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Chapter 40

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 40: She’s Unworthy (2)

    Her voice was very soft, and the tremor in it was detectable. However, her answer was crisp and clear. “Done!” she declared.

    Mr. Gu Sr.’s intended words disappeared in his throat, and when he saw how Little Weilai had compromised for the interests of everyone else, his heart went out to her.

    When Gu Yu saw that Xu Weilai had agreed to his terms without even batting an eyelid, he narrowed his eyes and resumed his cold demeanor. A moment of self-deprecation passed through him.

    Indeed, all Xu Weilai had been after in this marriage was the one billion, and not him, Gu Yu!

    He laughed scornfully and didn’t look at her again. With wide strides, he entered the Civil Affairs Bureau.

    Mr. Gu Sr. opened his mouth and was about to say something, but he eventually changed his mind and patted Xu Weilai on her shoulder.

    Since this was Little Weilai’s decision, it wasn’t appropriate for him to say anything more. His top priority at that moment was to have the two of them successfully register their marriage, and have the official statuses settled. Everything else could come later.

    Throughout the whole process of filling out the forms, having his photo taken, and swearing the oath, Gu Yu’s face was emotionless and so frosty that people around couldn’t help but keep their distance. Xu Weilai was very silent, too, and tended to the matters in a mechanical fashion.

    The two individuals did not look like a newlywed couple at all. They were more like two strangers who had nothing to do with each other.

    As the witness to the marriage, Mr. Gu Sr. couldn’t stomach the atmosphere any further. When they exited the Civil Affairs Bureau, he voiced a command to Gu Yu, “Little Weilai has agreed to your conditions, but there is one thing that you must fulfill!”

    Gu Yu stood still and looked at his grandfather.

    Mr. Gu Sr. pulled Xu Weilai, who had been trailing behind Gu Yu, over and placed her in front of his grandson before saying, “You have to put a wedding ring on her, at the very least, in order for this ritual to be truly complete.”

    A laughter of disbelief emerged from Gu Yu as if he had just heard a joke, and he rejected his grandfather immediately. “I don’t have one,” he replied.

    Xu Weilai wasn’t surprised at all. Why would he have a wedding ring prepared for her when he didn’t even want to marry her in the first place?

    Not willing to witness another fight break out between the grandfather and grandson, she quickly interceded, saying, “Grandpa, that’s not necessary…”

    However, Mr. Gu Sr. refused to compromise on this. He lifted his chin and motioned it toward Gu Yu’s neck. His discourteously called his bluff, saying, “Don’t lie to me. Isn’t there a ring hanging around your neck? Just use that!”

    Xu Weilai would never have noticed that the chain around Gu Yu’s neck bore a ring if not for Mr. Gu Sr. mentioning it.

    She looked over instinctively, but the ring was hidden beneath his clothing, and only a faint outline could be seen.

    Obviously, she didn’t harbor any ridiculous expectations that Gu Yu had intended that ring for her. Since that clearly wasn’t the case, he had probably prepared it for Su Ziqian.

    Upon hearing Grandpa Gu’s words, the look in Gu Yu’s eyes grew thunderous and a raging fury ignited in them. Without thinking, he spat out the words, “She’s unworthy!”

    She was unworthy…

    Even though Xu Weilai had been expecting it, hearing those words said aloud was, nevertheless, still a huge blow to her.

    Mr. Gu Sr. was incensed. He pointed at Gu Yu with a trembling hand and said, “If she’s unworthy, who’s worthy? Don’t you forget that she’s now your official wife! If you won’t treat her properly, fine! Get a divorce right now! I’ll marry her!”

    When Mr. Gu Sr. was done with his tirade, his face turned white and he began wheezing.

    Lin quickly rushed forward to hold him up, and Xu Weilai stroked his back to help him regain his breath.

    Gu Yu glared at his grandfather in silence for a good several seconds. His lips were pressed together in a hard line, and the aura he emanated was frighteningly ominous.