indifferent to everyone else as well. Hence, she had summoned up her courage, and when she saw him alone on the terrace, she had walked up to him and presented her gift to him.

    “Happy Birthday, Gu Yu!”

    That had been her first time uttering his name, and her voice had carried her nervousness along with it.

    Gu Yu had looked idly at her and reached out to take the gift from her hand.

    But before she could even smile, he had flicked his wrist toward the trash bin beside him and, without even blinking an eye, thrown the gift in.