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Chapter 41

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 41: Newlyweds (1)

    There was a raging storm brewing in his eyes, and he glared at Xu Weilai in anger. He seemed to be at the end of his tether, with a desire to grind her into a fine dust.

    Xu Weilai didn’t dare to face him and looked away.

    She kept her eyes averted from his ring as well. She knew that anything she said at the moment would only serve to add fuel to the fire, so she chose to remain silent, instead.

    After approximately a minute of impasse, Gu Yu violently raised his hand and yanked the ring off his neck.

    Before Xu Weilai could process what was going on, she felt her hand jerked over forcefully, and then the ring was shoved right onto her ring finger by Gu Yu.

    Then, he flung her hand away and turned to leave!

    On the way back…

    Mr. Gu Sr. held the marriage certificates in his hand and kept looking them over repeatedly. Although the circumstances hadn’t been ideal, the outcome had still been good. His dear Yu was finally married, and to Little Weilai, whom Mr. Gu Sr. was fond of. Now they were finally a proper family.

    He was sure that his son and daughter-in-law in heaven would approve, too, if they could see it.

    As he gazed at the certificates, tears welled up in his eyes.

    Xu Weilai noticed it and didn’t say a word to interrupt him. She quietly handed a piece of tissue to him.

    Mr. Gu Sr. took the tissue from her and dabbed the tears from his eyes, before looking up at her and saying, “I am so happy. I thought I’d never get to witness Gu Yu getting married in my lifetime. You’re a blessing, indeed.”

    Was she a blessing?

    Xu Weilai’s gaze fell subconsciously on the ring on her ring finger. The pink diamond on it sparkled and was very beautiful. However… did it really belong to her?

    Mr. Gu Sr. seemed to know what was going through her mind and consoled her. “Little Weilai, ever since Gu Yu’s parents passed away, he had closed his heart. You’re the only one who ever stood a chance at unlocking and entering his heart. Although I have no idea why he suddenly broke the engagement three years ago, I believe that you will be able to regain his heart. You succeeded three years ago, and I’m confident you’ll succeed again now!”

    Entering Gu Yu’s heart? She had also once thought that she had entered Gu Yu’s heart. But reality told her that Gu Yu had never liked her.

    Xu Weilai opened her mouth to speak, but the words couldn’t come out. She didn’t want to break her Grandpa Gu’s heart and shatter his dreams.

    “Therefore, Little Weilai, please promise me that you’ll manage this marriage well. Please do not give up on Yu. Although I know that rascal has a horrible temper, please be patient with him. There will come a day when he will finally see the good in you. I’m putting him in your care. Will you please take good care of him?”

    Mr. Gu Sr. held Xu Weilai’s hand. His eyes were brimming with sincerity, and his words were earnest. At that very moment, he had put away all his pride and aggression, and he was nothing more than a normal grandfather who doted on his grandson.

    Seeing Mr. Gu Sr. in this state, Xu Weilai did not have the heart to reject him. Even though she knew how arduous the road was going to be, she gently nodded her head.

    Mr. Gu Sr. beamed brightly like a little child.

    Xu Weilai returned to the Xu residence and quickly packed her bags. She got into the car and following the address that Mr. Gu Sr. had given her, headed to the apartment Gu Yu was currently living in.

    The apartment building was located in the most prestigious part of the city center. When she reached the front door, she stood there for a good five minutes summoning up her courage, before she finally unlocked the door with the key that Mr. Gu Sr. had given her.

    Gu Yu wasn’t in, and the entire apartment was bathed in darkness. The layout was simple and spacious and was done according to his tastes. However, there was no warmth in it; it didn’t feel like a home at all.

    Her eyes did a quick sweep of the entire place, and she had to admit that there was a hint of joy in her heart.